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Fifteen years on, hoping 9/11 memories don’t fade. NFL football is back, and the Jets blow one they should’ve won. And Kerber and Wawrinka win terrific U.S. Open finals


Sunday was the 15th anniversary of September 11, and in so many ways I can’t believe it’s been that long since the worst day of most of our lives. It’s hard to believe that there are high school students about to graduate this year who were still in diapers when the Twin Towers fell.

I have to be honest: I didn’t watch much of the 9/11 remembrances on Sunday. Between NFL football starting and my son turning two and us having his birthday party, and the U.S. Open finals still going on, I didn’t spend as much time as I usually do reflecting on the meaning of 9/11.

I know the NFL did some really nice tributes before games, and of course the readings of the names who died, always shown on 9/11 on New York City TV stations, was powerful.

I hope 9/11 continues to stay fresh in our minds, and that the horror of that day doesn’t fade with time.

I remember as a kid watching some Holocaust movie on TV and wondering why we were still talking about this tragedy, 40 years later. Some grownup (it might have been my parents, or a teacher) told me that it’s incredibly important to keep talking about these things, as fewer and fewer people who were alive then are around, to keep the horrors fresh in our minds about what happened.

Fifteen years isn’t that long in the great span of time; I just hope as the years go by, the memories of that horrible day continue to remain fixed in our minds.

And now, the one 9/11 tradition I always do manage to uphold (and put on the blog): “Can’t Cry Hard Enough,” a montage of the images and sounds of 9/11.

**Next up today, the U.S. Open men’s and women’s finals were this weekend and both were pretty darn great. Angelique Kerber, who has been the best women’s player in the world this year, outlasted Karolina Pliskova (conqueror of Serena in the semis) in a three-set thriller. Then Sunday Novak Djokovic, who I would’ve thought was a shoo-in to win once he got through his first few matches unscathed, was beaten again by Stan the Man, aka, the Other Swiss Guy, aka Stan Wawrinka.


With Djokovic hobbling around and Wawrinka blasting winners, Wawrinka won his third major title, in four sets. It’s pretty amazing how Wawrinka, after spending years being a pro ranked in the 11-25 range, has become a legit Top 5 player the last two years. Proves how even when you’re one of the best in the world at what you do, you can still get better.

On a slightly personal note, I was fortunate enough to do a ton of freelancing at the Open this year, and one of the players I got to know was 16-year-old Kayla Day, from Santa Barbara, Calif. She got to the second round of the women’s draw before losing to Madison Keys, then rolled through the juniors tournament and won her first Grand Slam title on Sunday.

She’s a terrific kid, really smart, and friendly and kind, and her Mom’s great, too, and sometimes it’s just so much fun as a reporter being in on the “ground floor” of a star’s career, seeing what they’re like at the beginning.

I have no idea if Kayla Day is going to be a star, but she’s off to a fantastic start, and maybe one day I can say “I knew her when.”

(By the way, if you’re wondering “Really Michael? You’ve been covering her all week? Where are your stories?” To which I sadly answer, “behind a paywall on the Santa Barbara News-Press website)


**Finally today, football, football, football! Specifically, NFL football. More specifically, my New York Jets.

Yep, another banner start to the season for my Gang Green. Play well enough to win, make some big plays on offense and defense, but give up plenty of big plays on D (hey Darrelle Revis, didn’t you used to be awesome), and oh what the heck, miss an extra point and a field goal and lose by one to the Bengals.

From what I saw the Jets offense, with Matt Forte having a great debut, was fine until they got inside the 10-yard-line. And the defense couldn’t cover anybody in a Cincy uniform, and of course a kicker the Jets used to have (Mike Nugent) scored the winning points against them.

Yep, going to be a fabulous season.
Just a couple quick-hit NFL thoughts before I turn out the light:

— Good for Oakland’s Jack Del Rio, going for two points when down 1 with less than a minute to go against New Orleans. NFL coaches are so freaking risk-averse, it’s so rare to see one with guts. The Raiders went for two instead of playing for OT, scored, and won by one.

— Oh, the Browns. Such a Browns way to start a new season (it’s kind of amazing they’ve lost 12 consecutive season openers. Hard to do.) Not only lose, but lose to a rookie quarterback (Carson Wentz) who they could’ve drafted if they’d stayed at the No. 2 spot in the draft.

