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Best of Good News Friday, 2018: A teacher gives a student’s Mom an incredible gift of a kidney. A preschool girls’ friendship crosses racial lines. And a college basketball player misses a record on purpose for an awesome reason

Hello my fine readers, hope you all got whatever Santa decided you needed or wanted under the tree, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, hope you spent the day in a joyous way with your family. (I did just that with family and dear friends, while celebrating my second-ever fantasy football championship! I know nobody cares, but I was excited and a little $$$ won is always wonderful.)

Anyway, as I mentioned in Monday’s post, going to end this year like I have done the past few years, with three posts celebrating the best of the best, my favorite Good News Friday items from 2018. So many to choose from, and if you’re a loyal reader maybe you’ll remember some of these from the months gone by. Hope you enjoy as I again try to end 2018 with some hope and joy and just plain goodness.

First up today, this was from January, and it’s still moving. Meet an amazing elementary school teacher at Marshe Pointe Elementary school in Palm Beach Gardens,  Fla. named Donna Hoagland, who found out the mom of one of her students was suffering from kidney failure. The rest… well, just watch and get the Kleenex ready. Just a tremendous story.

UPDATE: According to this story, now, nearly a year after the transplant, both Hoagland and Anahita are both very healthy and working full time. They live about 10 minutes from each other, and they often talk and text and try to find time to get together.

**Next up today, this beautiful tale from February, of two little girls, both 4 years old, named Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland. They are best friends, and refer to themselves as “twins.” But when another kid pointed out that they couldn’t be twins, well, just watch.

So much wisdom in so few years.

**And finally today, a college basketball player misses out on a record on purpose, for a great reason, from last March. This story came from Chad Leistikow of the Des Moines (IA) Register.

The University of Iowa has a player named Josh Bohannon. He’s a sophomore and he’s really good. He’s particularly good at making free throws.

Bohannon had made 34 free throws in a row when he stepped to the line late in a game on Feb. 25 against Northwestern. That number was important, because when he got to 34, Bohannon had tied an Iowa school record held by a kid named Chris Street.

Street was a native Iowan and local legend, and on Jan. 16, 1993 Street played with the Hawkeyes against Duke.

Three days later, Street was tragically killed in a car accident.

Bohannon grew up in Iowa, too, knew all about the legend of Chris Street, and since becoming a part of the Iowa team he’s gotten to know Street’s parents, Mike and Patty.

So on Feb. 25, having made 34 consecutive free throws to tie Street’s school record, Bohannon stepped to the foul line with 2 minutes, 15 seconds remaining with Iowa leading, 73-65. He left the shot short, off the front rim, and pointed to the sky.

What a good kid. He’s so kind,” Patty Street said. “That was so special that he thought of Christopher and that record.”

Here’s what Bohannon said after the game (above).

Just a sensational gesture by a fabulous young man.