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The amazing Serena Williams, and a Lance Allred update!

It takes a lot to get me up early on a Saturday morning. A fire in the apartment, leaf-blowers from the people next door, that kind of thing.

But I was up bright and early (well, by 9, which is bright and early for me on a Saturday) to watch my

DVR’ed Australian Open women’s final, and I was totally captivated.

Serena Williams is just astonishing. I’m not a big fan of her attitude sometimes, and how she refuses to ever give credit to the opposition when she loses. But good Lord, that woman is a hell of a competitor. She’s getting to the point with me now where, like Roger Federer, LeBron James, and Peyton Manning, that I don’t so much watch them as marvel at their brilliance. How can one person be that good for that long, and just make their opponent look so, so, ordinary?

Anyway, Serena won a pretty captivating three-set match over Justine Henin. She was leading, then she couldn’t win a point, and it looked like Henin was going to snatch the title. Then Serena turned it up a notch, and just roared away for the victory. She’s getting up there with the all-time greats in women’s tennis now; that is undeniable.

I wrote more about it here at my regular tennis blog.

***So you might remember me writing about one of my new heroes, Lance Allred, a few times. Lance is the 7-foot, deaf, Mormon basketball player who wrote an amazingly honest and wonderful book called “Longshot,” about his experiences and how he finally made the NBA. I wrote about Lance here and here.

I bring him up now because while flipping the channels Saturday night I came across an NBA D-League game (basically, the minor league of pro basketball) and there Lance was, playing for the Idaho Statesmen. Which confused me, because when I met Lance last summer, he swore up and down he was done with the D-League. Well, after a few months in Italy, he came back to the States, apparently changed his mind, and now is kicking butt since he returned to the D-League a few weeks ago.

Check out his blog here; he’s truly one of the most unusual and thought-provoking athletes you’ll ever hear from.