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Good News Friday: Celebrities pay tribute to a dying 17-year-old. Jimmy Kimmel has fun with the Collins twins. And a homeless man’s dog gets saved.

A young man named Zach Sobiech, 17, was recently diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma, and doctors have told him he has only weeks to live.

Not exactly sounding like a Good News Friday story, I know. But stay with me. Zach’s a musician, and as he faced the end of his life way too quickly, he wrote a song called “Clouds” that became a bit of a hit on the Internet.
Now, a whole bunch of celebrities have decided to honor Zach in a meaningful, beautiful way: They’ve recorded his song in a YouTube video that has gotten even more play.

Please watch Brian Cranston, Sarah Silverman, Jason Mraz, Ed Helms and others maybe put a smile on the face of a dying teenager.
I watched it three times and smiled each time. Live your life as if each day is going to be the last.

**Next, as  you probably remember, NBA player Jason Collins made big news a few weeks ago when he became the first male professional athlete in a major team sport to admit he’s gay.

Collins has gotten a lot of attention since, and deservedly so, and he and his twin brother Jarron went on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and did a very funny interview (Click here for Part 2)


Kimmel got Jarron the above shirt so people can tell them apart from now on…

Again, it’s such a big step that Jason Collins has come out, and that people for the most part are not flipping out about it. We’ve come so far as a society in this area in just the last 20 years…


**Finally, we have some good news about a man and his dog. An L.A. area homeless man named Charles Gilliam was distraught over the serious illness suffered by his companion Big, an 11-year-old mixed retriever/terrier.
He had taken Big to a vet who told Gilliam that the dog had an inoperable brain tumor and should be put down.

Gilliam then went back to the streets and asked people for a donation to help save Big, and an animal rights activist got involved, and the story has a very, very happy ending.

Click here to read the details. Again, just a small bit of human kindness goes such a long way.

A night at Jones Beach listening to Jason Mraz: Fun and weird. The U.S. Open heats up. And the Eastwood speech, in full

Before Saturday night, I hadn’t been to Jones Beach Theater on Long Island in 10 years; last show I had seen there was the legendary Paul Simon back in ’02.

It’s truly one of the greatest places to see a concert, with the water all around you, the moon hanging over the stage, and the acoustics making you feel as if you are in the fifth row when you’re really in the fifth row from the top (as we were).

Some scattered thoughts from my brain after seeing the talented yet undeniably odd Jason Mraz:

— Liked Mraz a lot, despite not being too familiar with him before the show. Seems like a cool, laid-back guy who enjoys success.

But man, he is one weird dude. He went on a bunch of non-sequitors during the 2-hour set, including one part where he told us he “was just a farmer,” and another where he suddenly decided to thank us for supporting marriage equality (apparently he’d polled the 10,000-person audience subconsciously and determined we all were for gay marriage).
From what I’m told, he “used to be less weird.”

— We sat two rows underneath where the guy who works the spotlight was sitting, up in a little booth. So I got to wondering how much a guy like that gets paid. I mean, it can’t be that hard of a job. He had the spotlight on during some songs, and off during others,. and when it was on he pretty much just shone it right on Mraz.
I imagine the job is quite interesting in that you get to hear all different kinds of performers, but also pretty boring in that you’re just a dude shining a light.

— Jason Mraz’s songs sound the same a lot. And they’re mostly about love. I’m guessing lots of sex happens to his music across America. I’m calling him the male Sade.
— During the middle of one of Mraz’s ditties, a guy one section over decided to propose to his girlfriend. All of a sudden people starting yelling and cheering and I guess she said yes but man that’s a lot of pressure to put a girl under.

**So the U.S. Open is getting serious now, as we head into the second week. Some pretty fascinating subplots developing, especially on the men’s side. Andy Roddick, who is being celebrated as he plays what will be his final matches of his career, has looked pretty good since announcing his retirement, but I don’t think he can beat Del Potro tomorrow night.
Both Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic have looked sensational as they breezed through the early rounds. Good prospects for American tennis showed up last week, especially Jack Sock and Sloane Stephens. Neither is ready to win a Slam yet, but they’re on their way.

Still looks like Serena and Fed’s tournaments to lose; can’t wait to see what I expect will be Murray-Djokovic on Saturday. And, maybe, Roddick-Djokovic in the quarters could be something special.

**And finally, if you haven’t seen Clint Eastwood’s insane, rambling, bizarre speech at the Republican National Convention yet, here you go. Truly must-see viewing…