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A Mother’s Day that was just perfect. Celebrity spotting at “Magic/Bird.” And a miracle finish for a long-suffering English soccer team

**Thoughts on a trio of subjects while I still revel in Saturday night’s huge Game 7 win by the Rangers, and begin dreaming that it’s all starting to feel like 1994 again … and wasn’t that an awesome hockey season.

You ever have a day that’s just about perfect? Sunday was one of those.
Because I’ve lived away from Long Island/NYC for most of the past 15 years, I haven’t spent a lot of Mother’s Days with my beloved Mom. Usually it’s been me calling a local florist a week before to arrange delivery to her house, and of course a phone call on the big day to the woman who birthed me.

But this year I was finally home to properly honor the best mother in the world. First my sister, my nephew and I had lunch with her at her home, then we went out to Northport (a pretty little water town on L.I.) for an afternoon of walking around, shopping, and hanging out by the pier on a spectacular weather day.

Just felt so good to finally be able to be with Mom on a day when all the Moms in the world deserve our thanks.

And here’s a nice little video tribute to all the Moms out there:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**So lots of people had high hopes when it was announced that a play based on the incredible rivalry between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson was coming to Broadway.
As it turned out, the play didn’t live up those great Celtics-Lakers games of the ’80s. I saw it Saturday, coincidentally, on the last day the show would run. After just 52 days of performances, the producers decided to close it.
Personally, I thought it was pretty decent. It was historically accurate, the guy playing Bird (Tug Coker) got Larry down pretty well, and Peter Scolari was hilarious as Red Auerbach and Pat Riley (ever think those two could be played by the same person?)

But the highlight for me was after the show. As my fiance and I walked out of the theatre, five feet away stood Bob Costas, one of my all-time heroes. Have loved him since I was a kid and wanted to be a broadcaster. Costas has always struck me as being classy, intelligent, funny and totally getting why we love sports.

Plus, he and I are from the same hometown! Having been around famous sports people a lot I rarely get excited seeing them in person, but Costas was different. I waited until he looked like he was done talking, then started to approach him from behind.

“Bob.” “Bob,” I said twice, as he had started to walk away. The great man just kept walking while talking to a friend.

I’d like to think he didn’t hear me, and not that he was snubbing me.

**Finally, a few words about soccer, a sport I pay scant attention to most of the time. But it caught my attention Sunday night because everywhere I looked on the Internet when I got home, people were talking about the incredible finish in the English Premier League Sunday.

The team from Manchester City, England hasn’t won a league championship since 1968. They’re basically the Cleveland Browns/L.A. Clippers of European soccer. Well, they’ve had a spectacular season, and Sunday they needed to beat a low-level team called Queens Park Rangers to win their first title in 44 years and take this year’s title from Manchester United (the Yankees/Lakers of soccer).

But Man City was down 2-1 with just a few minutes of extra time remaining. Then, suddenly, they scored twice in the final seconds and pulled off the shocker to win the title. Since I’m a sucker for underdog sports stories, here’s video of the game-winning goal (above).

Just look at how excited those people are in the stands. I have nothing invested and yet it makes me smile.

A thoroughly entertaining “Muppets” movie. The Jets almost kill me again. In a win. And a heartbreaking story about homeless kids

I had every expectation that I would the love new “Muppets” movie. Loved The Muppets as a kid, and had heard nothing but great things about this resurrection of the franchise.
I am so happy to report that “The Muppets” was fantastic. Brilliant. Filled with heart, humor and plenty of interesting story plot points to keep the kids and the adults laughing (in the theatre I was in, it was split about 50/50 kids to adults).
Jason Segel, who basically persuaded Disney to do another “Muppets” movie, is terrific. Amy Adams is great, and the new Muppet, Walter, is a great addition. I got misty-eyed when Kermit sang “The Rainbow Connection,” it’s the truth. Miss Piggy was as charming as ever.
There were also a few ingenious winks at the grown-ups in the crowd (Amy Adams had the best one of these, which I won’t spoil), and a genuine sense that this was a labor of love.

Can’t recommend the movie highly enough. Watching this film was like watching a family you loved getting back together.

**Another week, another Jets game that had me pulling my last remaining hairs out.  This time my boys in green and white did almost everything possible to lose (fumbling punts, throwing interceptions, forgetting to cover receivers) but pulled one out of their rears anyway, 28-24 over Buffalo.

Some quick-hit thoughts from the Jets’ roller-coaster win:
— Say this about Mark Sanchez: Every throw he makes is exciting for someone. Sometimes he throws it to the wrong team, but on just about every strike he hits somebody in the hands.  Sanchez again made some awful decisions Sunday, threw a terrible interception that led to a TD and easily could’ve had two or three more passes picked off. But the kid made two fantastic plays at the end (helped by a great catch by Plaxico) to help the Jets win. As my fellow die-hard friend David texted me after the win, that’s what makes Sanchez so infuriating. He clearly has the talent to be great, but I don’t know if he’ll ever put it together.
— Can anyone on the Jets catch a punt and not fumble? Anyone?
— Jets aren’t going to the playoffs. They’re just not very good. Sunday confirmed all that in spades.
— Forget about his ridiculous and classless and not all that funny end zone dance imitating Plaxico Burress. The reason Buffalo’s Stevie Johnson should be infamous today is because he dropped a wide-open possible TD pass on his team’s final drive. Brutal.

–Speaking of which, my man Bob Costas brilliantly called out these moron NFL celebration artists on “Sunday Night Football” in this scathing two-minute essay. Costas is 100 percent right.
A few more scattered NFL thoughts:
— Boy the Tim Tebow haters have to really be mad today. Another win for Denver’s wonderboy QB.
— Here’s something you don’t see every day: Chargers kicker Nick Novak, a short time before his missed FG at the end of the game that would’ve won it, decided to take a leak on the sideline.
He took a leak, then pissed away his team’s chances (Ba bum bump. I’m here all week. Try the veal.)

**Eight months ago, “60 Minutes” did a wonderful but heartbreaking story about homeless families in Central Florida, and what the true impact of this economic recession has been. Sunday night they caught up with the kids they were following. Things have gotten worse. Watch this and see what this recession has wrought: So many homeless children, with no end in sight.