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The irrelevance of Notre Dame football, and a touching Thanksgiving movie moment

A short blog today while I wonder why, exactly, that third piece of pie was deemed absolutely necessary by my stomach:

So as I read yet another headline the other day about Charlie Weis’ job status, I wondered why the sports media is still so obsessed with Notre Dame football.

Honestly, the stories have been just short of breathless: Will Charlie Weis be fired? Who will take his job? The Notre Dame AD, Jack Swarbrick, tells Weis he’s not allowed to go on a recruiting trip after the last game of the season, does that mean he’s gone?

And I’m wondering what the big deal is. The Fighting Irish have a big national following, I get that. I know all about Joe Theismann and Knute Rockne, Joe Montana and Rudy (by the way, I hated that movie. Hated it. And I always love a good inspirational flick.)

But seriously, Notre Dame, with the exception of Ty Willingham’s first season in 2002, hasn’t been really good in a long time. They haven’t seriously contended for a national title in two decades, and even though their games are on national TV every week, is anyone but the diehards really watching?

I don’t know, I think Notre Dame football is another one of those things that older sports writers and broadcasters think is REALLY important, only the rest of us don’t agree.

I am glad, though, to see Weis, who seems to be a pompous ass, fail just as miserably as Willingham, who is a good, decent man who didn’t deserve to be fired. The Irish coaching job is an impossible position.

**On a better note, here’s the final scene of my favorite comedy ever, which I always think about on Thanksgiving. The ending of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” which always touches my heart a little: