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Good News Friday: Questlove gives back to his community, big-time. An awesome glow-in-the-dark juggler mesmerizes. And a Siena College trainer gets his rings back, 25 years later


Questlove, the leader of The Roots band, has always seem like a grounded, sensible guy who has tremendous drumming skills and a wry sense of humor he displays sometimes on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

He’s also a very generous individual who supports his old hometown of Philadelphia very well.

This week Questlove went back to Philly to help out a school in need: His alma mater, Philly’s High School for Creative and Performing Arts, has lost nearly $1 million in funding over the past two years.
Questlove and fellow Roots member Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter (great nickname, by the by) have given $40,000 to launch a nonprofit that is designed to restore funding to the school.

“Even though we’d love to save each and every school, we felt we wanted to at least do our best to help the place that helped build this institution called The Roots,” said Thompson. “Hopefully, others will do the same for their schools as well.”

Good job, Questlove.

**Next, I thought this was mesmerizingly cool: A juggler named Greg Kennedy performing glow-in-the-dark juggling in soming called a “Conic 9 Ball Pattern.”
Stare at it long enough with some Pink Floyd playing in the background and, well, you get the idea.


**Finally today, this is one of those bizarre and quirky stories I love, that really don’t have much to do with the larger world, but mean so much to one person’s life.
So in the late 1980s, a young man named Greg Dashnaw became the head athletic trainer at Siena College, a small private school near Albany, N.Y. When Siena’s men’s basketball team made their first NIT, and then their first NCAA Tournament appearances in 1988 and ’89, Dashnaw was graciously given a commemorative ring by the team, just like all the players had received.

They were, not surprisingly, prized possessions. But in 1991, thieves broke in Dashnaw’s apartment and stole both keepsakes.

He figured they were lost to history, and was broken up about it. Only last week, though, the NIT ring was returned through an anonymous drop-off to the local police.
The Albany Times-Union newspaper did a story about the return of the ring, and how thrilled Dashnaw was to have them back.
The best part? The next day, another anonymous visitor to the police department said he had read about the first ring being returned, and brought in the second ring to be delivered back to Dashnaw.

“I almost fell down. I was shaking I couldn’t believe it. It just doesn’t happen like that. Now I guess I believe in miracles,” said Dashnaw.

What a wonderful, strange story. Good things happen every day, but sometimes they take 20 years…