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Michelle Obama, the First Hugger. Good ole’ Mitt offends yet more people. And Jonah Lehrer, fabricator.

Another great night at the Olympics Monday night. Seventeen-year-old Missy Franklin, a few months removed from high school swimming season in Colorado, wins her first-ever gold. And to do it 15 minutes after swimming another race is just … mind-bogglingly difficult.
My man Ryan Lochte struggled again, coming in 4th in the 200 free. And did you see this craziness with the South Korean fencer who lost on a B.S. call when the clock froze, and then refused to leave the playing arena? She got totally and completely screwed, did Shin A. Lam. I feel awful for her. Just check out this picture (below):

On a happier note, the above video I saw Monday made me smile. After Team USA’s men’s basketball team won its game over France, each member walked over to where First Lady Michelle Obama was sitting and gave her a big hug.
Really cute stuff.

**Good to see that future presidential loser Mitt Romney continues to insult people all over Europe as he continues his disastrous tour. It’s a good thing people are paying attention to the Olympics, Mitt, and that Europeans don’t vote in our election.

The latest Mitt-saster (I’m trademarking that phrase right now) came in Israel, where Romney said in a speech that “cultural differences” were the reason Israelis were so much more economically successful than the Palestinians.
Sure Mitt, it’s that, AND also the fact that the Israeli government heavily controls the Palestinian economy with taxes and other restrictions.

Look, I don’t expect the Mittster to solve the Middle East problems or anything. But Jesus, this guy is so unprepared to talk about anything except for why Barack Obama is the devil.

**Finally, it kills me as a writer when stuff like this happens, but I think it’s important to publicize it, if only to show that the vast majority of us don’t do things like this.
Jonah Lehrer, an accomplished author and magazine writer for The New Yorker, and a man who until recently was considered one of the best journalists in his field, has been exposed for making up quotes.
Lehrer admitted in an interview that quotes he attributed to Bob Dylan in a recent book, that’s been on bestseller lists, were made up. He either added words to quotes or simply quoted Dylan when the great singer/songwriter said nothing of the sort.

Lehrer resigned from The New Yorker Monday, and his editor, David Remnick, called it a “terrifically sad situation.”

I ask the same question of Lehrer that I would ask Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass, Mike Barnicle, and so many others: Why? Why would you do something this monumentally stupid, with so little upside and so much downside if you got caught?

Just another black mark on a wonderful profession.