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Good News Friday: A baby gets born on the streets of NYC. The math teacher who volunteers as a baby-hugger. And strangers give their coat to a little boy who’s cold


And a happy Friday to you out there on the Interwebs. Our first GNF story this week comes from my own neighborhood. Literally, it happened about 10 blocks from my apartment.

A woman named Polly McCourt went into labor and gave birth on the Upper East Side of Manhattan Monday, on the corner of 68th Street and 3rd Avenue.

On the sidewalk.

While it’s not quite clear why McCourt didn’t have time to get to a hospital, she delivered the baby in broad daylight with onlookers standing by.
One woman, 20-year-old Isabel Williams, gave up her coat to use as a baby blanket once the infant was born, and the McCourts responded by (and how awesome is this) giving their child “Isabelle” as a middle name.

“That’s the sweetest thing I ever heard!” exclaimed Williams when reached by the New York Daily News on Tuesday night.

Very, very cool.

**One of my favorite shows that almost no one watches,  “CBS Sunday Morning,” has been on a pretty fantastic roll lately when it comes to heartwarming stories.

Last week’s show brought this wonderful little tale of Jim O’Connor, a gruff, 70-year-old high school teacher in California who appeared to his students to be a strict educator with little soft side or compassion.

Until one of the students went to volunteer at a hospital blood drive and discovered his tough old teacher has been doing amazingly sweet things for 20 years…

**Finally today, another commercial that just made me feel good. The Norwegian branch of the SOS Children’s Villages International charity, as part of a drive to collect warm clothing for displaced children in Syria, decided to try an experiment in human kindness.

They filmed an 11-year-old boy sitting at a bus stop in Oslo, Norway without a jacket on, to see what people’s reactions would be.
Nearly every single person filmed by a hidden camera offered the boy a coat, or gloves.

Simple kindnesses make the world a better place.