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Why I love Gladys from “Ellen,” Cliff Lee makes me sad, and a Sarah Palin poll

So you know what I love? A good Accidental Celebrity.

I’m not talking about people who are nobodies who try to be celebrities, like those fools on reality TV shows, or that idiot Joe the Plumber from the 2008 election cycle.

I’m talking about people who, because they catch lightning in a bottle at one exact moment of the universe, become famous and get to show their talents. I don’t care if it’s a singer, a dancer, or just a funny person, I love it when fame is temporarily thrust upon someone who just gets it, and enjoys the moment.

Clara Peller, the old Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef” lady, she was an Accidental Celebrity. Susan Boyle, the fabulous singer who blew everyone away on that “Britain’s Got Talent” show, was an Accidental Celebrity. (I just watched that clip of her again, for about the 50th time. Every time I watch it … chills.).

My new favorite A.C. is Gladys Hardy. If you don’t know Gladys, she’s an 88-year-old woman from Austin, Texas, who has become semi-famous for calling in to the Ellen Degeneres show. The clip above was from her first visit; fast forward to the 3:50 mark if you want to hear her famous line that made Ellen completely lose it.

Gladys and Ellen talk all the time, I learned from Gladys’ website, where you can learn all kinds of fun things.

They’ve chatted about “American Idol,” the annoyance of getting gas, and other stuff. She sounds like a delightful 88-year-old woman, and clearly Ellen likes her, as they’ve chatted about 20 times. Gladys is funny, she’s wise, and she just seems like a wonderful woman.

Now, a little research on the old Internets shows me there’s some doubt if Gladys is real. Some think it’s a hoax, that she’s just some local comedian. I don’t buy it. Gladys sounds real to me, and if you need a laugh, check her out.

P.S. If she does turn out to be a fake, I don’t think it makes it any less funny. But it would sting a little.


***Boy, that Cliff Lee sure shut the Yankee Stadium crowd up pretty quickly last night, huh?

Man, he was dealing out there on the mound for the Phillies. Total control of his pitches, the ball was darting all over the place like a 9-year-old in a suit he wanted to get out of, and the Yanks had no chance.

On the cold, wintry night, Lee reminded me of a guy who we’ll get to see again tonight, when he was in his prime: Mr. Pedro Martinez.

Two quick thoughts about Pedro’s start tonight, which could give us an electric atmosphere at the Stadium: 1. Can we get Don Zimmer to sit behind the dugout and heckle him? 2. Just for fun, can someone find Grady Little and get him to the game? Just to, you know, remind people of this (come on Sox fans, you can let it go. You’ve won 2 Series since then).

**Finally, more troubling news from CNN: Apparently 71 percent of Americans believe Sarah Palin is unqualified to be President.

I’m extraordinarily troubled that 29 percent believe she IS qualified. Twenty-nine percent. Sigh.