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Good News Friday: A teacher promised his class he’d get married if they did well on tests. They did. Ex-NFL star Gronk does great at a children’s hospital. And a WWII love story re-kindled, 75 years later

Summer is here, whoo-hoo! Pool parties, barbecue, putting on sunscreen twice a day because me and my family are all really pale!

Happy Friday and happy summer, my fellow Earthlings. Hope you have a great summer kickoff weekend, here are a few stories of goodness to take you into your Saturday/Sunday enjoyment…

First up today, one of two love stories in the blog today. So an elementary school teacher in Chicago named Dwayne Reed made the students of his longtime girlfriend, fellow teacher Simone Matthews, a deal at the start of the school year: If they achieved their math test score goals at the end of the year, he’d propose marriage to Miss Matthews.

Well, the kids did their part of the bargain, and Mr. Reed came through. Check out this incredible reaction from the kids when Matthews tells them about it. So, so sweet…

**Next up today, it’s hard for me to say nice things about New England Patriots players, even retired ones. But I have to give it up for the recently-retired Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, who did a pretty wonderful visit at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Maine recently. It wasn’t just about the donation he made, it was about his huge spirit and heart.

Well done, Gronk. Now come out of retirement and play for the Jets, please.

**Finally, learned about this beautiful story of love lost and then found again from Upworthy.com. During World War II, an American soldier named K.T. Robbins was stationed in France, where he met and fell in love with a local woman named Jeannine Ganaye. They had a short relationship, because Robbins was transferred soon after they fell in love, but he took a photo with her, and he remembered the name of the town she lived in when they met, Briey.

Seventy-five years later, Robbins is 97, while Ganaye is 92. Both of their spouses have passed, and when Robbins was interviewed by French a television station for a D-Day anniversary segment, and he shared a photo he still had of Pierson (her married name).

He never dreamed she’d still be alive. But she is, and check out this incredible video of their reunion.

The joy of finding someone you once loved… so sweet.