— I already hate this new Patriots QB who we will never see again after Tom Brady comes back. Arizona, you’ve gotta find a way to win that game Sunday night.

— Finally, nice to see Victor Cruz playing football again for the Giants, and that Cowboys receivers are still making horrible decisions at the end of games (though Dez Bryant wasn’t the culprit this time). How do football players STILL not know they’ve got to get out of bounds at the end of games?


Seriously wondering what it would take for Trump poll numbers to drop. The Jets are officially pathetic, while the Pack is back. And saluting Djokovic on an incredible year


I can’t even get outraged anymore at the things Donald Trump says.

I mean, what’s the point? This lunatic is so far off the reservation, I don’t think any GPS ever created could find him.

So I just laugh, and shake my head, and keep telling myself that this disgusting, racist, elitist pig of a human being will soon be off the presidential candidate radar, in a few short months; kicked to the curb by voters who will finally, inevitably, wise up.

Then I stop laughing and get scared. Because it seems every time Trump gets further and further off the ledge, and says even more offensive shit like his cracks on Friday that there should be a database of all Muslims in the U.S., and they should have to carry ID cards (hey Donald, isn’t that what they did to Jews in 1930s Germany? Just asking), his poll numbers stay strong.

Then Sunday he claimed he saw thousands of Muslims from New Jersey cheering on 9/11 as the Twin Towers fell, a statement that is 100 percent bullshit. And no one cares.

So I thought to myself Sunday night: What would it take for Trump’s numbers to actually fall? Is there anything he could say or do to lose this unfathomable popularity?

So I came up with this list of stuff that might, might make him lose voters:

  • Have a picture surface of him hugging Hillary Clinton
  • Stand up in the middle of Charlotte, N.C. and declare NASCAR is stupid and not a sport.
  • State that “The Dukes of Hazzard” is an overrated TV show and Daisy wasn’t even that pretty.
  • Admit his home state of New York is the greatest state on Earth, and the rest of you people live in “loser” states.
  • Declare a book other than The Bible as the greatest tome ever written.
  • Announce plans to nominate a Muslim as his vice-presidential pick.
  • Say that he’s in favor of gun control

OK, maybe that last one would do it. All the rest? Who knows. Truly, the man is a political miracle.


**Pathetic. Embarrassing. And, yeah, typical of the New York Jets.
Sunday continued the freefall of a once-promising season, as the awful, horrific Jets were beaten by the legendary T.J. Yates (T.J. Yates, for god’s sakes!) and the Houston Texans.
This was bad, man. The Jets were outclassed, outcoached, and even the great Darrelle Revis was torched time and time again.
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick threw two late INT’s, looks like the Jets drafted yet another second-round wide receiver bust in Devin Smith, who dropped a sure TD pass, and the running game was non-existent.
Hard to believe this team almost beat the Pats a few weeks ago. Disgraceful effort Sunday.
More quick-hit NFL thoughts…

— After three weeks of awful football, the Green Bay Packers sure looked like themselves. Beatdown of Minnesota, 30-13. The Pack is back.

— The Tampa Bay Bucs as a playoff contender? Yep. The NFL’s favorite alleged rapist, Jameis Winston, is having a hell of a rookie year, and his Bucs are 5-5 now after thrashing the Eagles. Pretty stunning. (FYI, saw a few minutes of “The Hunting Ground,” Sunday night on CNN, a powerful documentary about the Winston-FSU rape case and other sexual assaults on campus, and it looked great.)

— The Arizona Cardinals are pretty freaking good. And fun to watch. I want them in the Super Bowl.

— At some point, Greg Hardy is going to punch out the entire Cowboys coaching staff and Jerry Jones is still going to defend him, right?

**Finally today, I hardly ever write about tennis here once the U.S. Open is completed in September, because I and many other diehards usually pay little attention to October/November results, since the tournaments don’t matter as much and many top players tend to “mail it in” after a long and grueling year.

But I must take a minute today to acknowledge the incredible, historic year that Novak Djokovic completed Sunday, as he turned back Roger Federer at the prestigious season-ending ATP World Tour Finals in London, 6-3, 6-4.

