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Good News Friday: A 9-year-old Cubs fan gets an awesome surprise gift. An incredible organ donation story, starring Rod Carew and an NFL player. And “Colbert” returns to say goodbye to O’Reilly

And a Happy Friday to you all, I spent much of Thursday night wearing new grooves in the carpet in front of our living room TV, watching Rangers-Canadiens Game 5. Playoff overtime hockey really isn’t good for your health.

First up today, this clip has gone viral in the past few days so maybe you’ve seen it already, but it’s awesome and I’ve watched it a few times already. Meet 9-year-old die-hard Chicago Cubs fan Kolt Kyler. He and his family are big Cubs fans, and Kolt is by all accounts a terrific young man.

But he’s never been to Wrigley Field, and as a reward for all his hard work and doing his chores, his Dad decided to surprise him. This video brought tears to my eyes, just seeing Kolt’s reaction. It’s priceless.

What’s even better is that once this went viral, the Cubs players themselves did some amazing things. First baseman Anthony Rizzo invited Kolt to come onto the field to watch batting practice, while pitcher Jon Lester offered Kolt and his family the chance to sit in his own private box.

So, so great when athletes do this. Enjoy the game, Kolt.

**Next up today, I’ve written a lot about organ donation stories in the eight years I’ve done this blog, because it’s a cause I feel very strongly about. So when I read about this incredible tale involving former NFL player Konrad Reuland, his awful death at such a young age, and the amazing series of events that led to him donating organs to baseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew, I knew I had to share it.

This story, by the BaltimoreRavens.com writer Garrett Downing, is sensational. The bond and connection between Reuland, his family, and Carew is rare among organ donation cases. Wonderful job by the writer here, getting the emotion and the details exactly perfect.

**Finally today, many of us on the left are having some fun with the implosion of the career of Bill O’Reilly (don’t cry too much for him, he got a nice big $25 million check from Fox News to go away).

Stephen Colbert modeled his old persona on his old Comedy Central show on O’Reilly; the “Colbert” character was a delightful sendup of Bill O.

So of course even though Colbert isn’t that guy anymore, moving on to late night CBS show, he had to talk about O’Reilly’s ignominious ending. Watch this great monologue, and wait for the reappearance of “Colbert” about halfway through…

Bill O’Reilly’s actually gonna fall, and I’m shocked. A pro tennis match gets interrupted by people having sex. And Stanley Cup playoff hockey making me tear my (little remaining) hair out

Looks like a sacred cash cow, the biggest one on cable TV, is finally being let out of the barn.

I loathe Bill O’Reilly for the same reasons most people do: He’s a smug, arrogant blowhard who acts the fool on television and riles up millions of people with angry rhetoric, often racist and sexist in tone.  He was rude and dismissive during his interviews with Barack Obama when he was President, and his complete disregard for facts was disgusting.

Still, O’Reilly attracts a huge audience and makes a ton of money, and brings in a boatload of cash for Fox News, so I figured he was pretty much bulletproof from any scandal, including the recent New York Times investigation that showed he was a serial sexual harasser.

Let’s face it, TV executives don’t care what their talent does, as long as the money train keeps rolling. But O’Reilly’s advertisers have started running away from him like viewers should have years ago, and Fox is apparently now getting ready to can him.

I’m kind of stunned. O’Reilly’s shtick (and he admits off-camera that it is a shtick) was still pulling in big numbers for Fox. But after the Roger Ailes sexual scandal last year, maybe Fox didn’t feel like fighting this one, too.

Good riddance, Bill O. You deserve all the public scorn you are getting. John Oliver, take it away…

**So this is something you don’t see every day: Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger are two young American pro tennis players, and Tuesday they were playing a match at the Sarasota Open, a minor-league-level event in Florida that was watched by a crowd of dozens.

Midway through the second set, with Tiafoe about to serve, he hears some very strange noises. At first he thinks it’s from a phone, but nope… it’s a couple having very energetic sex in an apartment a few feet away from the court.

So many things I love about the above video, but the announcer trying to stay calm and explain without explaining what’s going on is great. Also, stay tuned for Tiafoe’s shout at the 1:56 mark, which is I’m sure what everyone else was thinking.

Been watching tennis a loooong. time. Never seen this before. Awesome.

**Finally today, a few words about the delightful agony and ecstasy of this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs so far.

My New York Rangers continue to baffle me, but at least they’re still alive and kicking in the playoffs. After blowing a late lead last Friday night and losing in overtime against Montreal (by the way, there have been a ton of overtime games so far this year, which makes me happy, but so many of them have been over so quickly. Come on, give us a triple-OT thriller, NHL!) my Blueshirts decided to not show up Sunday night in Game 3 at MSG, the world’s quietest arena. Truly, they played awful, and I had low expectations for last night.

