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Good News Friday: Remembering the great Aretha Franklin, with a performance I loved. Kids having fun in a game I’ve never seen.

Happy Friday, world, and happy birthday to me! Yessir, your humble blogger turns two score and three years old today, or in other terms, 43. I will spend much of the day today on I-95 heading south for a family gathering, which will give me plenty of time to ponder things, like :

What percent of my life have I spent in traffic, and what could I have done more productively if I had those hours of my life back?

No but seriously, I’m sure my birthday will be great. Life is good.

OK, on with the show.. we start this week’s GNF with a remembrance of Aretha Franklin, who died Thursday at age 76. She lived one hell of a life, and her talent was immense. So many great Aretha performances to choose from to honor her, but oddball that I am, I always liked this one (below) the best. Just look at how incredibly excited and awed Candice Bergen is, sitting next to the Queen of Soul and hearing her belt out one of her signature songs.

Rest in peace, Aretha. And that voice will live forever.

**Next up today, you’re about to watch a game I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen before. A teacher named Eric Branch at an Indianapolis-area elementary school has invented a game called “Hoop Hop Showdown,” and the kids playing it in the video above just about lose their minds playing it.

This video has gone so viral that the local paper, the Indy Star, did a story on it and explained the rules of this awesome game: 

The game starts with hula hoops being placed in a path along the gym floor. The class then divides into two halves, with each half going to a different end of the path. Kids will then hop from hoop-to-hoop until members of each half meet face-to-face. When the players meet, they square off in a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” until there is a victor. The loser returns to the back of their line and is replaced by the next person in their line. The winner continues along the hula hoop path until another opponent meets them.

If a player makes it all they way to the end of the path and wins one final game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” that person is the winner.

I love this game. Not only do I want to play it, but as many have said on Twitter, if it was on ESPN I would totally watch it.

Anything that gets students THIS excited has my vote of approval.

**Finally today, a nice story of college athletes doing good, to counteract so many of the negative stories we often hear. Two football players at the University of Miami have started a business called Second Spoon, taking extra food from local restaurants and delivering it to people who need it across Miami-Dade County. According to this Miami Herald story, they converted an old FedEx delivery van into a food truck, and recruited friends and UM athletes to help them deliver food that might have otherwise gone to waste.

The truck passes out hundreds of meals to so many hungry, needy people in the South Florida area.

Second Spoon only has one truck out now, but Hasan hopes to add one in Nashville, while at Vanderbilt. They’re also looking to partner with more churches and other businesses. But their end-goal is bigger.

“Hopefully within the next 10 years, we’re rendered obsolete,” he said, “when there’s not enough food waste for us to even exist.”

Way to go, guys. So much food waste becomes just that, waste. But Second Spoon is doing a wonderful service.