Djokovic won three major titles in 2015, and lost in the finals of the fourth, the French Open. With all the talk about Serena Williams’ near Grand Slam, it turns out the Serb technically got closer, as Serena lost in the U.S. Open semis.

Djokovic went 82-6 this season (82-6!), captured 11 tournament titles, and lost only three times to players other than Federer, the world No.2

Djokovic has never gotten the love and adulation of Federer or Rafa Nadal, and if he were American the U.S. media and corporate world would have made him a much bigger household name.

But what he accomplished this year is phenomenal. And historic. His 2015 was for the ages, and I can’t wait to see what he does as an encore.

I’ve said this for 10 years now, but we truly are in the Golden Age of tennis.

Minor league baseball food looks awesome this year. Hillary Clinton once again can’t get out of her own way. And Revis returns + Rangers win: A pretty damn good Tuesday


Ah, so much news today, so little time with a 6-month old who has lately refused to nap (seriously, it’s like a form of civil disobedience with this kid)… no time to fully get into the rest of the insane NFL day (Jimmy Graham traded to Seattle? Yeah, because that team needs help), the fast expulsion and national humiliation of those racist Oklahoma frat boys (hey kids, wanna avoid being a national joke? Don’t be a racist), and the GOP letter-to-Iran-insanity (it is seriously hard to believe how much the GOP Senate is trying to fuck up foreign policy; I mean, Obama is still the President, right? I didn’t miss a coup or something? Can you imagine if the Dems wrote a letter to Iraq in the early 2000s opposing Bush’s plans? The mind boggles, it really does.)

I really can’t wait to see what the GOP Congress does next. Can they bring back the Obama birth certificate controversy?

So the weather is finally warming up here in the Northeast, and I can almost envision spring coming soon.

Which of course means baseball, and specifically, minor league baseball, and more specifically, the time of year when minor league teams introduce their awesome new gastronomic creations for their concession stands.

I write about minor league baseball food once in a while because I find it hilarious what people will eat if you cook it at a sporting event; for some reason all rules of stomach and mouth ingestion go out the window when there’s a game going on.

My favorite new food of 2015 (and it’s early yet, still plenty of time for other contestants) comes from the Wisconsin Timbers, a Class A team. In addition to unveiling a grilled cheese bacon cheeseburger, they’re rolling out in 2015 a funnel cake bacon cheeseburger (above). (The grilled cheese bacon cheeseburger can be found here).

No word yet if buying the funnel cake bacon cheeseburger comes with a free appointment to a cardiologist, or at least a free ride in an ambulance while you have your heart attack.

Not to be outdone, at Indiana University baseball games this spring one could buy a Triple Play Burger, which is 3 burgers, 3 slices of cheddar cheese, and nine (NINE?) slices of bacon.

That is altogether completely disgusting and totally awesome.


**Next up, Hillary.
Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. It comes as no secret to my friends and family that I don’t trust Hillary Clinton, I don’t want to be forced into voting for her for President, and I believe she and her husband are as slimy political animals as we have.
And before you say it, it has nothing to do with her being a woman. I don’t want her as President because I think she makes up her own version of the truth sometimes, mostly when she’s running for office.

With an overwhelming lead over any possible Democratic opponent in 2016, with as huge an air of inevitability about the nomination as any politician in my lifetime, she is still managing to create landmines for herself, while being awfully “creative” with her maneuvering.

I watched a little bit of her press conference Tuesday over “EmailGate,” and read what she said in the rest. The idea that “she didn’t want to carry two devices” is ridiculous, and is well-deconstructed by the excellent writer, and my friend, Pierre Tristam here. As always with the Clintons, the truth is elastic, and hard to pin down.
Hillary dodges, she obfuscates, and she leaves you feeling like you’re never getting the whole story.
I know she’s going to get the Democratic nomination, and I know I’m going to vote for her over whatever GOP candidate survives their primary bloodbath.

But I shall do it begrudgingly, with my nose held. I saw the campaign she ran in ’08, and what she’s already started doing now.
And I just do not trust her.


**Finally, couple quick thoughts on some huge New York sports news Tuesday: The Rangers beat the Islanders in maybe their last battle ever at Nassau Coliseum, which made me happy, and my beloved New York Jets did the impossible: they stole Darrelle Revis back, using a shitload of money to do it.

