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More vital proof that punctuation really is important. A soldier’s homecoming video that could make you cry. And a cool Memorial Day story from lacrosse

Quick blog today with some post-Memorial Day thoughts, as I leave Dallas and head home to New York, hoping to see my Rangers clinch a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals (getting chills just thinking about it…)

Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but badly written sentences, misspellings, and terrible punctuation make me nuts.

I once stopped eating at a deli despite their great food because they kept having awful spelling errors in their menu boards (even after I pointed them out, they never changed ’em.)

Then there’s the badly punctuated signs, which are often hilarious. For example, saw this on Twitter: A Days Inn that really wants to advertise their food and thank our troops, at the same time:


God bless you, Days Inn. The breakfast cooks of America absolutely deserve our respect and gratitude.

**Next up, these videos are always emotional to watch, and especially so around Memorial Day.
Check out this father and son reunion after a year apart, as the father surprises his son Hunter at his high school. The video’s from a few months ago, but really powerful:


**Finally today, if you’re not a lacrosse fan like me, you might now know that Duke won its second consecutive men’s national title Monday, holding off Notre Dame, 11-9.

And if your first thought upon hearing the words “Duke lacrosse” are still about that baseless and completely unfounded rape investigation from a few years ago, here’s a much nicer story to think of, especially in light of the Memorial Day holiday.
A 29-year-old defenseman named Casey Carroll is much older than his teammates, but he’s got a good reason, and a hell of a life story, behind him playing nearing 30:  He  joined the Army in 2011 and served four deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan with the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, an elite volunteer combat unit, before returning to Duke for graduate school and one last fling at lacrosse. He prepared to come back for last season, but a torn anterior cruciate ligament pushed back his return to 2014.

He graduated Duke in 2007 but had one year of eligibility remaining, so he returned to go to grad school in Durham in 2013, and would’ve played last year. Only he tore his ACL and missed the whole season.

“I’d just hoped to make the team better by being around,” said Carroll, a starter in every game but one for Duke. “My platoon had injuries but, luckily, no one was killed,” he said. “But I did have friends who made the ultimate sacrifice.”