But what do you know, the Rangers actually played a really strong game and beat Montreal, 2-1, Tuesday night, to even the series at 2. They could’ve scored at least 3 or 4 more goals but as usual decided that shooting the puck was a less attractive option than trying to make the perfect, beautiful pass.

Anyway, the series is probably going to go seven games, which is always nice, because I really want to tear out my four remaining hairs on top of my head.

Besides the Rangers series, I’ve been loving what I’ve seen from the Maple Leafs, who have won two straight overtime games over top-seed Washington and look like they may actually be the beneficiaries of yet another Caps playoff choke.

St. Louis and Nashville both stunningly are up 3-0, and I have no idea why Columbus is playing so poorly in being down 3-1 to Pittsburgh. Also, nice to see the referees have decided not to call any penalties this year (sarcasm).

Anyway, playoff hockey makes me very happy, especially all the overtimes.


An incredibly brave 13-year-old boy on “The View.” And Bill O’Reilly disrespects the President

There is so much bad in this world. So many tragedies, so many wars, so many examples of one person being unimaginably cruel to another person.
But if you look hard enough, and have enough people with big hearts willing to try to make a difference, you can squeeze some good out of unspeakable awful

Last month outside Philadelphia seven teenagers bullied a quiet 13-year-old named Nadin Khoury. They took this boy, beat him up, dragged him through the snow, and hung him from a fencepost.
Others watched, and didn’t interfere. One of the seven boys actually videotaped it, and put it on YouTube, because he was so damn proud of himself.
This disgusting, despicable act got national attention, and six of the seven pathetic humans who did this were recently arrested.
Still, the nightmares and trauma Khoury must have. And then the incredible bravery he showed last Thursday, going on “The View” and telling a national TV audience what happened to him.
Watch that video above, and see how a tiny bit of joy squeezed into Nadin Khoury’s life. And how much good pro athletes can do, with just a tiny bit of effort.
I cried both times I watched that video. This kid’s life, his whole direction, may have been ruined by those seven thugs.
Instead, he showed them who was stronger. And chalk one up for hope, winning again over cynicism and fear.

**I’m no fan of Bill O’Reilly, as you could probably surmise from the political leanings of this blog.
But in his previous interviews with Barack Obama, O’Reilly was at least a little respectful, a little cordial. Sunday before the Super Bowl, O’Reilly was back to being his usual pompous self.
Cutting the President of the United States off, Mike Francesca-like, was pretty rude and certainly not how a President in this situation ought to be treated.
O’Reilly’s a smug, pompous know it all, who actually is brighter than he lets on.
But I thought this was a pretty awful performance as an interviewer by him. He wouldn’t shut up, wouldn’t let Obama answer his questions, and tried so hard to bait him into losing his temper.

Watch for yourself:

Rafa rules again. O’Reilly hates gays. And a new idea for unemployed writers

It’s a beautiful thing to watch a healthy Rafael Nadal play tennis again.

A year ago at this time, tennis nuts like myself were afraid we might never see what we saw on Sunday: a healthy, energetic, completely fired up Nadal running down every ball and dominating on his way to a French Open title over Robin Soderling, the guy who beat him last spring.

So many athletes get struck down in their prime by injury (my childhood hero, Don Mattingly, was never the same after a back injury.) As fans we feel robbed when it happens, because we know the potential for greatness.

Thankfully with Rafa, there looks to be no theft. His knees look healthy, and he’s now resuming his amazing rivalry with Roger Federer. It’s the best rivalry in tennis since Chris and Martina, and I can’t wait to see them battle at Wimbledon.

We’re so lucky that both are such good people and have a friendly rivalry, unlike, say, Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. Can’t wait for Wimbledon in two weeks.

**Yeah, I know I’m not exactly breaking big news here by saying that Bill O’Reilly hates gay people, or is at least highly prejudiced against them.

Mr. Fox News showed it again last week, when criticizing this reasonably tame McDonald’s gay-themed ad airing in France.

O’Reilly was highly upset by this, particularly by the tag line at the end “Come as you are.”

He asked on his show if McDonald’s had an “Al Qaeda ad, you know, come as you are?”

So basically, in Bill-O’s world, being gay is sorta equivalent to being a member of a terrorist organization.

If you want to see more of Mr. O’Reilly’s gay-hating, check out this handy compilation of his greatest hits.

**Under the category of “Sure, that could work,” I read about a new web site for out of work writers this weekend. Two former journalists in Florida have started a site called www.watchdogcity.com, where writers can sell access to their stories to individual consumers for as little as 99 cents.

So basically, I can go on there, see a story about sea turtles that I’m interested in, see that it’s written by a writer I trust, and purchase it for the price set by the writer.

With freelance rates being terrible, maybe this is a way for writers to make a little extra money. I think it sounds like a good idea; I hope it takes off. For more on the site, check out this article.