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The fugitive who just loved karaoke a little too much. Jerry Seinfeld refuses to hug Ke$ha and it’s hilarious. And a fantastic story about the actors who played the kids in “The Wire.”

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The Jets behave like the Jets, and I still am somewhat surprised. Obama and Seinfeld have coffee and drive around. And the Dashcam Pro infomercial is hysterical and awful


How I can now spend the three hours next weekend that I thought I’d be watching a New York Jets playoff game:
1. Taking a walk outside in freezing January temperatures.
2. Catch up on my correspondence.
3. Contemplate why my 16-month-old gets such immense joy from ripping a piece of toilet paper from the roll, walking to the garbage can, and dropping it in. Then repeating this behavior 11 more times while giggling.
4. Decide once and for all, if I prefer Ginger or Mary Ann.
5. Start learning a foreign language.
6. Beat myself over the head with a wooden mallet, which, let’s face it, is pretty much the same experience as watching a Jets game.

Happily, any and all of those options are at my disposal, since my pathetic excuse for a football team decides the best way to finish off what has been a surprisingly fabulous season is to play an awful game they had to win up in Buffalo, to qualify for the playoffs.

I’m not going to get all upset and riled up again going over all the details. Suffice to say, I was angry for a good solid hour after the game Sunday, then spent 20 minutes mad at myself for being 40 and still allowing this franchise’s performance to affect my emotional state.

So, you know, typical end to the Jets season.

**Next up today, you know I love me some Jerry Seinfeld, and I love when Barack Obama does pop-culture-y things that shows off his sense of humor, so of course I loved this episode of “Comedians in Cars Coffee,” that debuted last week, with Seinfeld and our Commander in Chief kicking it in the White House.

My two favorite parts (and I recommend the whole thing🙂 at the 10-minute mark when Seinfeld asks Obama about if he ever touches the thermostat in the White House, and at around 14:00 when Seinfeld says “How many world leaders do you meet and think they’re completely out of their minds?”

**Finally today, it’s been a while since I’ve had fun with a terrible infomercial on this blog, but I saw this commercial the other day and was immediately horrified/fascinated, which is exactly the reaction you want when watching one of these. Have you seen this, people? It’s the Dashcam Pro videocamera for your car, and it’s apparently a MUST-have item for your vehicle.

I have lots and lots of questions after watching this: First of all, given what we’ve seen on the news the last few years, I have total faith that the white police officer would be fine with the militant-sounding African-American driver in an accident reaching over to his windshield and shoving a small camera in his face.

Next, the first few clips show innocent people getting their cars smashed and their fabulous camera footage saving them. But at the :21 mark, the “innocent” woman is applying makeup while driving and then gets hit. Isn’t she the one at fault here?

Also, at 1:05 they brag about flipping the camera screen on road trips to “capture all those special moments” in the car. Are you kidding me? No actual family has ever had a “special moment” on a road trip. It’s four hours of bickering, threats to turn the car around, or sheer boredom. And if the camera is facing the other way, isn’t going to miss the accident you’re about to have when you turn around to smack your kids?

Wait, I’m just getting started. Do we really need yet another device to be distracted by/have to pay attention to in the car? Will one of the people who get into an accident use the “sorry officer, I was adjusting the angle of my stupid dashboard camera.”

“It’s the most important tool you’ll ever buy for your car!” Really? New brakes, replacement tires, none of that is more important?

And yet… I almost kinda maybe want the thing.

The new Chris Rock movie is not as good as the hype (but it’s decent). Darlene Love belts it out for Letterman one more time. And South Dakota’s hilarious accidentally dirty billboard


I took my 3-month-old to the movies the other day, which some of my family and friends have called crazy and others have applauded (Hey, the kid’s got to get out in the world, it was a rainy afternoon, and it was a fun adventure. He behaved beautifully in the theater, didn’t cry a peep while sleeping through the whole flick, and except for some difficulty on the bus, it was a successful trip.)

Was very excited to see “Top Five,” the Chris Rock movie being hyped as an actual “good” Chris Rock movie, and really funny and smart and sharp. Best movie of his career, the critics I trust said.

And maybe it was. But it sure wasn’t as stellar as I had hoped.

First, the good: There were some genuinely laugh-out-loud funny scenes, the two best being when Rock’s stand-up comedian-turned-actor, Andre Allen, goes back to his old neighborhood and meets up with Tracy Morgan and others, and a hilarious strip-club scene with cameos by Jerry Seinfeld and Adam Sandler (Seinfeld works blue here and it’s awesome; he says a word in this flick that I’m 100 percent certain he’s never said on stage before).

The story itself is not bad: Andre is getting married in a few days to a reality-TV star played by Gabrielle Union, but before that he’s spending a day with a New York Times reporter played by Rosario Dawson, to help promote a new “serious” movie he’s in.

