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The Best of Good News Friday 2017, Part 1: Police officers carry a pregnant woman 6 miles to the hospital in a snowstorm. An adorable Daddy-daughter duet. And a fifth-grade boy’s first love letter is adorable

Hello there to all of my wonderful readers, hope everyone had an excellent Christmas if that’s your thing, and that you got all kinds of great deals and store credit when you returned the ugly sweater Aunt Ida got you this year.

If you missed Monday’s post, I mentioned that I’m going to end 2017, a miserable year in so many ways, with my favorite Good News Friday posts of the calendar year. Six stories: three today and three on Friday, to hopefully send this year out on a positive, inspiring note.

And heaven help us if 2018 is as bad as ’17… Thanks as always for reading.

OK, here we go. First, this story from January has stuck in my memory all year, as I still can’t believe the effort it took to make it happen. After a huge snowstorm in the northern India town of Shimlo, a 23-year-old woman named Kamini went into labor. The roads in her village were impassable; not even an ambulance could get through.

That’s when, amazingly, six policemen walked three hours and carried Kamini six miles to the hospital in the subzero snowstorm.

According to this story in India Times, the cops straddled Kamini to a cot, covered her in a blanket, and carried her for over three hours on their shoulders, wading through heavy snow and bearing severe cold.

Eventually they reached the hospital, where Kamini gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

— Cops carry pregnant Indian woman 6 miles to hospital, in the snow,


**Next up today, this one was a huge viral hit on the Internet in February; Dave Crosby and his 4-year-old daughter, Claire, singing “You’ve Got a Friend In Me.” She is too adorable for words, and this makes me smile every time I watch it.


**And finally today, a beautiful little love note from a 5th-grade boy, to his first crush. Ah, we all remember our first crush: Mine was on Jill Deruga, in 2nd grade. Man, she was cute. We gave each other “I Love You” banners for Valentine’s Day that year, because clearly at 7 years old we knew exactly what love was. Check out the thoughts of this boy (above), and if you can’t read the handwriting, here’s what it said: (The “every Pokemon ever” line slays me.)

Dear Abby, your eyes remind me of the evening sky. My heart felt like broken glass until I saw you, and then I felt like I had every Pokémon ever. I love how you play Zelda even when people think it’s weird. If you liked me back it would be my first ever victory,” he wrote. 

I searched and searched for a follow-up story letting us know if Abby liked him, but alas, some mysteries are just not meant to be solved.

Good News Friday: A girl with cancer gets an awesome surprise from an NHL team. A Daddy-daughter duet that’s just awesome. And a girl forgoes birthday gifts to help pooches in need.

It was 68 degrees in New York today and the calendar says it’s February 24 and there are so many scandals coming out of the Trump White House I literally can’t keep track of them (Trump officials asked the FBI to knock down media reports about his Russian ties? Nah, nothing to see here, except a major, major violation of the law. Carry on.)

Lots of good news stories to choose from this week, before I get to the three I chose I want to direct you to this fabulous, moving essay from Rumana Ahmed, a Muslim-American woman who was on the National Security Council under Obama and tried to stay on under the Orange Man. She lasted eight days before resigning. Truly beautiful writing here.

OK, on with the show. We begin today with the St. Louis Blues, a very good hockey team that, like so many other NHL teams, does so much good in their community. (Hat tip to loyal reader Sanford for pointing me to this story)

Vladimir Tarasenko is the star of the Blues, and back in 2015 at a charity event he befriended 11-year-old Ari Dougan. Ari has neuroblastoma, an awful type of cancer that affects your nervous system, a disease she’s had since she was 3.

She and Tarasenko have talked a lot, but for her 11th birthday, the Blues did something so special. They invited her into their locker room last Monday, showered her with gifts, and gave her a two-game road trip, on the team plane and with the squad, to Phoenix and Denver.

The look on her face when she reads about her gift… priceless.

**Next up, anything that’s been seen 89 million times is probably worth seeing. I’d heard about this Daddy-Daughter dance ye olde Internet, and finally got a chance to watch it this week. Pretty spectacular.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dave Crosby and his 4-year-old daughter Claire, singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” This kid couldn’t be more adorable, especially when she asks “I do the second verse?”


**And finally today, how about this girl? Nine-year-old Hannah Okel of Waukesha, Wisc. has a birthday coming up.

But she doesn’t want an American Girl doll, or a new baseball glove, or an Aaron Rodgers jersey. Nope, she’s telling everyone she knows that she doesn’t want gifts. Instead, she wants people to donate to the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, an organization that helps shelter dogs get medical care they need.

Hannah wants to be a vet when she grows up.

According to this People.com story, for Hannah, a proud pet parent to her dog Scout, this is a charity that makes a lot of sense.

“I chose this because if Scout needed surgery and we didn’t have enough money to pay for it, I would be sad. So, I am putting my feet in other people’s shoes and want to help those who can’t pay for their animal’s surgery,” Hannah said. 

What a terrific young lady.