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Kagan confirmed, and more history is made. And Isiah Thomas. Oh, Isiah is back

It’s a Friday in August, so the news could pass easily without much comment or thought.
Elena Kagan, a perfectly acceptable nominee with not even a whiff of controversy about her, was confirmed as the next Justice of the Supreme Court. Elena Kagan, a woman.

Who will now join two other women on the Supreme Court, making 33 percent of the highest court in our land composed of women. That’s incredible progress.
Ninety years ago, women fought for the simple right to vote for their elected officials.
Forty years ago, women fought to be allowed to have abortions.
In the last 30 years women have fought so many battles for equality, for justice, to be treated better in the workplace. So many fights are left. There are still so few women Senators, Congressmen, heads of major companies, yada yada yada.

But three women are now on the Supreme Court. That’s a remarkable thing, I think. And it shouldn’t pass unnoticed.

**I’m not a Knicks fan. In fact, I’m a Nets fan, so I hate the Knicks. But even I’m starting to feel sorry for Knicks backers this summer. First they don’t get LeBron,. Then they get stuck paying $100 million to Amare Stoudemire, a really good player but not someone who can carry your franchise.

Then you wake up Friday and discover they’ve re-hired Isiah Thomas as a consultant.

Isiah Thomas? Really???? The guy who got sued for sexual harassment, and cost the team millions of dollars after he was found guilty? The guy who gave Jerome James and Eddy Curry millions of free agent dollars? The guy who was such a bad GM, it made even his coaching look good by comparison???

This is a guy, James Dolan and Donnie Walsh, this is a guy you felt you needed to bring BACK to the organization as a consultant? What, so he could blow up Madison Square Garden and poison the NYC water supply for his final act?

The excellent Shaun Powell, over at ESPNNewYork.com, has, I believe the right take.

The truly astonishing part? James Dolan, the Knicks’ clueless owner, actually wanted Isiah to be brought back as general manager, the same position he used to have!

Disbelief. Sheer and utter disbelief.