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A beautiful Jets win, the Dolphins blow a gimme, and Bo knows Tecmo Bowl

Ah, what a much happier Sunday this was for me.

The weather was warm. I’ve just returned from a wonderful visit with family and friends. There were no new wars breaking out, as far as I knew.

And oh yeah: The New York Jets remembered how to win. Finally, Mark Sanchez played under control, the running game was good enough, and the defense harassed Carolina into four interceptions. Gang Green won, 17-6, and it should’ve been at least 27-6 or so.

Don’t worry, I’m not dreaming about the playoffs again; they’re still 5-6, and there are lots of teams ahead of the Jets, still. Of course, if they beat Buffalo Thursday up in Toronto, the Jets will be 6-6 and I’ll have 10 days to start figuring out how, exactly, my boys can get into the postseason.

But first things first: our franchise QB did exactly what he needed to do: He made safe throws, he didn’t force the ball, and when there wasn’t a play to be made, he scrambled. He scared the hell out of Jets fans when he looked to have injured his knee in the third period, but he seemed to be OK.

The Jets got a gift TD to start the game (when have you ever seen a ball bounce off a receiver’s ankle and right into the hands of a defender? Thank you, Darrelle Revis, for catching it), but the defense really played well. The Panthers’ running game never got going, and good Lord, there was a Kerry Rhodes sighting! The Jets’ safety who used to be a star and now, frankly, stinks, made TWO interceptions Sunday.

So yeah, it was nice to break a three-game losing streak. This is the kind of game the Jets played earlier this season, and it was nice to see it again. I thought it might be gone forever.

Couple other thoughts on Jets-Panthers:

**Boy, Jake Delhomme is horrendous. Two of his four picks in the fourth quarter were simple “chuck and ducks,” where the Carolina QB just stepped back, chucked the ball off his back foot and didn’t even try to follow through. What has happened to that guy?

** Jets were lucky in many ways Sunday, especially when replay overturned that Steve Smith touchdown for Carolina that would’ve made it 14-10. Looked like a catch to me.

**Dustin Keller, you’re KILLING me with these fumbles. Again the Jets’ terrific tight end tries to reach out for the goal line after a great catch and run, and fumbles. If he scores there, game is pretty much over. Just go down, please. Thank you.

Other NFL thoughts…

**Fantastic game Sunday night, with the Ravens nipping the Steelers. I don’t want to say I’m psychic or anything, but at 17-17, 3rd down and 6 in OT, I said out loud (to no one), “This would be a good time for Dennis Dixon to remember he’s a guy making his first-ever start, and throw a pick.” And then he did, setting up the game-winning field goal. Still, for a third-string QB, kid played pretty damn well.

**Houston Texans = frauds. Complete, utter frauds. 17-0 against Indy, at home, and they lose by eight.

**I’ve tried to avoid talking about the guy all season because I’m still pissed at how he sabotaged the Jets’ season. But good lord, Brett Favre is playing insanely good right now.  Three more touchdowns Sunday. He’s completed 69 percent of his passes, with 24 interceptions and just three interceptions. I don’t care that he’s got a great running back, O-line, and defense, those are ridiculously good numbers.

**Brutal, brutal losses by the Dolphins and Jags Sunday. Miami was tied with Buffalo, 14-14 in the fourth, and then gave up 17 straight points to lose. And Jacksonville failed to show up in San Francisco. If I were an optimist, I’d say everything broke right for the Jets to get back into the playoff hunt.

**Can’t wait for tonight’s game: Saints-Patriots. Should be a fabulous matchup.

***So while I was in New York last week something fabulous happened: My friend Andrew showed me that you could download the original Nintendo Tecmo Bowl game onto your Wii for like, $5. There is no way that I’m NOT doing that next weekend, and probably wasting a good four hours playing. God I loved Tecmo Bowl, and the two unstoppable forces of the game: Lawrence Taylor on defense, and Bo Jackson on offense.

I once read an interview with Bo, done about five years ago I think, where he said no matter where he goes in public to go give a talk or anything, he’s always asked about Tecmo Bo and how amazing he was.

Believe me, he was THAT amazing. Check this out, you young’uns:

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