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A very cool video from above America. A man rides the world’s smallest bike. And the insanity of making a 5-year-old change his T-shirt at school.

As I’m sure you all know, college football can inflame some pretty serious passions in people across America.
Sadly, that also leads to some very scary, ridiculous behavior. For today’s example of that, let us mosey on down to Oklahoma, for this absolutely ludicrous story pointed out to me by my friend Melissa L.
Seems a 5-year-old boy named Cooper Barton lives in  Oklahoma City, Okla., and he and his parents are big University of Michigan fans.
Well, one day last week Cooper wore a Michigan shirt to Wilson Elementary, and was promptly told he was violating the dress code and had to turn his shirt inside-out.

Why? Because the dress code says that students may only wear clothing representing Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, or another Oklahoma state school.

As Cooper’s mom Shannon said, “They should really worry about academics. It wasn’t offensive. He’s 5.”

Amen, Shannon. I hope head coach Brady Hoke and Michigan hear about this and send little Cooper a boatload of free stuff. (And it seems they have: Good job, Big Blue)

**This is really cool, and I recommend going to full-screen to watch it. It’s a virtual plane ride across America; see how many landmarks you can identify. What a beautiful country we live in (cue the Ray Charles music, please)

**And finally, a man rides the world’s smallest bike, and still puts on a helmet to do it. I have no idea how he’s able to do this…