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The NBA player assault by police in Milwaukee story somehow gets worse. Isiah Thomas the original finally wins something again, a hilarious Kimmel segment. And why FBI agents carrying guns shouldn’t do crazy dances.

You may have heard in the last few weeks about the NBA player in Milwaukee getting assaulted by police there after parking in a handicapped spot one night in a local shopping center.

There’s video all over the Internet of Bucks guard Sterling Brown being absolutely pummeled by (of course, white police officers) and being treated like so, so many African-Americans are when confronted by police.

The original video is disturbing enough, believe me, with Brown getting tased and brutalized.

But this week an extended version of the video was released, and it’s even more atrocious.

We get to hear police officers intentionally step on Brown’s ankle for no particular reason; get excited about the overtime they’re going to pull on this case, and (oh crap) begin to realize that the man they’ve overpowered needlessly is an NBA player.

Just absolutely disgusting. And not at all atypical. How many more of these videos are we going to see? How many more people of color need to suffer before there’s serious criminal justice reform in this country?

Oh that’s right, everything’s cool. Our President said the other day “blacks have never had it so good.”

**Next up today, to lighten the mood a little I thought I’d present this hilarious Jimmy Kimmel segment from the other night. Occasionally Kimmel does a little game-show bit called “Generation Gap” where he matches two people from very different generations and asks them pop-culture questions about their opponent’s generation.

He had two versions of basketball Isiah Thomas’ this week, the 58-year-old legendary player turned legendarily awful NBA front office man, against the current NBA standout Isaiah Thomas, who’s only 29.

The whole thing is great, but the old Isiah’s reaction to seeing ‘The Twist” is the best.

**And finally today… yet another reason why guns don’t make anyone safer, and why guns in bars is SUCH a great idea. So this FBI agent named Chase Bishop was in Denver on Saturday night, off-duty, and decided to do some dancing. With a gun in his pants.

And ole’ Chase didn’t just dance like the rest of us, nope he had to show off and do some fancy flipping. And as you might expect, when Chase flipped, his gun fell out of his pants. And upon picking the gun up, it went off. And shot a man in the leg.

The victim, fortunately, suffered only a minor wound. But Bishop (also notice that he walks off the dance floor AWAY from where his gun went off) has been arrested, and the local district attorney is weighing whether to press charges.

Good God, the sheer stupidity. And yet, guns in bars is thought to be a good idea.

Ethopia’s drivers are the craziest I’ve ever seen. ESPN’s 30 for 30 on the Bad Boys Pistons was great. And Letterman does right by Colbert

Man, these Stanley Cup playoffs have been bananas. Your bleary-eyed blogger was mesmerized by Columbus’ huge comeback win in OT, and Dallas-Anaheim and St. Louis-Chicago Wednesday night. Man, I love playoff overtime… as long as it doesn’t involve the Rangers.

We begin today with one of the craziest videos I’ve ever seen. It looks like it could be a fake but I can’t find anything disproving it.

This is what traffic looks like in Meskel Square, in Addis Abeda, Ethopia. (The video is from 2012 but it was just featured on website DangerousMinds.net)

Can you imagine the stress level of driving in these conditions? And there were no accidents in the video, that’s what’s amazing.
This makes driving in Manhattan look like a nice Sunday afternoon drive in the country.

NBA Finals Game 4: Detroit Pistons vs. Los Angeles Lakers

**I know I’m a few days late on this since it premiered last week, but I finally got around to watching ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary “Bad Boys” on the 1980s Detroit Pistons, and man oh man, it was fantastic.

Chronicling the rise of Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, Joe Dumars and their gang of thuggish villains who also could play basketball really well, the movie is sensational in showing how first Detroit had to fail many times against Boston, before finally breaking through in 1989.

The personalities on that team: between Laimbeer, the perfect villain, Isiah, the smiling assassin (maybe the best under 6-foot player in NBA history), Dennis Rodman, back when he was normal, the super-underrated Dumars, the great coach Chuck Daly… the movie had it all.
It was fun to remember when Michael Jordan was a big underdog, and how hard he and the Bulls had to fight to topple the Pistons;  it was great seeing just how amazing a competitor Isiah was; he’s been such a joke and a disgrace in his post-playing life that you almost forget how good he was.

“Bad Boys” is engrossing, and fabulous. It’s on again on ESPN2 at noon on Saturday and on Sunday on ESPN2 at 11 a.m. If you’re a sports fan, it’s must-see viewing.

**Finally today, unlike the awkward and awful transition from Jay Leno to Conan O’Brien on “The Tonight Show” a few years ago, the passing of the torch on CBS seems to be going much better.

Two of my all-time favorites, David Letterman and Stephen Colbert, sitting around chatting the other night on Dave’s show, soon to be Colbert’s show. Really liked the first few minutes of this, especially… Late night is in very good hands, with Colbert and Fallon.




