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My latest “Daddy Chronicles,” starring an almost-3 year old who’s soon to get a baby brother!

And a Happy Friday to you all out there in Internet-land! It’s been a few months since I’ve written a “Daddy Chronicles,” and with my little guy changing so much over the past several weeks, I thought it was time.

First of all and by far the most important announcement: Nate is getting a sibling! Yep, my wife and I decided there just weren’t enough people in the world, so we made another one. And this time, we decided to find out the gender, and once again we have created a boy.

With a due date of October 30, little Federer Jeter Mattingly Messier Lewis (what, you don’t think my wife will go for that name?) will make our beautiful family of three into a table for four.

Obviously this will mean big changes for us, although if the little guy is born on Halloween, we have one fewer costume to shop for this year (Nate 2.0 will certainly be dressed as a newborn for Halloween, all he needs is a blue blanket and the ability to cry.)

In all seriousness, I’m overcome with joy. So far my beautiful wife is 26 weeks pregnant, and all indications so far are that the baby and mommy are healthy and coming along great.

A few thoughts that hit me upon learning the news that  I now have TWO chances for a male Wimbledon champion:
— My poor wife will have to live with three boys now. There’s going to be a lot of toilet seats left up in her future.
— I’ll be 42 years old when the baby is born, which means I’ll be 60 (Sixty!) when the young fella gets his basketball scholarship to Duke University. Can’t wait to be the old creepy dude who the other freshman on campus thinks is the grandpa of a student.

— We are, of course, super excited to go through the process again, and so far Nate seems thrilled that he’s getting a sibling who’ll live in his room and be a future playmate. When I ask him in front of friends what he’s getting in October, he exclaims with a smile “A baby brother!”

Of course, right now it’s easy for him to accept a new family member; come November, when he yells for Mommy or Daddy’s attention and we aren’t able to snap to it because we’re busy with his brother, methinks his love and excitement may wane a bit. He is, fortunately, really great with his toddler friends’ little siblings, always being super gentle with them. So, we’ll see.

— One of the major developments in the past two months has been us finally getting Nate a big boy bed. We kept him in the crib as long as we could, but with him turning 3 in September, it was time.

He got to help pick it out, including his Elmo bedspread and pillow, but for the first few weeks he refused to sleep in it most nights, wanting to sleep on the floor instead. Then once he started sleeping in it, he fell out of it like a drunk staggering home from a night on the town. Good thing we barricaded him in with pillows.

Now, he’s gotten used to it. He gets out of bed on his own in the morning, takes the crackers and water and Cheerios I’ve left out for him, and goes and plays in the living room. So we have no idea he’s awake until, around 7 a.m. he yells “Mommy!” because he wants us to turn on the TV, or his diaper is so wet he wants to be changed.

So much better than having him in the crib. (We also turned his car seat around to face forward, and that has revolutionized his travel life. He loves asking questions now like “Are we on the bridge? Are we off the bridge?” and, delightfully, I now have a second navigation system in the car. Moments after the GPS says “in half-mile, make a left turn,” I hear the voice from the back “Make a left turn, Daddy!”)

He’s also fond of yelling out everything we’re passing, just like the hilarious scene in “Forget Paris” where Billy Crystal is driving his father-in-law around.

— His verbal skills and the phrases he picks up from hearing us continue to amaze; he only has one friend who talks as much as he does ((his BFF Keira, an adorable 3.5 year old girl).

A few weeks ago both my wife and I, in separate rooms, yelled to him to do different tasks. His response? “I can only do one thing at a time!”

Yeah, he might have gotten that from me.

— It’s been fascinating and strange watching Nate picking up habits that we have no idea where they came from. A few weeks ago he decided that every time we go into a restaurant or anywhere indoors, we immediately have to remove our hats. He gets really mad if I don’t.

— One of my favorite things about my son at this age is how excited and curious he is about everything. Every night he asks his mother and I “Where am I going when I wake up?” Then in the morning if he doesn’t remember he’ll ask again “Where am I going today?”  He’s just ready to go, whatever it is.

— And finally, the highlight of his life so far may have been our trip to Washington, D.C. No, he wasn’t thrilled and amazed at the monuments or the museums (he’s still only 2.). The highlight by far was riding the D.C. Metro around for three days. He shouted with delight whenever we stopped at one station, the doors opened, and then we went to another station. He loved every single second of it.

Seriously, as a D.C. friend of mine said, nobody has ever been happier than Nate on a D.C. Metro.

Not sure if I should be happy or sad about that 🙂