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The Jets have a pulse, the NFC “Least” is a joke, and more NFL thoughts. An awesome Daughtry song I just discovered celebrates ’80s and ’90s rock. And the amazing iPad magician


The New York Jets have a pulse this morning. And I’m wondering if we could petition Roger Goodell to make sure the Dolphins are the Jets’ opponent every week from now on in 2015.

Because that Jets team I watched Sunday looked nothing like the bums who’ve gone 1-4 since a 4-1 start. Hell, the Jets haven’t looked that good since … the last time they played the Dolphins.

Sunday, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw four TD passes (and finally trimmed that scary-ass beard of his.) Brandon Marshall, welcome back to the offense! We’ve missed you, buddy.
Chris Ivory had a rough day but ripped off a gorgeous 31-yard TD run in the fourth quarter, breaking five tackles.
And Devin Smith, to this point the Jets’ bust of a second-round draft pick actually caught a touchdown pass. It was a Thanksgiving miracle, I tell ya.

Seriously, I have no idea if this Jets team is any good. I know for certain that Miami stinks. Next week is Jets vs. Giants at the Meadowlands, in a game with huge importance for both. Should be a ton of fun.

Other NFL thoughts from Week 12…

— Speaking of the Giants, what an awful performance against the Redskins. That NFC Least division has to be the worst it’s ever been. Somewhere Bill Parcells called Joe Gibbs on the phone Sunday night and muttered, “Can you believe this shit?”

— But Odell Beckham Jr. made another insane touchdown catch Sunday for the Giants. That kid is worth the ticket price alone.

— The closed captioning of Giants-Redskins at one point called Eli Manning “Eli Man Penguin.” And now that’s all I’ll ever call him.

— Our first snow game Sunday! Denver-New England. Love, love, love football in the snow.

— Go ahead, you figure out the Seattle Seahawks in 2015. I sure as hell can’t. Big win over the Steelers on Sunday. I think they are equally likely to miss the playoffs as they are to get back to the Super Bowl.

— A lot more awful games on Thanksgiving, and plenty of stinkers on Sunday. Is it me, or has this been a pretty terrible NFL season, quality-wise? Good thing millions are still addicted.

— I know I shouldn’t take joy in the misery of others. But man, it is SO much fun watching Rex Ryan explain away another Bills loss Sunday, using the exact same lines and excuses he used to use as Jets coach.

**Next up, I’ve said it many times on here, and it can be verified by anyone who knows me well: I know nothing about current pop music. I choose to be blissfully ignorant of most music made after 1994 or so, except for a few songs that capture my attention for a brief time.

But happily, my wonderful wife occasionally sends me music from the 21st century she thinks I’ll like. And after watching the Thanksgiving Day parade performance by Daughtry of this song of his from 2013, she immediately told me to listen to it.
Which I did. And I loved it. And since this blog is nothing if not random stuff that comes into my head sometimes, I’m sharing it here now.

It’s about paying tribute to the great 1980s and ’90s rock and roll that seems to be dying off these days, and the lyrics are funny and I like the beat.
It’s called “Long Live Rock and Roll.”
Is it the greatest song ever? No. But if you’re a Gen X’er like me or just someone who loved that music, it’s pretty terrific.
Then again, others may disagree.


**Finally today, this is a clip sent to me this weekend by my father that made me go slack-jawed a few times; it’s from an “Ellen” episode earlier this year and stars Simon Pierro, who’s billed as the world’s best iPad Magician.

I have no idea how he does any of this, the thing with the straw at 1:50 just blew me away (and was a little creepy.)

But I enjoyed seeing this, no matter how the hell Pierro did it. My iPad just crashes on Chrome all the time, it doesn’t do any of this stuff.