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Good News Friday: A high school principal in Florida joins the step team and dances awesomely. A little boy in earthquake-ravaged Iran helps a friend. And Subaru shares the love in beautiful commercials

And a Happy Friday to you. Man oh man, every week it seems like the barrage of bad news just won’t stop. Al Franken??? More than ever I feel like I need Good News Friday posts to make myself feel good about the world, and hopefully you all as well.

First up today, my awesome and funny friend Jen M. posted this video, and I love this so much: Donna “Mickey” Reynolds is the 49-year-old principal at Lake Mary H.S. in Lake Mary, Fla., outside of Orlando. Reynolds is new to the school this year and wanted to try to ingratiate herself in with the students, and have some fun.

So at a pep rally last week, she joined the school’s awesome step team, and brought the house down. This is so freakin’ great. Listen to how nuts the students go when she appears at the :54 mark, and then they go to another level of insane when Reynolds starts dancing at 1:23, and the roar at 2:33 is amazing, too.

Reynolds has more cred than any principal, ever, after this performance. So great.

**Next up, there was a devastating Earthquake by the Iran/Iraq border on Sunday, and hundreds were killed. But as in all disasters, there were also great moments of humanity, and people helping each other. Check out this video of a 7-year-old Iranian boy, bringing his friend to a rescue food truck because she didn’t get anything to eat, and telling the grown-ups, “You didn’t give her enough food,” according to the Iranian journalist who filmed it.

The way he pats her on the back, and stays with her until she gets something to eat… this boy is a model example to all of us out there. Really, really sweet stuff.

**And finally today, Subaru always seems to have fantastic commercials, and this one is no exception. The company is celebrating 10 years of it’s “Share The Love” campaign, and so filmed a series of short ads featuring real people who’ve been helped tremendously in their lives.

Here’s one ad starring “Matthew,” who was granted his wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and watch the one below starring a pretty awesome pooch named Scrappy who saved his owner’s life.