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Diana Nyad, a woman who fails but keeps trying. An umpire makes the best call of his life. And something to get you ready for football season

Synchronized blogging note: I spent most of my free time this week reading the new Joe Posnanski biography of Joe Paterno, which has gotten quite a bit of buzz. As you know, there’s no bigger Joe Poz lover than me, so I was eager to read it.

My buddy Jeff Pearlman asked me to write a review of the book for his blog, and since he’s bigger than me and threatened to beat me up if I didn’t (plus he gets more web traffic), I have complied. For my thoughts on what was a terrific and balanced book, click here to read my review on Jeff’s site.

We begin Good News Friday with a story of a woman who failed in a quest this week.
Yes, I know that sounds weird. Let me explain. Maybe you’ve heard about Diana Nyad, a 63-year-old distance swimmer. She’s been famous for decades for doing all kinds of long-distance swims most people wouldn’t ever try.

Last week, for the fourth time in her life, Nyad tried to do something that sounds impossible: She wanted to swim from Cuba to Florida (103 miles) without a shark cage.
Sort of like jumping off a high-wire without a net, but more dangerous because jellyfish and all kinds of hellish weather are waiting for you.

It was the fourth time Nyad tried this swim. She had a team around her monitoring everything, from trying to keep sharks away from her, to weather monitors.
She was trying this swim, at her age, because she has always wanted to do it and because she was pushing the limits of what humans can do.
For the fourth time, Nyad failed. She lasted 41 hours and got about halfway, before the jelly-fish stings and the lightning storms did her in. She wanted to go on, but couldn’t.

Why is this Good News? Because Nyad keeps trying. She still believes in her cause, and I have no doubt she’ll try again.
Dreamers who dream big; to me, that’s always a beautiful thing.

**So this was cool: Jim Joyce, a major league umpire heretofore famous for blowing a perfect game for Detroit pitcher Andres Galarraga in 2010, saved a woman’s life the other day before a game.
Seems a woman named Jayne Powers was having a seizure and was unconscious. Joyce was walking through the Arizona Diamondbacks’ ballpark tunnel and saw her, ran over and administered CPR.

Powers is recovering now. Great job, Jim.

**Football season is almost here. I can feel it, you can feel it, and it’s awesome. I love the end of August because it means the U.S. Open is here (excited to be going to Flushing Meadows twice next week!) and NFL football is too.

This gets me in the mood every time. The great “Friday Night Lights” summarized in five minutes. Gives me chills…