My take on Revis: The Jets had to overpay do it, because their secondary was historically awful last year. Revis may be the best defensive player the Jets have ever had.
Also, Revis is an enormously greedy individual who I don’t blame one bit for it, since NFL careers are so short and you’ve got to earn what you can, although I guess now Darrelle will conveniently “forget” about all those nasty things he said about the Jets and owner Woody Johnson last year.

And finally, every Jet fan is happy he’s not in New England. But the Jets still don’t have a QB, so, you know, there’s that.

The Emmy Awards make me (mostly) happy. An agonizingly awful Jets win. And gay marriage ballot amendments looking good

My favorite awards show of the year took place Sunday night; The Academy Awards are great but so many times I feel like I’m not familiar with the nominees; but with the Emmys, I feel like I very strongly about who should win and who should never get a sniff of an Emmy.

Overall I thought it was a pretty good show, and was thrilled to see one show in particular kick serious butt (it rhymes with “Shmomeland.”)
With the help of my trusty sidekick/fellow TV addict fiance, some things that struck us from the show:

— Thrill of the night for me was seeing “Homeland” do so well, winning both major drama acting categories AND shocking “Mad Men” to win best show. I will continue to say this until the cows come home: “Homeland” is the best show on TV. The new season starts Sunday night on Showtime, time to get watching.

— The comedy awards were really predictable, but we were both stunned Mayim Bialik from “Big Bang Theory” didn’t win best supporting in a comedy. She was awesome. Not that Julie Bowen isn’t, but she’s won a few times already.
— Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue was pretty funny, but the best bits of the night were the Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Amy Poehler speech switch gag, and the opening skit in the bathroom.
— Jon Cryer does not age. He still looks like Ducky.
— Jimmy Fallon looked 3 feet taller than Kathy Bates when they presented together. “Has he been stretched for the Emmys?” the fiance asked.
— There were no major fashion faux pas (I was told), but man were there some hideous dress colors. Julianne Moore, Claire Danes and Julie Bowen all wore awful colors. I thought Danes, Amy Poehler and Zooey Deschanel (above) looked the best, along with the chick who plays Brody’s wife on “Homeland.”

— Really tough call for the producers on who gets the final spot of the Death Montage: Dick Clark or Andy Griffith? They did a seperate tribute to Andy G. instead.
— Can’t believe Doyle from “Gilmore Girls” won an Emmy for writing! He was such a great “GG” character, happy to see him get some more fame.

— Finally, whose idea was the stupid “Andre Braugher coming up in 8 minutes” screen teaser? Like that’s going to keep me watching the Emmys?

**At the end of my life, when I’m old and bald and dying, I’ll wish I had four more hours back.

Those would be the four hours I spent watching Sunday’s truly wretched Jets-Dolphins football game. Calling it ugly and unsightly would be a massive understatement; truly it was a shame either team had to win.
As a Jets fan, I was disgusted by so much of their play that it was hard to feel elated when they won.
Among the many, many problems of my team:
— Mark Sanchez, in his 4th year in the NFL, and 4th year as a starter, is not getting any better. It’s amazing, but he’s STILL making awful decisions, not feeling the rush, and misfiring to wide-open receivers; there were three TD’s the Jets should’ve had Sunday but Sanchez overthrew his receivers.  He’s just not a good quarterback and may never be.

— That said, the man had VERY little help Sunday. Receivers dropped passes all over the place, his offensive line was just OK, and the running game was non-existent. Sanchez just doesn’t have a lot of talent around him.

— Looks like the best defensive back in football, Darrelle Revis, may have torn his ACL, which would mean he’s out for the season. Devastating blow to an already-not-great team.

Other NFL thoughts on yet another crazy day…
— At one point three games were in overtime at the same time (KC-New Orleans, Jets-Dolphins, and Titans-Lions). Not sure that’s ever happened before.

— How crazy was that 44-41 Titans win over the Lions? Detroit scored 14 points in the last eighteen seconds of regulation to tie it, including a Hail Mary. Then in OT, down three, Lions could’ve kicked a FG to tie it, but on 4th and 1, had a miscommunication with the sideline and went for it when they weren’t supposed to. And they didn’t get the yard, and lost the game.

— I know all NFL fans are bitching about the replacement refs and how awful they are… but they are truly horrendous.  Watched the last 5 minutes of Pats-Ravens after the Emmys, and while it was a thrilling finish (that Ravens kicker gave the entire state of Maryland a heart attack, making that FG by inches), the refs practically blew it both ways.

How long is the NFL going to let this complete blow to its credibility last? Sadly, I think it’ll be a while. The NFL’s popularity is impervious, and I just don’t think they give a crap what fans and media (and their own coaches and players!) are saying about the refs right now.

— Stunning to see the 49ers lose, the Jaguars win, and the Saints be 0-3. One more reason I don’t bet on the NFL.

** Finally, it’s too early to be overly excited about this, but it’s certainly promising.  There are four states that in November will have ballot initiatives that in one form or another will legalize same sex marriage, and in three of those states (Maryland, Maine and Washington) it looks very likely that gay marriage will be legalized; only in Minnesota is the polling not looking promising.

If the 3 states’ numbers hold up, this will be a huge, history-making deal, as no states previously have had ballot initiatives supporting gay marriage get passed.

Consider my fingers crossed.


A huge win for the Jets, Tebow-mania begins, and other NFL thoughts. The play of the year in college FB. And politicians + science = hilarity

I knew they were in there somewhere.

After six games of my New York Jets looking very little like the fabulous 2010 team, the 2011 Jets showed up big-time in the second half of Sunday’s win over San Diego.
Man, my heart could barely take it. But this time the drama was worth it. My boys rallied from 21-10 down to convincingly beat the Chargers, 27-21.
Some quick-hit thoughts on a victory that may vault the Jets into a strong run at the playoffs:
— OK, Plaxico Burress, you’re still an idiot for shooting yourself in the leg three years ago. But you earned your Jets salary Sunday. Three TD catches, each one a thing of beauty.
— Mark Sanchez, you’ve taken a lot of (well-deserved) criticism from Jets fans and media this year. But except for one really poor throw in the first quarter, you played very well Sunday. Excellent touch on the Burress passes, good poise in the pocket, and he ran for a huge first down late in the 4th quarter.
— ‘Bout time the Jets running game showed up. Huge day for Shonn Greene. Again, please.
— Philip Rivers is a terrific quarterback. But why does he always seem to shrink at crunch-time? And how good is Darrelle Revis?
— Such a strong game for the Jets in the tackling dept. Seems like they missed way fewer than they had the last few weeks.
— 4-3 now, with a bye, then Buffalo on the road and New England home. Gotta at least split those. Win them both, and suddenly a division title is back in play…
See how quickly I can get giddy after a big win?

Some other NFL thoughts from Sunday…
I could hear the screaming from my old state of Florida Sunday, as the most popular man in state history, Tim Tebow, won his first NFL start. Who cares that he was awful for the first 56 minutes of the game against Miami? The Bronco signal-caller led his team to an 18-15 overtime win.
Truly readers, unless you’ve lived in Florida, you cannot fathom how huge that man is in the state. God-like status doesn’t even begin to cover it.
— Hey Carson Palmer, great debut! Three interceptions for the Raiders.
— Sixty-two to 7. That was an NFL score Sunday. Saints over Colts. Oy.

**Check out how nuts this final play of the Michigan State-Wisconsin football game was on Saturday night. Game tied at 31, final play of regulation, the Spartans throw a Hail Mary and watch the craziness ensue. Oh yeah, instant replay is a great thing…

**Finally, my best friend Clay sent me this and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s a story from Scientific American magazine, and it details the many, many ways that politicians and celebrities have royally screwed up talking about science over the years.
Seriously, public figures talking out of their you know where should just be quiet and stick to what they know.

My favorite of these wonderful, horrible quotes?

Sally Kern, Oklahoma State Rep. (R), presenting some skewed social statistics:

“Studies show that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than, you know, a few decades. So it’s the death knell of this country.”—March 11, 2008

It ain’t pretty, but I’ll take it: A Jets win. A coach who knows how to have fun. And Kenny Anderson coaching at a Jewish High School? Yep.

