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A 91-year-old vet thrown off Florida voter rolls. Maybe the best baseball catch ever. And the single guy with a unique way of getting dating feedback

It’s not exactly breaking news that single guys will do just about anything to improve their chances to get women.
But very few have ever taken it as far as this guy I heard about on NPR’s “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” this week. My new hero Michael Stoler is a 24-year-old guy from Philadelphia who was having trouble figuring out why he wasn’t having success with women.
So he created a date questionairre that he began emailing women he’d gone out with, asking them if they’d be helpful and tell him what he’s doing wrong or right.

Hey, it’s hard for us men to figure out what the hell you women want. Of course, predictably, our man Mike hasn’t gotten the best responses.

“Mike dresses like an old man and wears suspenders more than he should,” one woman said. Another woman said he had the manners of a 5-year-old.

But Mike said he’s gotten a few new dates out of the publicity his “surveys” have gotten. So you know, it’s all good.

Not sure I’d ever have had the chutzpah (or the creepiness) to do what Mike did. But hey, a guy’s gotta try something new when it’s not working with the ladies.

**I have not seen every baseball catch in the history of the world. But there can’t have been more than five or six better than the effort turned in by Derrick Salberg of Lower Columbia (Wash.) College. Check out this incredible catch in the last inning of a game his team lead by two runs.

This catch saved the game. And will be a story Salberg tells for the rest of his life.

**Finally, the state of Florida, under the “leadership” of America’s worst governor, Rick Scott, has been trying for years now to throw voters off the rolls for completely invalid reasons. Politicians try to eliminate voters for one simple reason: They don’t like how those people would vote (and geez, what a surprise, it’s usually poor people and minorities whose voting eligibility is challenged)

But man, in the words of Balki from “Perfect Strangers,” Rick Scott has really stepped in something good this time.  Bill Internicola is a 91-year-old World War II veteran who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and received a Bronze Star.

But he received a notice a few weeks ago telling him he wasn’t a U.S. citizen and therefore couldn’t vote.

His response? “Are you crazy?”

It’s disgusting what Scott is doing in Florida. But we don’t get outraged about this stuff anymore, because it’s so common.