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Good News Friday: Jim Kelly is cancer-free. Little kids singing, and thinking about Buck O’Neil, makes me smile. And a hilarious video of how white people talk to Latinos.

Happy Friday! I’m sorry the blogging has been a little sporadic this week; Monday morning I came down with a nasty viral infection that had me feverish and having chills (a nice combo), along with some nausea just for fun. Also I increased my vomiting lead to 2-0 over my wife during her pregnancy, so I’m pretty proud of that.

Anyway, feeling better now and ready for an awesome weekend, which may include a Roger Federer U.S. Open win (maybe, but after Thursday night’s epic five-setter I’m worried), a Jets win (maybe, but they sure as hell better be able to beat a rookie QB making his first ever start on the road), and oh yeah, maybe this baby will decide to come out, who knows?

First up on Good News Friday, you may remember the beautiful piece ESPN did a few weeks ago on Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, who was undergoing yet another tragedy in his life as he battled sinus cancer.

The piece (above), showed Kelly’s fighting spirit and the love of his family, and I thought it was beautifully done.
Well, the best news for the Kelly family came Friday: Thursday Kelly revealed that he’s been told that he’s cancer free, after six grueling rounds of chemo.

“I don’t even know what to do with myself. I’m so overwhelmed. I’m so thankful,” Kelly was quoted as saying in a message posted on his wife Jill Kelly’s Instagram account. “I want to literally hug and thank all of you in person.”

Just outstanding news.

**Next up, school is starting again here in New York (first day was Thursday), and I saw a quick clip on the news Thursday of some little kids singing a kind-of “welcome back” song in their auditorium.
Moments later I saw an ESPN alert that the Kansas City Royals were in first place, and it’s early September, and that hasn’t happened in almost three decades.
And those two news items combined made me think of Buck O’Neil (it may make sense to you in a minute).
The late, great Buck O’Neil, who I’ve written about before, was a legend in baseball: A Negro Leagues star, then later a scout, coach, manager and overall ambassador to the sport he loved. Buck became famous in Ken Burns’ legendary documentary series “Baseball,” he helped create the Negro Leagues Museum, and was a long, longtime resident of Kansas City, thanks to his decades-long association with the Royals.
He was, and is, universally beloved. (My man Joe Posnanski wrote a book with Buck and has written many incredible pieces about him, including this one.)

Buck died at age 94, in 2006, while his beloved Royals were in the middle of yet another lost decade of losing.
Anyway, the Royals are in first place now, and I got to thinking just how happy Buck would’ve been to finally see his old team finally be playing some good ball. I picture him sitting behind home plate, greeting all the fans, smiling and signing autographs, and smiling so broadly.
And I remembered this clip from a few years back, of school children singing a story about Buck’s life, to him when he came to visit. Makes me smile every time.

**Finally today, I love it when stereotypes and subtle racial digs are turned around and the majority (aka, us white people) are made to hear what we sound like.
This video from BuzzFeed Yellow is about what would happen if white people heard said to them what they so often say to Hispanic and Latinos. My favorite jokes are the first and last ones, but the whole video is funny:


Please, MLB, send A-Rod away. Free money, not accepted. And a fascinating look into stripping in an oil boom town


Please, let it be this week.
Please let this be the week that Major League Baseball suspends Alex Rodriguez from its sport.
I don’t care if it’s for the rest of this season, all of next season, or until the Jets win a Super Bowl (which will be never, us loyal fans admit).

Just please, send him away. Because I’m sick of it. And so are millions of other Yankees fans, who have watched this disgrace of a human being, this slimeball, this pus on the end of a wart, wear the pinstripes for the last nine years.
Many of us never wanted him in a Yankee uniform, and except for one freaky stretch in the fall of ’09, the stench of failure has surrounded him.
It started with his ridiculous smacking the ball out of the glove of a Red Sox pitcher in the 2004 ALCS, and continued for the next several years, with playoff strikeout after strikeout, and admitted steroid use serving as a lovely distraction.

We’re just sick of it. He’s a selfish prima donna and a guy who was never a good fit for the New York spotlight, and his lying and obfuscation over this latest steroid mess is a fitting coda to a disastrous time in New York.

So please, Bud Selig, we Yankee fans are begging you: Throw the lying, cheating, bum out.
And may he never darken the doors of Yankee Stadium again.

**Proof that we live in a non-trusting society: Watch this guy in Boston try to give away dollar bills to anyone who walks by, and how freaking difficult it is for him to get anyone to take it.

I mean, it’s a dollar; even if it was counterfeit, wouldn’t you take it just in case it was real?


**Finally today, a very long but very interesting story on Buzzfeed.com about a part of American life I knew very little about. Like much of North Dakota in the past 10 years, the little town of Williston has experienced an enormous population growth thanks to oil drilling.
One of the byproducts of Williston becoming a huge oil drilling town is the vast outnumbering of men to women there, which made the strip club in town a very profitable place to work for dancers.

A woman named Elizabeth Shepard survived Williston during the last few years, and she tells a really fascinating tale of what it was like to be there, and offers a (PG-13 rated) window into her life.
It’s a long story but well worth your time.