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Good News Friday: Finally, South Carolina brings the Confederate flag down. Awesome views of NYC from the air. And a boy dunks on a toy rim with hilarious results

It took way too much.

It took the massacre of innocent African-American adults, sitting quietly and peacefully in a church, by a racist young white man.

Decades of protest, decades of pleading, decades of appeal to reason and sensitivity didn’t bring the Confederate flag down from the Capitol dome in South Carolina.

But now, finally, that symbol of the South that is offensive to so many, is gonna fall.

And that’s why today is a good day. It’s horrible that it took something so tragic to finally remove a symbol so wrong, but at least it’s coming down.

If you haven’t seen Jenny Horne, a South Carolina state legislator, make an impassioned plea to remove the flag, I urge you to watch this: it’s three minutes of raw emotion and passion, and it’s beautiful:

Today is a good day. The flag’s coming down. Good wins over evil. One small step at a time, this country’s making progress.


**Next up, you know I love great photography, and I love New York City, so when I saw this from The Guardian newspaper on Twitter the other day, I was totally going to blog about it.

Photographer Jeffrey Milstein’s specialty is capturing cities using hi-resolution camera equipment from a helicopter’s open door.

Not exactly the safest way to make a living, I don’t think, but these pictures of New York are spectacular. The one above is Times Square, but at this link you can see the Met museum, the Statue of Liberty, and some other great NYC landmarks.

So cool.

**Finally today, a little “behind the curtain” discussion between the wife and I about this next video, and whether it’s Good News Friday worthy:

Me: Watch this for a minute, I want to put it on Good News Friday
Wife (laughing hysterically): You can’t! How is this good news?
Me: It’s funny! It’ll make people smile at the end of a long week.
Wife: You can only run it if you find out the kid was OK.
Me: (after two minutes googling “Kid dies from toy backboard injury” and finding nothing): HE WAS FINE!

Seriously, try to watch this only once. You can’t. And it’s so much better with the sound.

It’s so great. And I’m pretty sure he was fine.