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My old stomping grounds of Glens Falls has been radically transformed. Jason Kidd, a complete village idiot. And the craziest hula-hoop skills you’ve ever seen


I think I have mentioned this here before, but from 2002-2005, I lived in a sleepy little upstate New York town called Glens Falls.

It’s a small burg about 45 miles past Albany on the New York State Thruway, and its famous natives include wrestler “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and recent college basketball sensation Jimmer Fredette (now in the NBA).

I enjoyed my time there immensely, loved the newspaper I worked out, and made great friends, some of whom I saw this weekend on the wife and I’s annual summer trip up to Saratoga Springs (we usually go during horse racing season in mid-August, but as she’ll be 8 1/2 months pregnant then, seemed wise to move it up a bit).

Glens Falls, though, was always pretty run-down when I lived there. The population base had shrunk drastically since the 1980s, most of the downtown stores were either empty or dilapidated, and there really wasn’t much to do if you were a 20-something looking for fun (which I was).
In short, the town was pretty much dead, and figured to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Only … it has come dramatically back to life. I was literally walking around with my mouth open this weekend, seeing the incredible turnaround. The public library (above) used to be a tiny afterthought of a building; now it holds its own with any university library I’ve seen.
Instead of the dark and depressing empty storefronts downtown, there are new restaurants, clubs and businesses, signs of a thriving city.

It was amazing. It was unrecognizable from what it was eight years ago. And it gave me a little bit of hope that with some strong local leadership, incentives for businesses, and local ingenuity, plenty of other struggling small towns can do the same.

You think you know a place… I kept thinking this weekend that I almost wish I lived there now, and where was all this when I was looking for love?


**So let me make sure I have this Jason Kidd situation straight, before I proclaim him the biggest horse’s ass in New York coaching circles since Mike Keenan:
He finished a Hall of Fame NBA career with the Knicks in 2013, and despite having zero coaching experience, he schmoozes Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and GM Billy King to hire him as head coach of a loaded Nets team.

He then gets off to a hideous 10-21 start, looks more lost than a virgin in a whorehouse, and somehow avoids getting fired, rights the ship and guides his team to a second-round playoff loss, barely meeting preseason expectations.
Then, when any sane person would be trying to get better as a coach and thanking their lucky stars they have an owner who loves him, he goes to that owner, DEMANDS to be placed completely in charge of basketball operations, and knowing that he’ll get turned down (firmly), secretly starts negotiating with Milwaukee, and any day now will be named their GM/coach/major domo?

Yep, that’s apparently about right. What an utter and complete jackass, and disgrace, Kidd is.
I will always be grateful to him for getting my long-suffering Nets to the NBA Finals in 2002 and ’03, but that was a long time ago. This drunk-driving, ego-tripping fool should be put on the No. 4 train out of Brooklyn and on the first flight to Milwaukee.

Enjoy the winters in Wisconsin, Jason. And it’ll be a cold day in hell before Nets fans ever stop cursing your name.

**Finally today, this is Rachael Lust. She does some insane things with a hula hoop. I know, I know, you can’t always trust what you see on YouTube. But fast forward to the 1-minute mark and tell me you’re not impressed.

She should definitely be hired for birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.

Detroit’s new way to deter crime (it involves dummies). My favorite Christmas song makes me happy. And Jason Kidd, an utter disaster as coach


Writing this late Monday night after getting back from seeing Pink at Barclays Center. I raved about her last time I saw her so I won’t do another blog on it, but hot damn, that woman can put on a great f’ing performance. Great voice, great acrobatics again, and as you can tell, she flew (above at the very top) through the air at the end. Fantastic, fantastic show.

The city of Detroit has gotten so much bad publicity for so long, you have to feel at least a little sorry for the residents there.

And you can’t really blame them for getting creative when it comes to battling crime.

A local man who shall remain nameless was tired of having his house broken into, and none of his previous security efforts have worked.

So he decided to dress up two CPR dummies as gangsters, and stationed them on his porch.

And, amazingly, it has worked. His house hasn’t been broken into since.

Detroit police have stopped by to congratulate him on a novel and clever idea, the man said.

I say “Bravo” for the brilliant idea. Reminds of when Long Island first got HOV lanes on the highway, and people would bring dummies with them and put them in the passenger seat to make it look like a second person was in the car, so they could use the HOV lane.

I just hope this guy in Detroit doesn’t start talking to the dummies and treating them like real people. Hey, people get lonely sometimes, you know?

**Next up, I suppose it’s officially Christmas season since I have to keep changing the channel and the radio station to avoid hearing the dreary Christmas tunes we all endure every year.

But on the plus side, I did get to hear this wonderful song this morning; it’s my favorite Christmas tune, and I run it here on the blog every year.