All right, so it wasn’t a thing of beauty.
So the New York Jets still have no clue how to start a football game well, and didn’t get much of a running game going, and frustrated me a few times Monday night against the Miami Dolphins.
Still, after three straight losses, I ain’t complaining. The Jets did what they had to do and beat the pathetic Fins, 24-6.
Some quickie thoughts before I go to bed and root for my cough to go away:
— Here’s what the Jets need to do, as once again Monday I had to watch their offense play horrendously until the middle of the 2nd quarter: About 40 minutes before game time, the Jets need to play an intrasquad scrimmage outside the stadium. Yep, get all warmed up and pretending its a real game, and that way once kickoff comes, they’ll think it’s the second quarter and start playing well.
I mean seriously, two years of slow starts call for drastic measures.

— Great job by the Jets O-line Monday. Mark Sanchez had plenty of time to throw. He wasn’t always accurate, but that’s not the line’s fault.
— Sanchez played well, but I’m still worried about him. In his third year, he should be better than this.
— Man, the Dolphins are awful. I mean, maybe the worst I’ve ever seen them.
— The MNF announcing crew is beyond putrid. I mean Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden, it seems like they’re watching a different game than everyone else. And they never shut up!
— Darrelle Revis: He’s good. Plaxico Burress? Not so much.
— 3-3 now for my boys, with two huge games coming up, against the Chargers and then Buffalo. Win them both, and the division title may still be within reach.

**I love a coach who knows how to have fun and connect with his students. Marquette basketball coach Buzz Williams is one of the good guys. Friday night at Midnight Madness for college basketball (and God am I happy college hoops season is back; I may get to go to Duke-Michigan State on Nov. 15 at the Garden and my word will I be happy about that), Williams led his student section in “Sweet Caroline.”

All kinds of awesome.

**Kenny Anderson has had about 11 lives as a basketball player/famous person. He was an amazing NYC high school prodigy, then a fantastic college player at Georgia Tech, then a pretty good NBA player. He also made some incredibly stupid decisions and said some incredibly stupid things, the most famous being, during the NBA lockout of 1998, that he needed $20,000 of “hanging around money” to feel good.

Well, Anderson retired a few years ago and, not surprisingly, found that no one wanted him and his baggage to coach them.
So where is he now? Hilariously, he’s the head coach at the Posnack Hebrew Day School in Davie, Fla., a private high school.
I don’t know about you, but the thought of a former NBA star coaching a bunch of 5-foot-7 Jewish kids in Florida cracks me up tremendously.

It sounds like a great reality show: “He’ll teach them the crossover dribble, and they’ll teach him the Torah! Tune in Wednesdays at 8!”

Parting shots from a weekend in New England. And the Jets roll on without me

Here it is folks, the picture I’ve been waiting a few weeks for: Patriots fan Ali Taber wearing a Jets jersey. Doesn’t she look thrilled? And yeah, that’s a Favre jersey I own. Hey, at the time I was pumped up about ole’ No.4.That photo will be on her excellent blog on Motherhood for the next week, as per our bet.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I love travel. Going to new cities, getting on airplanes, meeting new people and overhearing stories … it’s all good. I’m sure if I flew every weekend or more often I’d hate it and get sick of it and probably need those vomit bags they have on planes, but for now I love it.”

A few highlights from Sunday, when I flew back from New Hampshire to Florida, on a surprisingly packed flight:

— Gotta love loud people arguing next to you on a plane for three hours. The three folks sitting across the aisle talked about politics and a whole bunch of other stuff, quite vociferously, for most of the flight. But my favorite part came when they brought up the Kennedy assassination. Oh, these three (two men and a woman) had all kinds of theories and “truths” to spew, and we all got to hear them all.

— Manchester Airport gets a big thumbs-up from me. Fast security lines, a bar/restaurant with NFL Sunday ticket, and a very easy to navigate layout. Definitely would be happy to fly there again.
— One of the most frustrating moments in the life of a human: You’re in a public bathroom and wash your hands. You walk over to the automatic paper towel machine thingy, that is all “motion sensored” and all you’ve got to do is hold your hands under it.
And you stand there. And stand there. And stand there. And the towel doesn’t come out, and there’s no lever to push and you can’t reach in and grab a towel. So you just stand there with wet hands until you get mad and leave and wipe them on your pants on the way out.

