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A tribute to Jon Stewart, as he exits the stage. Coach Eric Taylor is back! (sorta) in a new PSA. And ESPN continues to try to ruin Little Leaguer’s lives

Tomorrow is a day many of us hoped would never arrive.

A day we knew could happen, a day that really ought not to make us so sad. But it’s a day that smacks of finality in late-night television.

I was bummed in May when David Letterman signed off, but if you threw Wonder Woman’s lasso around me and forced me to tell the truth, Dave stopped being a late-night newsmaker and having an impact on our culture years ago.

No, tomorrow night is truly an end of an era: The great, immense talent that is Jon Stewart will be taping his last episode of “The Daily Show.”

And after 16 years, he’ll sign off having changed television, and the coverage of politics, forever.

I started watching my fellow Member of the Tribe’s show (his real name is Jon Leibowitz) in 2000, when Bush-Gore was getting good, and then of course we had the recount madness and the stolen election and man, did Stewart ever go to town on that.

His sense of timing was impeccable, his outrage was always entertaining; for liberals like me, one of the things that got us through the eight long, destructive years of Bush-Cheney were Stewart’s hilarious “High atop Bullshit Mountain” segments, where he called out the lies coming from the White House.

Stewart was a comedian at heart, but he also could be poignant, like during his recent show after the Charleston black church massacre.

He was a terrific interviewer, and was just as capable of chatting with Channing Tatum about some recent movie as he was with Madeline Albright or David McCullough about world affairs.

Stewart called it like he saw it, drilling Bill Clinton and Barack Obama alike, and anyone who called him a liberal shill wasn’t watching the last six years when he called Obama out on so many things.

There’s an entire generation of people, including some from my Gen X group, that got their news entirely from “The Daily Show.” And night after night, week after week, Stewart delivered it.

He was truly an outstanding TV host, and the tributes leading up to this final show have been numerous (The best I’ve read comes, not surprisingly, from David Remnick of The New Yorker).

Stewart was a truth-teller and bullshit-detector for our time, and I will miss him very, very much.

L’chaim, and Godspeed, Mr. Leibowitz.

**Next up, this was utterly fantastic, and will appeal to all of my fellow “Friday Night Lights” devotees out there. A small movie chain in Texas called Alamo Drafthouse got Kyle Chandler to reprise his role as Coach Taylor and film a public service announcement telling people not to talk or text during movies.

So funny… Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

**Finally today, a brief rant about a news item I saw on Twitter today, from all-time Twitter jerk Darren Rovell, an ESPN sports business reporter:

“ESPN will broadcast a record 135 Little League World Series games this year from Aug. 4 through Aug. 30.”

One hundred and thirty-five nationally televised games from the Little League World Series tournament, including all the regional semifinals and finals.

I mean, the mind just boggles. You are taking 11 and 12-year-old kids, who are still playing a pure game they love for the sheer love of it, and putting them under a nationally televised spotlight, where every mistake, every miss, every disappointment, will be available to be seen by millions.

It’s so freaking wrong, to glorify kids’ sports to this degree, and to put this kind of pressure on these kids.

ESPN has done nothing but steamroll past any moral or ethical implications of what they do for years now in a lot of areas, but by force-feeding the Little League World Series and treating these kids like major-leaguers, they’re committing, in my mind, borderline child abuse.

Absolutely, positively disgusting.

A hurricane like we’ve never seen here in NY: thoughts from a safe haven. And a cool video on making a Coke

I feel extremely lucky tonight. I am safe, I have water, and power, and cable, and all the usual amenities that I would normally have.

Others are so much worse off. Friends of mine are flooded out of their house; their cars and furniture ruined by Hurricane Sandy.

Millions more can’t get anywhere in New York and New Jersey, with subways, buses and trains all closed. The number of deaths is rising, with sadly many more to be likely “discovered” as conditions start to improve.

I’ve never seen anything like this, and I lived through eight hurricanes in my life, in North Carolina and Florida. There’s no words to express the devastation; the images on the news have been speaking for themselves.

You see videos like this (bel0w) that scare the bejeezus out of you, and realize that it could be weeks and months before the full damage of this storm is known.

Some other thoughts on the storm from your humble blogger, who feels extremely fortunate tonight:
— Every report on the news seems to bring more tragedy, but I can’t stop watching. The areas of Brooklyn, and lower Manhattan, that have been totally flooded out, makes me wonder when those people will get their lives back.

— I don’t know if it’s more heroic or crazy, but the reporters who’ve been covering the storm have been doing an amazing job. The Weather Channel folks in particular are great (and I did get a perverse giggle out of one of the weather reporters with fluffy hair (I think it was on Channel 4) having his hair bounce up and down in the strong winds. High comedy.

–One of the more frightening things Monday was that NYU-Langone Medical Center had to be evacuated when its power went out and the backup generator failed. David Remnick of “The New Yorker” has a beautiful story up following one patient and her evacuation from the hospital. Heroes all around in this story.
— On a lighter note, it continues to amaze me how Mike Bloomberg can be mayor New York City for the past 11 years, and still have a Boston accent. Isn’t he around NY’ers like, all day long, every day?

— Chris Christie is getting kudos all over the Internet today for his leadership, his praising of President Obama’s help, and his “I don’t give a damn about Mitt Romney” answer to Fox News when they asked about the GOP nominee. Christie, like Rudy Giuliani before him, is great in a crisis, because he can be a bully and talk straight and take no b.s. It’s the rest of the time that they’re arrogant buffoons. Just a reminder.

— I have no idea how many kids in New York and Jersey will get to experience Halloween Wednesday. Sucks that all the planning and costumes from the little ones will go to waste.

**OK, I went looking for something non-Sandy related to make me smile Tuesday and found this: Some engineers figured out the best way to share a Coke.

They’re a little high-energy, but pretty entertaining.