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Good News Friday: A toddler thinks a water heater is a robot, and it’s adorable. Georgia with some bipartisanship greatness fixing a major rape kit backlog. And a man who thought a town in Minnesota was the worst place to live, ever, moves there. And loves it.

And a Happy Friday to you all. As you read this I’m probably stuck in L.A. traffic, because that’s apparently all you do when you visit Southern California. I complain about NYC traffic, but man…

Anyway, we start Good News Friday with thirty seconds of adorableness. Meet Rayna, a super-cute toddler who thinks an old broken-down water heater is a robot. So she talks to it like a robot.

Too cute for words.

**Next up, a slightly more serious good news story. A major problem in states across the country is the millions of untested rape kits that are sitting in police warehouses, unable to be tested because there isn’t enough money or personnel to test them all.

In Georgia, the problem is particularly bad, and a strong state representative, Rep. Scott Holcomb, was miraculously able to do something about it.

His bill, the Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims Act, got bipartisan support in the Georgia legislature and was signed into law last month by GOP Gov. Nathan Deal. The law requires Georgia to test every single rape kit it receives from victims.

It’s a fantastic result, as now more than 4,200 kits that have been languishing will be tested, and hopefully rapists will be arrested and thrown in prison.

“It’s an example of how people can come together and make a difference to fix a very bad problem,” Holcomb said.

The show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” did a great job on this story (below,) and major points for the “Schoolhouse Rock” theme.

**And finally today, a sweet story from CBS News’ Steve Hartman. A reporter from the Washington Post named Christopher Ingraham wrote about a study that said Red Lake County, Minn. was the worst place in America to live.

He got lots of mail from the county’s residents, of course, but not all of it was vitriolic. Some people asked Christopher to come visit and see for himself what the town had to offer.

Christopher did, fell in love with the place, and now he lives there full-time.

Very, very cool.