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A night at the opera (my first) was lots of fun. Meet the most dominant athlete of the upcoming Olympics, Simone Biles. And Florida mails voter info to a dead cat


I consider myself a fairly cultured fellow. I like going to museums, love learning new things at plays and other theater, and sometimes even try new music way out of my comfort zone.

But in my 40 years I’d never been to an opera. Didn’t have anything against it, just never had the opportunity or the interest.

This was pretty much my “opera watching” experience until last week.

Bizarrely, I finally had both over the past several months, as the mom of one of Nate’s little pals, adorable Clara from music class, turned out to be one hell of a singer and opera star.

Sarah Moulton Faux is a sweetheart; really friendly and kind, and we bonded right away over parenting issues.

But I had a feeling she had some musical background or something when she would instantly pick up the new songs our music teacher would give the kids; I mean, it was super-fast how quickly she learned the tempo and rhythm.

So one day I asked her about that and oh yeah, turns out she’s got a fantastic voice and is often in operas all over New York City. My wife and I told her we’d love to come to a performance sometime, and so there we were last Friday night the theater in the Museo del Barrio, watching Sarah star as Phyllis in Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Iolanthe.”

And it was terrific. Was part of my enjoyment because I “knew” someone in the opera (technically Sarah told us it was an “operetta” and not an opera because there was some spoken word dialogue, but I’m still calling it an opera)? Certainly. Was she fantastic in it? One hundred percent, yes.

But the story was interesting, the other actors/singers were great, the whole thing was in English. which helped, and it was different. You have to be all about different experiences in life (I believe the young’uns call it YOLO, for You Only Live Once), and this was something totally new and surprising.

It was very cool after the show waiting around and getting to see Sarah and congratulate her; makes you feel “in the know,” you know?

Anyway, it was a very cool night.

**Next up, every Olympics has an American superstar who’s been hyped up for months, sometimes even years, because he or she has undeniable talent and seems a sure bet to bring home gold.

To the past list of luminaries like Michael Phelps, Bode Miller, Dominique Moceanu and Michael Johnson, we definitely have to add Simone Biles.

The gymnast has dominated pretty much everything in her sport the last three years, and she’s pretty close to a sure thing for a gold medal in Rio in a few months.

Why? Check our her amazing performance last week at a tournament in Houston. This woman is incredible, and you’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of her. What an athlete!

**Finally today, I went looking for a weird or funny elections story today, as I for some reason hadn’t heard one in a while, and as usual, my former state of Florida came through big-time.

Seems the state that gave us hanging chads and Bush-Gore 2000 has recently mailed a notice requesting a person get out and register to vote. Do your civic duty and all that.

Only problem: The addressee was a cat. A dead cat, at that.

“When our voters get this in the mail, ‘Hey, would you like your dead cat to register to vote?’ That gives us pause, because we don’t want the voters to think it came from us, we know better,” said Seminole County Elections Supervisor Mike Ertel.

Oh, there are so many jokes here involving Florida voters. My guess is the cat was supporting Jeb Bush’s candidacy, and a more perfect metaphor for him could not be found.