But so much of the movie just felt forced to me; Dawson’s “journalist” was the most unprofessional and ridiculous portrayal of a newspaper reporter since Drew Barrymore played a copy editor with a secretary in “Never Been Kissed,” Rock’s not that good of an actor so his attempts at seriousness fall flat, and the ending didn’t really do it for me.

Still, it did have some laughs, and probably is the best movie Rock has done. Honestly, it’s worth seeing just for the Seinfeld and Sandler scene, truly side-splittingly awesome.

**Next up, it’s Christmas Eve, and I’d like to wish all my readers who celebrate a Merry Christmas. May your stocking be filled with everything you want, and make Christmas dinner make you stuffed and happy.

There are a lot of great Christmas traditions out there, and I’m not about to say one is better than the other. But one I’ve come to love, along with millions of others, is the fantastic female singer Darlene Love coming to the David Letterman show a few days before Dec. 25 every year, and belting out a beautiful rendition of “(Christmas) Baby Please Come Home.”

Love has an incredible voice, she’s been wowing Letterman for more than 20 years, and with his show ending in May, this was the last performance for him.

Just fantastic stuff, gives me chills to hear how beautiful her voice is.


**And finally, this made me laugh pretty hard, because there’s still a 12-year-old boy inside of all of us.

The state of South Dakota gets a lot of snow and ice in the winter, and is trying to spread the word to drivers not to jerk their steering wheels to avoid accidents, thereby causing accidents.

So they came up with a public service campaign, putting up billboards and commercials, with the slogan: “Don’t Jerk and Drive.”

Somewhere, Bart Simpson is laughing his ass off.

An awesome group helps inner-city people get into the corporate world. A “Seinfeld” mini-reunion is coming (maybe)!. And 4-foot-11 dribbling wizard.

Happy Super Bowl Friday to you! For the record, my prediction is Denver 31, Seattle 28, in what ought to be a heck of a game.

But first, some Good News Friday stories to get you in the mood going into the weekend. First up, I saw this fantastic segment on “60 Minutes” this week and felt like I wanted to share it.

It’s about an organization called Year Up, which offers training programs and internship opportunities to get into the corporate world for inner-city disadvantaged youth.

The program has a strict entry requirement, but once inside men and women are given intense training, then placed in Fortune 500 companies for six-month paid internships, and many of the new employees go on to get full-time jobs with companies like American Express and J.P. Morgan.

Just look at the faces of the successful trainees in this piece, and you’ll see why it’s so vital that chances are offered to people who never get them. There’s so much undiscovered talent in America, but too often it’s overlooked because of how someone looks, or their background.

This Year Up program is awesome; I wish there were 100 more programs like it.

**Next, something potentially awesome for the millions of us who loved “Seinfeld.” On a New York radio show Thursday, Jerry Seinfeld said he and Jason Alexander, along with Larry David, had recently filmed “something” that will air at some point.

Seinfeld is very evasive and the radio guys had to drag details out of him, but hell, I’ll take it. Any “Seinfeld” reunion would be awesome; we had a mini-reunion on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” a couple years ago and it was terrific.

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to see it.

**And finally today, meet Chase Adams. He’s 4-foot-11, in 7th grade, and has mad skills on the basketball court (Yeah, I said “mad skills.” I’m cool like that.)

Someone sent me this video this week and I was amazed. I see a college scholarship in Chase’s future. (The play at :33 was my favorite).

Good News Friday: Don Rickles, still funny. A corgi has fun in a pool. And a very unusual soldier return surprise

**Jury Duty update: If you read my post on Wednesday, you know how excited I was for jury duty, my first-ever. Alas, it was a dud. After sitting in a giant room for 2 1/2 hours (and getting to watch a video on my civic duty narrated by Ed Bradley!), the jury lady told us that all the cases in civil court that day had been settled, and we were all dismissed from jury duty, and didn’t need to come back. For another six years, till we get chosen again.
I am so bummed.

Happy Friday to all of you! Wanted to start today celebrating a national treasure: Don Rickles.
The grand old man of comedy was one of the first comedians I ever remember seeing on TV; as a little kid I was watching Johnny Carson one night (my Grandma, bless her, let us stay up and watch when we slept over her house) and here was this short, bald, fat guy, with a rapid-fire wit cracking on everyone in the audience.

He didn’t have many set jokes; he just seemed like such a naturally funny guy, and he made Johnny Carson pee in his pants laughing.

Anyway, Rickles is 86 now, and still damn funny. He was on the Jerry Seinfeld show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” recently, and it’s 11 minutes of funny (click below for the clip).


**Next up, who doesn’t love see Corgis frolic around in the pool.? If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, nothing will.

**Finally today, we’ve all seen a ton of these “soldier surprises family by returning home from war” videos, but this one is a bit different.

Watch Capt. Bronson swim up and give his wife and kids the surprise of their life.

