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A barbershop encounter gives me serious childhood flashbacks. Browns and Jets lose excruciatingly, as usual. And an 18-wheeler jumps over a racecar


You ever have an experience as an adult where you meet someone who reminds you exactly of you as a kid, and it sorta freaks you out?

I had one of those moments Sunday, in a pretty unlikely place. Before heading to my usual NFL-watching sports pub, I walked a few blocks to my usual barbershop, which because I’m significantly follicly-challenged, I only have to visit every three months or so.

It’s a tiny place, just 3-4 chairs and a small waiting area, and when I got there a father and his two young sons were already waiting to be shorn. Both kids (I found out later they were 8 and 5) were wearing football jerseys; the older one was wearing a Mike Wallace Dolphins jersey, while his brother rocked a Darrelle Revis Jets jersey.

So we’re all just sitting there, me across from them, and because I’m the kind of person who likes talking to strangers, I said to the older boy “So, you like the Dolphins, huh?”

This produced, wonderfully, a 20-minute stream of football talk from the mouths of these two that can only be called a massive flood of gridiron info. The brothers were seemingly so excited to have a captive audience that they just started spewing out NFL knowledge, rapid-fire, talking over each other and making my head spin as I tried to respond or acknowledge each expression.

It sounded something like this: “Did you know the Bears lost to the Cowboys 41-28 The Eagles are my favorite team I really like Mark Sanchez Did you see the game where the 49ers lost to the Seahawks My Dad took me to Giants vs. Texans J.J. Watt is super awesome I think when I grow up I want to be a linebacker Do you know that my favorite team is either the Broncos or Giants or Jets…”

And on and on. It was hilarious. Eventually the smaller boy went into the barber’s chair and his dad had to keep reminding him to look straight ahead and stop turning around to talk to the strange man, but darn it if the kid kept turning around, to the amusement of the barber.

When they were done, the father thanked me for indulging his boys, I told him I had an infant one at home, and then it hit me: Those boys are exactly like I was at their age. I was a sports nut extraordinaire and I loved it when a grown-up would talk sports with me, or more likely, let me talk sports at them. Kids just want to be heard, and I was just like those boys today at the barbershop.
Thirty years ago, I was them.

I walked out with a big smile, which is very rare when I leave a barbershop and have to see just how little hair I have left.

**Next up, a data storage and cloud computing company named EMC put together this awesome commercial where an 18-wheeler jumps over a race car. I have no idea what any of this has to do with a data company, but it was super cool to watch. For more info on how they did this, click here.


**Finally, some quick-hit NFL thoughts on a Sunday filled with many blowouts and a few exciting games:

— My favorite team, the Jets, played a pretty good game Sunday but of course lost in OT when a simple screen pass turned into an 87-yard game winning TD. I truly watched very little of this game, because I just can’t waste my time watching the same awful play week after week, but from what I saw, Geno Smith showed some glimmers. 2-11 baby!

— This cracked me up: For the coin toss before the Rams-Redskins game, St. Louis coach Jeff Fisher sent out six players who aren’t usually captains and who seemingly were chosen at random. Except they weren’t; those six are the players St. Louis drafted over two years when they traded the No. 2 overall pick to the Redskins in 2012, so Washington could pick RG III.
That deal’s not working out so well for the ‘Skins, so I loved Fisher’s gesture. Great sense of humor.

— My “adopted” team, the Browns, did everything possible to break their fans’ hearts Sunday, before finally losing to Indy in the final minute. Cleveland has the worse kicker in the NFL this year, Billly Cundiff, who shanked another one to help lose this game. How is he still employed?

— Finally, I hate Bill Belichick as much as I hate anyone in sports, but Joe Posnanski wrote a really insightful piece on Coach Hoodie for NBCSports.com the other day. The Daylight Savings Time anecdote cracked me up.

The despicable Lane Kiffin strikes again. And a “Despicable Me” review

Once a schmuck, always a schmuck.

Lane Kiffin is proving once again what a total scumbag he is, as the new head football coach at USC has royally pissed off a very prominent alumna.

Here’s the deal: When a college program wants to hire a coach from the NFL, he always, always, always, talks to the head coach of that pro team, to let them know that he’ll be talking to a member of the pro staff.
Ninety nine times out of 100, this contact is approved. Generally, it’s because a pro assistant coach is getting a better opportunity at the college level. Kiffin knows this, having worked both as a pro and college head coach.
Yet he decided last week to piss off Tennesee Titans coach Jeff Fisher, going behind his back and hiring Titans running backs coach Kennedy Pola to be the new USC offensive coordinator.
A week before NFL Training camp starts.
So now the Titans are actually suing USC over Pola’s hiring, saying the Trojans “maliciously” swiped the coach against the rules and that Pola violated his own contract.

Good for the Titans. Kiffin is a clown.  Forget for a moment the stupidity of Kiffin for angering Fisher, a well-liked and well-connected USC alum, right off the bat in your first year. But to steal a coach a week before training camp, and then play innocent about it, is just disgusting.
My feelings about Kiffin’s past behavior is here, and Sports Illustrated offered an excellent portrait of his jerkiness here in 2009.

**So I took my 5-year-old nephew to see “Despicable Me” at the theaters last week. He liked it a lot, though it was hard to tell what he was saying sometimes with so much candy in his mouth (hey, I’m a good uncle, I know candy at the movies is crucial).

I’d heard the movie was fantastic. My opinion: It was pretty good, but by no means as good as “Toy Story 3.” Steve Carell was amusing as the voice of Dr. Gru, the evil genius who plots to steal the moon, all while adopting three little girls. The 3D in the movie seemed pretty unnecessary; there were only a a couple of scenes where it really made things better.
As usual there were a couple of jokes that only adults would’ve gotten, which is fine by me; hey, we’re the ones paying for the movie. The storyline moved along pretty well, and there were some great, touching moments toward the end.
But it just didn’t blow me away, and some of the plot just stunk. I’d say 2 1/2 stars. I think my nephew would give it 3 stars, while the AirHeads candy he consumed voraciously gets 4 stars, easy.