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This woman’s bat-shit crazy like a Foxx, and proof that Florida’s a weird place

There are two kinds of shocking political statements. The kind that idiots like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh make, which aren’t even believable by them, but they just want to get a rise out of people (see Beck’s pronouncement that President Obama “doesn’t like white people.”

Then there are the shocking statements that are stunning because they’re said so matter of factly, and it’s clear that the speaker truly, truly believes them.

That second category is where I put Congresswoman Virginia Foxx’s pathetic attempt on Thursday to claim that the GOP was the party that was the driving force on civil rights legislation.

The gentle lady from North Carolina has clearly completely lost her faculties. Seriously, she said that the Republicans drove the Civil Rights legislation that Lyndon Johnson led. It was the Republicans who did that. Yes, when I think of great civil rights Congressmen from the 1960s, I think of racially-tolerant men like Barry Goldwater and Strom Thurmond. Ha ha.

Now, yes, it’s true that 21 Democrats voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a shameful act made mostly by Southern senators. But to suggest that the vast majority of civil rights legislation was done by Republicans, with “little help” from the Democrats? I’m glad Rep. Dennis Cardoza of Calif. called her on that.

The mind doesn’t just boggle. It’s doing 360-degree revolutions, backwards. Once again, I say that Virginia Foxx, you’re just bat-shit crazy.


**So my wife is always saying how the weird news stories are always from Florida. Well, now there’s proof! A web site called Tableseed.com has analyzed 2,000 Associated Press “strange” news stories that were released in the past year.

And the runaway winner? that’s right, the Sunshine State! New Hampshire was second, Alaska third.

Stand up and be proud, Florida. You’ve earned this distinction proudly. Here you go, just one delightful story of what goes on in our state.