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It’s a Hanukkah miracle: Tuesday’s scoreboard reads Decent human 1, awful human 0. “SNL” cold open with Santa was great. And a 9-year-old hockey goalie does a beautiful, noble thing

Not too often a Tuesday night in December can get your emotions ping-ponging so much, but it’s all not so often a sexist, racist, homphobic child molester has a fantastic chance to win a United States Senate seat.

Yep, Tuesday finally brought an end to one of the ugliest, most disgusting Senate races in American history, and believe me, that’s saying something.

Roy Moore, who believes we should ban all Constitutional amendments after the first 14, a man who rode a freaking horse to the polls Tuesday, a man who… shit, I could go on for 5,000 words about this man.

OK, OK, I’ll just write three more about him. Roy Moore lost

Roy. Moore. Lost! Sweet home Alabama, a Democrat former prosecutor and a pro-choice politician in the Deep South won. He didn’t win by much, about 21,000 votes, but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that finally, human decency prevailed (it’s been taking a beating the last two years). Finally, an evil asshole was defeated. And finally, things are looking up for those of us who believe that at some point, American politics must bottom out, and truth, facts, and actual ideas will win.

As Ezra Klein put it on Twitter, “Tonight, Alabama did not elect a child predator who thinks Muslims should not be allowed to serve in Congress. That’s not the highest bar I can imagine for a democracy to clear, but I’m glad we cleared it.”

Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere. Thank you, Alabama. Thank you, to the overwhelming turnout of African-American voters in Mobile, Montgomery and everywhere else. Once again, when more people vote, Democrats win.

A giant sigh of relief today. As some African-American dude who used to live and work in Washington, D.C. used to say: “Know hope.”

**Next up today, I didn’t see “Saturday Night Live” and its fantastic cold opening skit until Monday, and man was it fabulous. The little kid at the 1:50 mark has the best line of the whole sketch, and the other children in this were just fabulous.

It’s a Hanukkah miracle.

**And finally today, a small act of kindness from a 9-year-old hockey player made me smile. There was a youth game in Washington, D.C. involving the Georgetown Titans and Hagerstown Bulldogs. The Titans’ regular goalie got sick the day of the game, and no one else from the Titans knew how to play goalie.

So 9-year-old Leopold Hylton was tapped to play in the net, and let’s just say the first period went as you’d expect. Leopold gave up seven goals, and was having trouble moving with his pads on, holding his stick properly, all of it.

At the end of the first period, though, something remarkable happened: Bulldogs goalie Kaiden Whaley skated down to the other end, and gave his opponent a quick 5-minute lesson on playing the position.

One kid helping another, that’s all. Such a little moment. But such a big moment. Leopold only gave up three more goals over the next two periods. Kaiden Whaley must be a pretty good coach.

Said Leopold’s Mom, Anna: “Gratefulness. I feel so grateful for the beauty of that moment,” she said. And by the end of the game, all the other moms and all the dads were right there with her, cheering every one of Leopold’s saves.

“Leopold felt beautifully at the end of that game,” she said. “It was a moment that makes it all worth it.”