—  My ears didn’t pop on our descent back into Orlando Sunday night. But I knew they wouldn’t, because they popped on the trip there. And for reasons I absolutely cannot fathom, my ears only ever pop on one leg of a round-trip flight. Sometimes it’s on the way there, sometimes it’s on the way back, but it’s only ever once.
Can someone explain this to me?

**So I was traveling Sunday and missed most of the Jets’ 38-14 beatdown of the Buffalo Bills. Me missing a Jets game is a very rare occurrence, and missing 3/4 of this blowout means I missed a rare stress-free Jets game.
But from the highlights and talking to my Jets “posse,” I am exceedingly confident about this team. Mark Sanchez again did not throw an interception, the running game was outstanding again (OK, yes, I was wrong about LaDainian Tomlinson, he’s not washed up), and the defense played terrific as well.

Shoot, they’re 3-1, 3-0 in the AFC East, and next week should get Santonio Holmes, an outstanding wide receiver, back in the lineup, along with the injured Darrelle Revis and Calvin Pace on defense. And who comes to town next Monday night? A certain former Jets quarterback named Favre. Should a be a lot of fun.

Couple other quick-hit NFL thoughts from Sunday:
— Very, very pleased that the Eagles fans did the right thing and gave Donovan McNabb a standing ovation in his first game back in Philly with the Redskins. Good job, Iggles fans.
— Starting to get worried about the Saints and the Colts. New Orleans is 3-1 but keeps squeaking out wins, and there’s no way Indy should’ve lost to Jacksonville Sunday, even if it did take a 59-yard field goal.
— Hey Giants, where the hell’s that been all year?

Colbert before Congress? What a joke. Jets-Fins thoughts. And the greatest Falafel picker ever

In case anyone still wonders why the American people hold Congress in such low esteem…

Look, I like Stephen Colbert as much as the next guy. I think he’s hilarious, smart, and I’m glad he’s on TV every night.
But you’ve got to be kidding me with him testifying before a Congressional committee Friday. Colbert, in character, came before a House Judiciary subcommittee looking at the rights and issues confronting America’s field and migrant workers.

Colbert, who spent one day as a day laborer in the fields for a sketch for his show, spoke to actual members of Congress, at an actual hearing.
I’m sorry, but this is 10 times as stupid as Congress getting involved in baseball’s steroid issue. What in the hell does Colbert have to do with any of these real, legitimate issues? Nothing.
I swear, sometimes Congress is like the star-struck 12-year-old who just wants to be around famous people. What was the great line that Clinton adviser Paul Begala once had about “politics is show business for ugly people?” So true.

What a joke.

**Definitely nervous about tonight’s Jets-Miami game down in Miami. Forget for a minute that my boys don’t have all-world CB Darrelle Revis, or that the idiot Braylon Edwards, who the Jets desperately need, won’t play for some of the game thanks to his DUI this week.
The Fins are 2-0, have a strong defense, and have owned the Jets lately, with three straight wins.
This won’t, I don’t think, turn into a huge game for Mark Sanchez. Jets need to pound the rock with Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson, and play great defense against Miami’s Ronnie Brown. I always feel confident against Miami, because I hate them so much I always think the Jets are going to beat them.
But I’m definitely nervous about this one.

**Finally, because it’s Sunday and you want to be impressed, I give you the greatest Falafel picker in the world:

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Coming late to the party on “Psych.” I tweet, therefore I am. And psyched up for “Hard Knocks.”

Sometimes, like most men, I have to be hit over the head with something before it registers.

For years my wife has told me that I would love the USA show “Psych.” It’s funny, incredibly 80s-reference dominated, and completely lightning-fast with the jokes. If you’ve never seen the show, it stars James Roday as Shawn, a “psychic” detective in Santa Barbara, and Dule Hill (Charlie from “The West Wing”) as his straight man/partner Gus. Corbin Bernsen is in it too, as a police chief.

Mindless entertainment, but awesome. Yet I resisted. Last year they did an amazing and hilarious episode completely based on lines from John Hughes movies, and still I didn’t watch.

Finally this season I’ve gotten into it. And it’s awesome, again. The rapid-fire delivery of the actors totally makes the show, and you spend a few seconds after each joke thinking about what you just laughed at, and miss a joke.

