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Good News Friday: A 4-year-old gets mic’ed up for hockey practice, and it’s adorable as all heck. An NBA coach stops the game to have his home crowd salute Dirk Nowitzki. And a one-armed Little Leaguer smashes a home run.

And a Happy Friday and more importantly, HAPPY MARCH! I love March for many reasons, No. 1 being that its the most glorious month of the year for college basketball fanatics like me, but also because it means the frigid weather here in the Northeast may finally start to thaw.

We’ve got an all-sports related Good News Friday, but two of the stories are more about amazing or funny young kids than sports themselves.

First, when four people from various areas of my life all email me the same story within 24 hours, there’s a pretty good bet I’ll love it and want to use it here.
And that was certainly the case with the story of 4-year-old Mason, whose Dad, “Coach Jeremy” decided to put a microphone on his adorable tyke during a recent hockey practice (They live in Canada, 4-year-olds there have been playing hockey for years).

To say Mason is hilarious is an understatement. In this video, he talks about going to eat at “BaDonald’s”, takes a nap during practice, and does too many other hilarious things to list. Just watch, smile, and remember how much fun life was when you were 4.

The video has more than 6 million views in less than a week. Sometimes, the Internet is a good thing.

**Next up today, it’s pretty rare for an opposing coach in a pro sport to stop the game before it’s over, grab the mic, and instruct his home crowd to salute an opposing player.

But that’s what L.A. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers did on Tuesday night, when, with the outcome decided and the Clippers game with the Dallas Mavericks winding down at Staples Center, he called timeout, grabbed the microphone and asked his fans to salute Mavs legend Dirk Nowitzki, likely retiring at season’s end.

As a shocked Nowitzki stood there and smiled, the crowd roared, players walked over to him and shook his hand, and Rivers called him “one of the greatest of all time.”

A very, very cool and classy gesture, since Nowitzki is likely to retire this year after a brilliant 21-season career.

**And finally today, a remarkable moment from a Little League game. Check out the exploits of 7-year-old Tommy Morrissey, who despite possessing just one arm is an outstanding youth golfer and all-around athlete.

In a game in the Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., Youth Athletic Association Little League last Saturday, Morrissey blasted a long home run.

With one arm.

This kid is incredible. Watch the homer at this link.

Obviously this kid doesn’t believe in limits, and thank God for that.