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The world’s best street fliers. The worst head-first slide ever.And more awesome “soldiers surprise loved ones” videos

**Writing this post after a five-hour drive from NYC up to my old stomping grounds in Saratoga Springs (it should’ve taken about 3 hours). Truly, the traffic on the George Washington Bridge was worth moving back to New York for.

So it’s pretty rare that a street flier will actually catch your attention. Maybe if it’s about a missing kid or a lost dog, you stop for a second and look at it.
But these fliers, from the website happyplace.com (because really, who wouldn’t want to click on a happy place and visit it?) are pretty damn hilarious.
My favorites are the second one, and the chicken strips one.
And I liked this one a lot, too:

**Wanna see the worst, most un-athletic head-first slide by a baseball player ever? Of course you do. Here’s a man named Graham Taylor, a pitcher for the Jacksonville Suns, trying to score after rounding third. Seriously, I could’ve done better than this.

**Finally, you know I’m a total sap when it comes to these “surprise” reunions of soldiers and their loved ones. Something about the pure joy and emotion on the loved one’s face just gets me every time.

Here’s one of the best ones I’ve seen; a woman selected to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game has no idea that the catcher is her husband: