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Good News Friday: A freed American journalist offers thanks. Jimmy Kimmel’s awesome “Friends” reunion. And the NFL, belatedly, takes a strong stand against domestic violence.


Well, a few days ago I was going to lead Good News Friday this week with the heroic tale of Southern California football player Josh Shaw, who told his coach and the media that he injured his ankles jumping off a balcony trying to save his 7-year-old nephew from drowning. What a sportsman! What a guy! Let’s celebrate his … screech! Hold that thought.

Turns out Shaw made the whole thing up. A good friend of mine who knows things about USC said the real story he got is that Shaw was being chased by his girlfriend and leaped off his apartment balcony to escape, which makes a whole lot more sense than the fiction he told.
Finally Wednesday, Shaw admitted he made the whole thing up, but Newsweek’s John Walters got the scoop on how deep the deception went. Crazy, crazy story.

OK, onto some legitimate good news, news we’re pretty sure is true. As horrifying as the story of journalist James Foley’s death at the hands of terrorists was, this week we got a 180 degree turn as Peter Theo Curtis, an American reporter, was finally freed after two years of being held in Syria by Al Qaeda.

I was listening to the audio of Curtis’ welcome-home interview Thursday, and was struck by the sincerity of this quote:

“I had no idea that so much effort was being expended on my behalf,” the journalist said in his first public comments since he was kidnapped in 2012. “I suddenly remembered how good the American people are and what kindness they have in their hearts.”

Remember that every once in a while, that for all the Ferguson awfulness and so many other horrors, America is filled with good-hearted people who are kind. Not an exciting message, but a true one that always needs repeating.

**Next up, this was fantastic: While he had Jennifer Aniston on as a guest, Jimmy Kimmel staged 1/2 of a “Friends” reunion this week, and it’s worth watching if only for the exactreplica of Rachel and Monica’s apartment kitchen.


**And finally, it may be too late (OK, it is way too late) but it appears the NFL has finally decided to get serious about its players committing domestic violence. After a hail of criticism came down on Commissioner Roger Goodell’s head for his minuscule two-game suspension of Ray Rice this year, he apparently got the message, and Thursday announced that first-time offenders will be suspended for six games, and second-time offenders will be banned from the league for life.

Now, will this rule have unintended consequences, as some on the Web suggested Thursday, and mean spouses of NFL players will be less likely to report their abuse? Perhaps.

But it finally sends a strong and clear message from the top that the NFL is taking this problem seriously.

I ruminate on John Mayer’s love life. And an incredible essay on Springsteen and life

I very rarely spend much time thinking about celebrities, and even less time on their love lives.
But for some odd reason I found myself thinking about John Mayer Thursday night, after I sped past yet another news headline on the Internet about him dating Giada De Laurentiis, the hottie from the Food Network.
I got to wondering, what is Mayer’s life like? He seems to have all these short relationships with all these gorgeous women like Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston.
And they all end, and women seem to say bad things about him. But then he dates another beautiful woman, so clearly he’s got something going on for him.
I mean, behind the handsome face and cool musician vibe. I wonder if he’s happy bouncing from girl to girl, or if he wants to settle down.
I have no idea why I’m wondering these things. But it seems to me impossible that John Mayer could find this fulfilling, having a new girlfriend every few months. I wouldn’t want that kind of life; just when you’re getting to the good stuff of the relationship, Bam, he’s out of there.
If any of my readers know him, could you ask Mr. Mayer about all this for me? Thanks.

**So I am clearly obsessed with the great writer Joe Posnanski, as those who are on my email list know. And I could truly link to and recommend everything the guy writes, but I realize that would dilute the effect.
So hopefully when I tell you that this incredible essay, about Bruce Springsteen, one of his obscure 1970s songs, and fathers and sons, is going to be the best thing you’ll read this month, you’ll believe me.
Please take 10 minutes and check it out; it got me choked up and nearly brought tears to my eyes.
Enjoy, and have a great weekend. Here’s a clip of Bruce playing the song discussed in the essay, by the way:

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