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“Parenthood” ends a strong season with tears and awesomeness. The boy with Down’s Syndrome makes 3-pointers. And women finally allowed in combat? ‘Bout time


There are times that I feel like about the NBC show “Parenthood” like I do about a friend who you love but get mad at sometimes: You just wish it could be as good as it is on its best moments, all the time. You wish the bad moments could be scrubbed away like last week’s graffiti, and you could celebrate how wonderful it makes you feel, all of the time.

Because like pizza, when “Parenthood” is good, it’s so, so good.

I know I’m babbling, but I just watched the season finale of “Parenthood” and it was beautiful. I get mad at the show quite a bit, and hate what they did to Sarah Braverman to maker her so damn unlikable, and laugh at the ridiculous leaps in logic the show makes, but the emotional power and wonderful story-telling win me over most every time.

This season was maybe its best yet, with emotional moments packed into every episode, and Tuesday’s season finale was dripping with heart and emotion. (It’s no surprise that Jason Katims, who created “Parenthood,” was involved heavily in the awesome “Friday Night Lights.”)

The acting on the show is strong in so many places, but especially Amber (Mae Whitman) and Zeke (Craig T. Nelson) are terrific.

I enjoyed the Amber/Ryan stuff this year, and the Victor/adoption storyline also felt real. I was amazed/astonished that the show had the balls to do a real abortion episode where a character (gasp!) actually had an abortion. And of course, the Adam/Kristina cancer storyline was fantastic, and so beautifully done.

Of course, the season finale had to tie everything into a neat bow, including the horrendous storyline I cared least about, the Sarah/Mr. Cyr/Hank love triangle of doom, where for some unknown reason two intelligent men are fighting over the clueless and immature Sarah Braverman.

“Parenthood” may not be renewed for another year, but it ought to be. Tuesday night’s episode, particularly the earned emotional payoff for Adam and Kristina, was the capper to a phenomenal year.

Please, NBC, you’ve got so many other crappy shows on your schedule. Keep “Parenthood” around: It’s one of the few things you can be proud of.

**This is a story that may require tissues. An 8th-grade boy named Owen Groesser is on the basketball team at Van Hoosen Junior High in Kentucky. Owen was born with Down’s Syndrome, and until Wednesday night, he hadn’t gotten a chance to play all season.

Then in the final minutes of the game, with the crowd chanting his name, Owen got in. And he drilled two three-pointers, bringing the crowd to its feet and making Owen’s teammates go nuts with excitement.

I know these stories happen often, but they get me choked up every time.

Grab a Kleenex when you get to the :58 part and the 2:58 part…


**Finally, a few words of long-overdue praise on Good News Friday for the Pentagon, which has finally determined in 2013 that women are fit to serve in combat in the military.

I have no idea what took them so long, as women have proven to be exceptional soldiers in all areas of the armed forces for quite some time, and have been fighting and dying alongside men for this never-ending Afghanistan and Iraq wars we’re mucked up in. Women are every bit as worthy to serve in combat as men are, and it’s ridiculous it’s taken this long for the Pentagon to see that.

But hey, another barrier has fallen, and that’s a great thing.

A very disrespectful candidate, “Parenthood” finishes awesomely, and a look behind the curtain

Well, I guess the rule is, if you’re an African-American Republican running for Congress, you can rip on Barack Obama all you want.

That’s what I got out of Les Phillip, a guy running for Congress out of the fifth district in Alabama. This is his campaign commercial he’s running now, where he says the President of the United States “is ashamed of America,” among other nice things.

Funny how criticizing the President was so unpatriotic when W. was in charge, but now it seems to be totally OK.

Les Phillip ought to be ashamed of himself. I have no idea how this is playing in Alabama. However, I think I’ll be visiting his opponent’s website very soon.

**The season finale of “Parenthood” was phenomenal the other night. Truly fantastic. This was a show that got better as the season went along, and I’m very happy to report it’s coming back to NBC next year. I thought they handled the Haddie-Amber thing very well, and Dax Shepard’s Crosby character is really growing on me.

And how good an actor is Craig T. Nelson? I love that guy. If you haven’t seen the show yet, one of those free pay-per-view thingies that most cable companies have (it’s called “Showcase” on our cable system) has most of the episodes of the season on it. I definitely recommend checking it out.

**Finally, another tiny glimpse of life as a sportswriter. I got to attend and cover the Orlando Magic-Boston Celtics NBA game Wednesday night, truly one of those events that make covering the regular-season high school volleyball games tolerable. (Here’s a link to the column I wrote from the game.

Anyway, there were a ton of media there, they served us good food (roasted chicken, and one of the best brownies I’ve ever had for dessert), and my seat was up in the nether regions, as usual (Hey, we’re the Daytona Beach News-Journal, not ESPN or the New York Times. Though I could glimpse the top of the heads of those guys.)

What’s funny about these big games is that sportswriting is reduced to, basically, high school lunch. At big games, the cool kids are the major sportswriters from the big papers and websites. They all hang out together, trading stories and inside jokes.

The not so cool kids sit together, too, sort of staring at the cool kids and wish we were a part of their club.

One day maybe we will be. We can only dream for now.