It’s the Bob Rivers comedy group, singing “The 12 Pains of Christmas.” As always, the “rigging up the lights” guy has me laughing out loud…


**You know, what I’m about to write about Jason Kidd and my beloved Brooklyn Nets is not a second-guess, because as soon as the NBA legend was hired as coach last summer, I called my friend Tony and screamed “Are they freaking kidding? Hiring a guy with NO experience to run a team that’s built to win now????

So it’s not all that surprising to see my pathetic Nets with a 5-14 record. Oh yeah, I know it’s unfair to totally judge Kidd right now, with so many of the Nets’ stars, like Deron Williams, Paul Pierce, Andrei Kirilenko and Jason Terry out injured; if those four were healthy, you have to believe the Nets would be better.

But even accounting for that rash of injuries, Kidd has been terrible as a coach. The Nets get destroyed in every third quarter, showing he has no clue about making halftime adjustments. He all but begged respected coach Lawrence Frank to be his top assistant, then 15 games in “re-assigns” Frank to menial tasks.

Then there was the bush-league “intentional spilling of soda on the court” a few weeks back, as Kidd tried to bend the rules and get an extra timeout after he blatantly spilled his drink on the court, forcing a delay.

The guy is one of the greatest point guards ever, and I love him for bringing the Nets to the NBA Finals a decade ago. But as a coach, he’s totally lost. Most great players in all sports make lousy coaches (see Magic Johnson, Ted Williams and Mike Singletary, just to name a few), because they can’t translate their greatness to other players.

But Kidd just seems utterly confused and unable to make coaching adjustments, and I wonder even once the Nets get healthy, if he’ll be able to do the job.

Sigh. Everything looked so good over the summer for the Nets, but now they’re back to being the losers I’ve sadly come to know and love.

A brilliantly funny letter, from a Mom to her spawn. The Heat go down in flames to the Mavs. And a beautiful Tony Awards moment

They threw a party back in July, celebrating like they’d already won a championship.

Go ahead, click this video and watch it. You’ll see LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, with one title between them, ever, prancing and preening and carrying on like they were the greatest damn thing ever.
All year, they had a target on their back. And rightfully so.
They rolled through everybody in the playoffs, until they ran into the Dallas Mavericks, who finished off a surprisingly convincing Game 6 Sunday night, and won the NBA title.
It was a fabulous game, just like every other game in this series.
So many thoughts… I’ll try to be fairly brief.
— LeBron James’ legacy is not forever tarnished, and people who are saying that forget that the dude is only 26. He’ll have at least another 10 years to get a few rings. But wow, this series really does damage to his rep for a while. He was better Sun. night in the 4th quarter, but not good enough.

— Can’t say enough good things about the Mavs. Their role players all were fantastic; Tyson Chandler got so many big rebounds in Game 6. Jason Terry was unconscious shooting the ball. J.J. freaking Barea couldn’t be stopped, and even DeShawn Stevenson chipped in.
It wasn’t just Dirk Nowitzki. This was a hell of a team effort.
— Very happy for Jason Kidd, 38 years old, in the league so long, and finally getting a title. I wish he’d gotten it for my Nets, but hey, at least he got one. One of the 5 greatest point guards to ever play.
— Definitely bummed we didn’t get to see NBA commish David Stern have to hand the trophy to his mortal enemy, Mark Cuban. In a classy move, Cuban had original Mavs owner Donald Carter accept the trophy.
—  That relentlessly promoted ABC show “101 ways to get thrown off a Game show” or something like that? Yeah, I’ll probably watch 1 episode. I’m sick like that.
— Hope you enjoyed Game 6 if you’re a basketball fan.  NBA is headed for a lockout this fall, just like the NFL has. Yep, millionaires arguing with billionaires in another sport.
Good thing we have hockey. Go Bruins! (Game 6 tonight).

**Tricia Bliven Chasinoff is a friend of a friend. She’s the mother of two, she’s smart, she’s funny, and she’s just a really cool person (though I’m sure she’d vehemently deny that.)

She writes a blog called Just Breathe, about her life, and motherhood, and all the crazy stuff that goes on.
This may be her funniest blog post yet. It’s titled “Letter to My Spawn,” and I predict at least 7-9 chuckles if you read it. It’s honest and witty and if you’re a parent, you will totally empathize.

**Finally, didn’t watch Sunday’s Tony Awards since it was on against Mavs-Heat, but did catch this online. Larry Kramer, one of the most important AIDS activists of all time, saw the revival of his play The Normal Heart win a slew of big awards.
Kramer gave a short, eloquent speech here about the cause that has inspired his life.
Thirty years after the scourge of HIV/AIDS was first discovered, people like Larry Kramer are still fighting for acceptance.