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An awesome group helps inner-city people get into the corporate world. A “Seinfeld” mini-reunion is coming (maybe)!. And 4-foot-11 dribbling wizard.

Happy Super Bowl Friday to you! For the record, my prediction is Denver 31, Seattle 28, in what ought to be a heck of a game.

But first, some Good News Friday stories to get you in the mood going into the weekend. First up, I saw this fantastic segment on “60 Minutes” this week and felt like I wanted to share it.

It’s about an organization called Year Up, which offers training programs and internship opportunities to get into the corporate world for inner-city disadvantaged youth.

The program has a strict entry requirement, but once inside men and women are given intense training, then placed in Fortune 500 companies for six-month paid internships, and many of the new employees go on to get full-time jobs with companies like American Express and J.P. Morgan.

Just look at the faces of the successful trainees in this piece, and you’ll see why it’s so vital that chances are offered to people who never get them. There’s so much undiscovered talent in America, but too often it’s overlooked because of how someone looks, or their background.

This Year Up program is awesome; I wish there were 100 more programs like it.

**Next, something potentially awesome for the millions of us who loved “Seinfeld.” On a New York radio show Thursday, Jerry Seinfeld said he and Jason Alexander, along with Larry David, had recently filmed “something” that will air at some point.

Seinfeld is very evasive and the radio guys had to drag details out of him, but hell, I’ll take it. Any “Seinfeld” reunion would be awesome; we had a mini-reunion on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” a couple years ago and it was terrific.

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to see it.

**And finally today, meet Chase Adams. He’s 4-foot-11, in 7th grade, and has mad skills on the basketball court (Yeah, I said “mad skills.” I’m cool like that.)

Someone sent me this video this week and I was amazed. I see a college scholarship in Chase’s future. (The play at :33 was my favorite).

The awesomeness of minimalist movie posters. And the Netflix Relief Fund: A worthy cause

This was a wonderful find on Twitter this week. A graphic artist named Matt Owen decided to reduce some classic movies to minimalist art posters. The results (two of my favorites are above) are fantastic.
I love that in this age where there’s so much fancy whiz-bang technology and graphics to make everything seem exciting and complex, Owen did something as simple as this and it looks so cool.
Check out the rest of his fabulous work here. I think the “The Breakfast Club” and “The Usual Suspects” are particularly brilliant.

**So there was quite a kerfuffle last week when Netflix decided to raise prices on DVD rentals and live streaming. Personally, I don’t see why people had their panties in such a bunch. It’s still pretty cheap to use Netflix, and you can’t beat their selection.
And the price-raising did give us this hilarious video, starring Jason Alexander, urging us to donate to the Netflix Relief Fund. Such a worthy cause.