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A harrowing story of Dave Meggett, NFL star and serial rapist. Another campus gun tragedy goes unnoticed. And a hockey team channels Don Cherry’s jackets


This has nothing to do with the first blog item today, but I thought it was hilarious and wanted to share it. This is a marquee up at a vet clinic in Seattle, obviously referencing the upcoming Super Bowl:

If you’re a football fan over the age of 35, you probably remember Dave Meggett. He was a 5-foot-7 speedy punt returner and running back who helped the New York Giants win a pair of Super Bowls. He was almost impossible to tackle in the open field (a 1980s version of Darren Sproles), and was beloved by his teammates.

He also was a serial rapist, treating women like garbage and forcing him on them at least a half-dozen times over the past 15 years.

Over at SBNation.com, quickly becoming an outstanding longform journalism site, Greg Hanlon has traced the path of Meggett the football star, to Meggett the pathetic excuse for a human being. Hanlon does the dirty work here, meticulously documenting Meggett’s M.O. for his sexual assaults (he picks on young white women who have emotional or alcohol/drug issues, mostly) and interviewing the victims in excruciating detail.

One victim in particular will just break your heart, but what got me boiling mad is how long Meggett got away with his crimes, and how many more women he was allowed to victimize.

This is a long story, and not an easy one to read, but it’s sparkling journalism, and I highly recommend it.


**Maybe you missed it, because it happened on a national holiday. Or maybe you’re just getting so numb to school shootings that they don’t register in your brain for more than a second or two anymore.

But Monday, a human being was killed at Purdue University, for no good reason. His name was Andrew Boldt, and he was 21, and a student at Purdue.

Boldt was a senior in electrical engineering who lived on campus, and was recently trying to organize a reunion for his high school friends back in Wisconsin.

“I’ve learned a lot about Andrew Boldt in the last 24 hours, and he was a remarkable young man. It’s a terrible loss, what he could have been. It’s very, very sad,” Mitch Daniels, Purdue’s President, said.

We focus so much on the killers in these cases, and ask all the usual questions about why they did it.

Andrew Boldt deserves to be remembered a hell of a lot more than the bastard who shot him, don’t you think?



**Finally today, I love this story. Don Cherry, if you don’t know who he is, is a bombastic blowhard idiot who is a legend in Canada thanks to his commentary on “Hockey Night in Canada” broadcasts. Cherry hates every player who isn’t a North American, hates anyone who won’t fight, and believes hockey was better with just six teams.

But he does have a magnificently outlandish wardrobe, constantly wearing getups like this (below).

doncherryhnic20110615-roneyes A minor league hockey team called the Lloydminster Bobcats (they play in Alberta) will be honoring Cherry’s sartorial style in a game this Saturday, wearing the uniforms above. I have no idea if they’ll be comfortable, but there definitely will be no doubt fans won’t be able to take their eyes off the Bobcats.