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A great ESPN doc on “The Real Rocky.” A very thorough doctor’s office. And if real life were like online shopping

Besides having one of the greatest nicknames in the history of boxing, Chuck Wepner, a.k.a., the “Bayonne Bleeder” has had a hell of an interesting life.
First he was a rising young heavyweight fighter from New Jersey, with a penchant for sporting crimson all over his face during his fights (hence the nickname). Wepner wasn’t a pretty fighter; he was a brawler who didn’t have a ton of natural talent, but had a lot of heart.
Then he was fortunate enough to fight the Greatest, Muhammad Ali, on March 24, 1975, and was 19 seconds away from going all 15 rounds with the champ, an incredible accomplishment (Wepner also knocked Ali down).
A young actor named Sylvester Stallone watched that fight, and was inspired to write “Rocky.” A little movie franchise you may have heard of.
Through the years, Stallone continued to rip off Wepner’s life story, and Wepner got not a penny from Sly. Eventually, ole’ Chuck got into some trouble with the law, went to prison, and finally decided to sue Stallone a few years ago for using his life story without any kind of financial payback.

It’s really a hell of an interesting life Wepner has led. ESPN just made a movie about him called “The Real Rocky,” and I highly recommend checking it out.
It’s hilarious, for one thing, as Stallone repeatedly credits Wepner for being his inspiration, befriends the fighter over the years, then suddenly changes his story when Wepner decides to sue. I mean, it’s astonishing how many parts of Wepner’s life are in the “Rocky” movies.

Not sure when “The Real Rocky” is on again, but I highly recommend seeing it. It’s a great story about a colorful character, back when boxing had such people.

**OK, tell me if you think this is extremely weird. I think it’s weird. So I just started with a new G.P., and made my first doctor’s appointment with her last week, on Wednesday, for an appointment Oct. 31.
And two days after making the appointment, I get a letter in the mail confirming said appointment. An actual snail mail letter from the postman.
Which was followed up by confirmation phone calls for the next three days. All over ONE appointment!
Do these people have a fear of abandonment or what? They wasted two pieces of paper to mail me a letter about an appointment I just made two days ago.
Somewhere, Al Gore silently weeps.

**Finally, this made me laugh. If real life shopping were like online shopping, this is what it would look like… Stick with it, it just gets funnier and funnier.