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Operation Gratitude a wonderful holiday tradition. Kissing to win a car. The insane Bill Romanowski. And the USF student who fought all odds to graduate

I love stories like this so much, so let’s start off Good News Friday with it.

A California woman named Carolyn Blashek wanted to do something after 9/11 to help American troops stationed overseas. At age 46, she tried to enlist in the Marine Corps, before they politely told her she was a wee bit too old for them.

So she decided to do something else: create a care-package business to send the comforts of home to the troops. What started as a small operation inside her house has turned into an enormously successful and huge enterprise, with hundreds of volunteers spending a few days a year in December packing thousands of packages.

Toothbrushes, magazines, candy, everything a soldier might be missing (well, not everything: Girlfriends and wives can’t fit inside cardboard boxes).

Balshek’s company is called Operation Gratitude, and it truly brings a smile to your heart to see one person’s idea now doing so much good.
Check out the video above, and I guarantee your Friday will be just a little brighter.

**Both of these videos cracked me up, for different reasons. First, Belgian tennis star Kim Clijsters was playing an exhibition in her home country recently with her friend Yanina Wickmeyer. Midway through the match, Clijsters told the crowd that the first person to come on the court and kiss Yanina would win a car.

And so this happened (above) … I am surprised only three guys decided to try it!

**Next, here’s Bill Romanowski, former NFL player and diagnosed lunatic, with a hilarious rant after the Raiders lost to Green Bay last Sunday. Anytime you wanna stop taking those steroids Bill, just let us know…

**Finally, a beautiful story from the great newspaper writer Michael Kruse, about a man who overcame a crippling disease to graduate from the University of South Florida this month. It’s a short, beautiful tale about how much one person can overcome.

Elegant writing about a sweet soul named Chris Lehman. Enjoy, and remember how powerful the human spirit can be.