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Pre-school for adults? Brooklyn says, why not? An awesome commercial showing the importance of paper. And the coolest (or creepiest) baseball uniform of the year


We’re still a couple of years away from needing to look at preschools for our 6-month old, although here in NYC they tell you (not jokingly) that as soon as you find out you’re having a baby, get on a preschool list.

Still, maybe instead of looking for a preschool for my boy, I should enroll myself. That’s the seemingly-insane idea behind the Brooklyn-based Preschool Mastermind, which is a preschool program for adults.

I’m not making this up. According to the founder of Preschool Mastermind, there’s show-and-tell, arts-and-crafts such as finger paint, games (think musical chairs) and even naps.

I realized all the implications of what we learn in preschool,” said founder Michelle Joni, who said she went to school for childhood education and always wanted to be a preschool teacher. “People come here and get in touch with their inner child. It’s magical.”

According to this article, this preschool class ain’t cheap; Payment for the class is on a sliding scale ranging from $333 to $999 (can you get a finger-painting scholarship that would reduce costs?).

Joni said that “preschool is all about choice. I want them [the students] to feel good about the choice they’re making.”

This is just about the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard, but hey, there’s a sucker born every minute. Still, I’m brimming with questions, such as:

— Do these adults’ 2-year-old children pick them up in their strollers at the end of the day, or are they driving the family station wagon already?

— Does the school have extra-large napping mats for really tall grown-ups?

— Do the students in this class use sippy cups, or are they allowed real paper cups?

— And most importantly, who does the diaper changes for the students?

**Next up, my fabulous mother-in-law sent me this the other day, knowing what a worshipper I am of newspapers and, really, the written word.

It’s a commercial that’s actually a couple of years old but is making the Internet rounds this week; it’s from a French company and the tagline is “Paper is Not Dead.”

Pretty funny….


**Finally today, minor-league baseball promotions always make me laugh, often make me cringe in the “what the hell were they thinking” kind of way, and are rarely boring.

So even though I’m not sure what to think about this, I applaud the effort. The Jackson Generals, a Tennessee-based affiliate of the Seattle Mariners, are holding “Wizard of Oz Night” on May 15, with uniforms that have never before been seen.

I can’t wait till the players check out how they look in pigtails.

I hope they go all out with this promotion, by the way; the path from 3rd base to home ought to be painted with yellow bricks, maybe the umpires all dress up in tin or lion outfits, you know, the whole shebang.

Or heck, just make the umpire dress up like the Wicked Witch, that’s good typecasting!