This Miami Heat win streak is nuts, and I don’t even care about the NBA. A man refuses to share ice cream with his woman. And the NYPD, “heroically” fighting pot


Today, the Madness truly begins. These next two days are sports nirvana for me, as I plan to watch hour after hour of college hoops at one of the many fine watering holes here in New York City. If you hear on the news reports of a man thrown out of a bar for screaming too loud for a 14 seed to upset a 3, you’ll know it’s just me happy my Davidson over Marquette pick has come through. Enjoy the madness…

I care very little about the NBA mostly, except at playoff time and in those rare years my Nets (now the Brooklyn Nets, of course) are any good, like this year.

But I have to say, this Miami Heat 24-game winning streak has captured my attention like nothing else in pro hoops the last 10 years. I find myself checking NBA.com every day to see if they kept it going, not because I love the Heat (though I have gotten over hatred of LeBron over “The Decision”, and Miami does employ my all-time favorite Dukie, Shane Battier) but because a streak that goes on this long is just so improbable in pro sports.

I don’t care how good you are, and clearly the Heat are the NBA’s best: In a long 82-game season, filled with long road trips to Cleveland and Detroit and Milwaukee, every team is going to lose once in a while. It’s just inevitable; your top players have a bad night, the bench guys can’t bail you out, and the opposition and their fans are fired up to take down the champs.

And yet every time it’s looked like the Heat were going to tumble, they somehow pull the rabbit out of the hat. Wednesday night at Cleveland was their most Doug Hennig-esque trick yet (look him up, kids, he was a famous magician in the 1980s).

The Heat were playing in Cleveland, which of course still has all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings toward LeBron, and despite the Cavs playing without its top two stars, they amazingly led the Heat by 27 points in the third quarter.

Pretty much an insurmountable lead in 95 percent of NBA games. But because this streak has magical powers now, apparently, Miami came back and won.
They’ve now won 24 straight games, nine short of the all-time record.

It’s hard to not root this streak, or at least not be in awe of it. And oh yeah, this happened during the game, too; I hope this guy enjoyed his few minutes of fame.

**Next today, I thought this was pretty funny. Former NBA star Chris Webber, and the man all Knicks fans love forever, Isiah Thomas, used their analysis skills to explain how this fan at a recent game refused to share his ice cream with his lady friend. Pretty funny…

**Finally, yet another disturbing story about the ridiculousness of America’s war on marijuana, perhaps the stupidest “war” ever fought in U.S. history.

A recent report discovered that the NYPD spent one million hours making 440,000 marijuana possession arrests in the last 10 years.

Think about that for a minute: Think how much better and more effectively those 1 million hours could’ve been spent. Think about the REAL crimes that could’ve been prevented, or investigated, if officers weren’t arresting people for the victimless, mostly harmless crime of smoking pot.

Just ridiculous. The only upside is this story also says that Andrew Cuomo is talking about reforming New York’s drug laws, and decriminalizing marijuana in small amounts.

Wish the rest of the country would do the same.

Kagan confirmed, and more history is made. And Isiah Thomas. Oh, Isiah is back

It’s a Friday in August, so the news could pass easily without much comment or thought.
Elena Kagan, a perfectly acceptable nominee with not even a whiff of controversy about her, was confirmed as the next Justice of the Supreme Court. Elena Kagan, a woman.

Who will now join two other women on the Supreme Court, making 33 percent of the highest court in our land composed of women. That’s incredible progress.
Ninety years ago, women fought for the simple right to vote for their elected officials.
Forty years ago, women fought to be allowed to have abortions.
In the last 30 years women have fought so many battles for equality, for justice, to be treated better in the workplace. So many fights are left. There are still so few women Senators, Congressmen, heads of major companies, yada yada yada.

But three women are now on the Supreme Court. That’s a remarkable thing, I think. And it shouldn’t pass unnoticed.

**I’m not a Knicks fan. In fact, I’m a Nets fan, so I hate the Knicks. But even I’m starting to feel sorry for Knicks backers this summer. First they don’t get LeBron,. Then they get stuck paying $100 million to Amare Stoudemire, a really good player but not someone who can carry your franchise.

Then you wake up Friday and discover they’ve re-hired Isiah Thomas as a consultant.

Isiah Thomas? Really???? The guy who got sued for sexual harassment, and cost the team millions of dollars after he was found guilty? The guy who gave Jerome James and Eddy Curry millions of free agent dollars? The guy who was such a bad GM, it made even his coaching look good by comparison???

This is a guy, James Dolan and Donnie Walsh, this is a guy you felt you needed to bring BACK to the organization as a consultant? What, so he could blow up Madison Square Garden and poison the NYC water supply for his final act?

The excellent Shaun Powell, over at ESPNNewYork.com, has, I believe the right take.

The truly astonishing part? James Dolan, the Knicks’ clueless owner, actually wanted Isiah to be brought back as general manager, the same position he used to have!

Disbelief. Sheer and utter disbelief.