The acting is great, the writers are clearly having a great time and don’t care if you don’t get all of their pop culture references. I once had an editor tell me that once you make a pop-culture reference in a story, you lose 1/3 of the audience. He may have been right, but it’s still funny if pulled off properly.

Anyway, I highly recommend “Psych.” Wednesdays on USA.  80s lovers, I guarantee you’ll laugh.

**Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages: I have an announcement. I’m taking my talents to South Beach (oh wait, sorry, that was LeBron James’ script. How did that get here?).

No, seriously. My announcement is that I’ve finally joined the Twitter-verse. That’s right, tonight I sent my first Tweet. Man, it felt refreshing and a little tingly.

If you’re Twitter-inclined, please consider following me. I’ll post links to my blog, links to other great writing, and basically rant and rave in 140 characters or less (that will be a HUGE challenge for me. I’m not, shall we say, brief in my thoughts).

Find me there at twitter.com/michaeljlewis75. Thanks.

**One of the true highlights of the summer for me comes tonight. My beloved Jets are the subject of HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” a totally awesome reality/documentary HBO does every summer inside the training camp of an NFL team.
I’m addicted to it normally anyway, ever since we saw Tony Siragusa and Shannon Sharpe hazing rookies on the Ravens’ “Hard Knocks” a few years ago.
But now, with my team being in the spotlight? Should be awesome. The storylines are so good: Rex Ryan, uncensored. LaDainian Tomlinson and Jason Taylor (still can’t imagine him in green and white, and still hate him), trying to show they’ve got something left. Santonio Holmes, a star on a new team. Bart Scott’s bark. Darrelle Revis’ holdout.

So much good stuff. Can’t wait for the season, and can’t wait for tonight’s first episode.

A press release that saddened and amazed me. A great new drunk driving law. And Revis. Oy, Revis

I see a ton of press releases every week. As a journalist, it’s an occupational hazard.

As a sportswriter, it takes a lot for a press release to make my jaw drop. But I got one Monday that shouldn’t have shocked or saddened me, but it did.
This was from the release; it was in the form of a letter written to a local hoops phenom:

“Dear ???: You have been selected to attend the prestigious invitation-only Jr. All-American Camp, the No.1 middle-school basketball exposure showcase in the country … You will join 300 players from around the country who are considered the Top 100 in the class of 2015, 2016, and 2017!”

Sigh. Yes, there are now basketball-star showcases for middle-schoolers. And kids who are in the high school class of 2017 (that means they’re entering sixth grade this year) are already being recruited and singled out as all-stars.
This is where the sense of entitlement comes from: when you’re told at age 12 that you’re the greatest thing ever.

I know I’m part of the problem as a sportswriter, but man, putting SIXTH graders in a showcase? That’s just nuts.

**Everybody talks about the horrific problem of drunk driving, but we never seem to get strong enough laws against it. I wrote a paper once in college comparing rapists to drunk drivers; maybe I was a little strong there, but not by much. Drunk drivers are some of the worst kinds of criminals, because they know exactly what they’d been doing earlier (drinking), yet decided to endanger lives anyway.

So I was glad when I heard on NPR Monday about new laws in Ontario, Canada. Young drivers under the age of 22 who are found to have drunk any alcohol measurable will automatically have their license suspended for 24 hours.

A $110 fine also will be imposed, under the new provisions, and drivers will be subject to a further license suspension of 30 days, if convicted in court.

I’d like to see more laws like this. I’d like to see repeat offenders get much, much more severe punishment, so schmucks like Andrew Gallo, who despite an earlier conviction, drove drunk last year and killed Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart, never have the chance to murder others because of their carelessness.

Good job, Ontario. It’s a good, strong step in the right direction.

**First New York Jets blog thought of the new season. Training camp just started Monday, and already there’s a crisis. Darrelle Revis, the all-world defensive back, is holding out. He wants more money. He deserves more money. The Jets agree. They’ve made him some offers. He’s said no.
This could just kill the season. He’s a HUGE part of the defense for a team that some (not me, I’m always pessimistic) believe can get to the Super Bowl.

Oy. It’s August 3 and I’m already ready to pace the beer-stained floors at my favorite sports pub.