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I’m raising money for a good cause again, a NYC soup kitchen. Jon Hamm is hilarious in “Billy on the Street.” And a town in Colorado finds the answer to potholes: Toilet paper!


It’s that time of year again, when Thanksgiving creeps up on us and many of us think about which charities or organizations to support. And along with the usual causes this year, those that will oppose and try to at least mitigate the damage our new President seems destined to do also ought to be in your mind.

I try not to ask my loyal readers for financial donations for causes, but for the fourth year in a row I’m breaking that rule, because my wife and I are once again raising money for the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen here in Manhattan.

I’ve been volunteering there for about five years, and it’s truly a wonderful place.  Located on 28th St. and 9th Avenue here in Manhattan and open for 31 years (it’s pictured above), the soup kitchen serves more than 1,000 meals daily, making it the second-biggest such facility in America (apparently there’s a bigger soup kitchen in San Francisco).

It’s a terrific and huge enterprise, staffed by about 50-60 volunteers per day. Some of us serve the food, others clear the tables, hand out drinks, cut up vegetables in the kitchen, etc. (lucky for me I still have all 10 of my fingers after once being asked to chop and slice. Let’s just say, Anthony Bourdain, I’m not)

Truthfully though, it’s more than a soup kitchen; Holy Apostles also helps the homeless in so many other ways, with free counseling services, free haircuts and toiletries, and often blankets and other clothes, along with free legal services, too.

Funding, as you might expect, is always a problem for the soup kitchen; food donations do come in, but I’ve been told that 80 percent of the food and supplies is purchased by Holy Apostles (in case you were wondering, there is no religious affiliation with the soup kitchen, it’s simply housed in a church.)

Once again the kitchen is having its annual Fast-A-Thon, where on Thursday volunteers like me will eat only one meal a day to “walk in the shoes” of our patrons, and we’re raising money to help support the great work the kitchen does.

My wife and I have raised a little more than $1,000 so far but are trying to raise at least $1,500. I know the holidays are coming up and budgets are tight, but if you get any enjoyment from this blog each day, I’d ask you to please consider a small donation to to our fundraising page.

Thanks so much.

**Next up today, the cult TV show “Billy on The Street” is back, where once again host Billy Eichner enlists huge celebs to make fools of themselves hilariously on the streets of NYC.

To start the new season he’s got Jon Hamm, who does comedy way better than you would think, asking people if they’d have a threesome with he and Eichner. Definitely be careful watching this one with little kids around, but it’s pretty freaking great. Especially the final minute…


**And finally today, a little bit of potty humor showing that sometimes, the best solution really is KrazyGlue, or Windex, or … toilet paper??

The city of Littleton, Colo., is using Cottonelle, Charmin and whatever other brands they’ve got to try to seal the cracks on the roads in the city. So far 120 streets have been used to fill the cracks (and please, by all means, make every joke you can think of about TP and filling cracks.)

According to this story, the Littleton city government says that the TP, applied with a paint roller, absorbs the oil from freshly laid tar as it dries, keeping it from sticking to people’s shoes or car and bike tires. With the paper’s protective abilities, asphalt isn’t tracked all over the city or splattered on wheel wells. And the biodegradable paper breaks down and disappears in a matter of days.

Sounds good to me. Of course, this leads to all kinds of questions: 1-ply or 2-ply? And is there a chance one of the TP companies can start using this in their commercials: “Soft on your tush, but tough on your potholes! Try new Charmin ultra-asphalt!”