In praise of Howard Stern, master interviewer. A great Harry Caray/Lumineers mash-up. And “20 Feet from Stardom” a must-see

MrMet**So this has nothing to do with anything except I feel I must share it: Last week, the wife and I were at Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park (we only got to see about 25 minutes before a thunderstorm washed it out) and before the show we were getting a bite to eat in the park when, totally out of nowhere, Mr. Met, the Mets mascot, walked five feet from us.

Startled, I of course called out “Hi Mr. Met!” and he waved. But what the hell was Mr. Met doing in full costume at 7 p.m. on a Thursday, nowhere near a baseball game?
I’ve been wondering ever since. On a related note, can you imagine sitting behind Mr. Met at a theater? No way you’re going to see anything.

OK, on with the show…

I have zero love for Howard Stern. In fact, I pretty much loathe him.
This has led to heated arguments with two of my best friends, who both worship him and listen to him all the time.
I admire his success, but always found his brand of filth just pretty unfunny.
However, I have to give the man props for this: He’s really an excellent interviewer. He gets celebrities to open up and be totally revealing, and he lets them talk about their worlds in a way you don’t get anywhere else on TV or radio.

Last week he had Jerry Seinfeld on, and I was alerted by several websites I look at that this was one of his best. I checked it out and it was indeed fantastic. It’s 90 minutes of Seinfeld letting loose on his iconic show, comedian’s insecurity, his childhood, and a host of other topics.

I know you probably don’t have 90 minutes right now to listen to it, but if you listen 15-20 minutes a time like I did, it’s worth your time.

**Next up, something I found hilarious. Someone on the Internet took the time to mash-up The Lumineers’ big hit “Ho, Hey” with Will Ferrell’s brilliant Harry Caray impression from “Saturday Night Live.”

I watched it three times and laughed harder each time.

**Finally, a quick plug for a great documentary I saw the other night. It’s called “20 Feet from Stardom,” and it’s about the history of backup singers in rock and roll. And it was really, really fascinating.

So man of these great women (and they were mostly women), like Darlene Love and Merry Clayton, have been forgotten by history, or at least marginalized. In the movie we get to hear their stories (Clayton’s tale of being the incredible voice on the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” is worth the price of admission alone), hear their voices, and learn what their lives have been like.

Some of the lucky ones got to make it as a solo artist; but most of them had to be content standing in the shadows, making the “talent” sound good and getting very little credit.

It’s a moving film about a group of people who we never hear from, and you’ll walk out of the theater feeling good.
It’s in limited release but check out this site to see if it’s playing hear you.

Good News Friday: Jerry Seinfeld, still really funny. NYC’ers show their creative and lazy side. And the most awesome sign-language interpreter ever

Jerry Seinfeld has been funny forever, back when my family and I would go to Westbury Music Fair on Long Island and watch him perform in front of a few thousand people and wonder, “Why isn’t this guy more famous? He’s terrific!”

Of course, he kind of got a little famous from this TV show he did.

Anyway, what I admire about Seinfeld these days is he’s a man who has all the money and career success you could want, yet he’s still out there doing stand-up, coming up with funny new material. He’s just a guy who still loves telling jokes, even when he doesn’t need to. He risks NOT being funny and tarnishing his rep, but he doesn’t care.

He was on Jimmy Fallon the other night and killed, as usual. His bit about golf was hilarious, especially to a golf-hater like myself.


**Next up, I tip my cap to the ingenuity of my fellow New Yorkers, which sort of counts as good news since I love it when citizens get around what the government wants.
What am I talking about? All over New York the last few weeks CitiBikes have popped up. This is the brainchild of our mayor forever Mike Bloomberg and Citibank, and basically it’s a bike-sharing service all over the city where people can swipe their debit card at any of 600 stations in the five boroughs, borrow a bike to get somewhere, then return it to another station.

Pretty simple, but my fellow Manhattanites have come up with a twist on this idea: Instead of going to a health club and paying hundreds of bucks a month to ride a stationary bike, they are going to the bike rental stations, leaving the bikes locked, and then riding them in place for a half hour for free.

Only catch? You can only ride the bikes backwards while they’re locked in place.
Still, it’s a hell of a workout.

**Finally today, something totally out of left field that made me smile (hat tip to my friend and fellow Blue Hen Rachel C. for pointing me to this). Check out this woman at the bottom right of the screen, a sign-language interpreter named Holly is totally translating the, um, un-clean lyrics of Wu-Tang Clan at a recent music festival.

Holly is totally into it!

Good News Friday: Billy Joel makes a college kid’s dream come true. A Corgi who’s an awesome goalie. And the best video Bar Mitzvah invite ever

**Was all set to write about my excitement that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played Thursday night in California, their first match in a year. But Fed’s injured back barely let him move, and Nadal, not really healthy himself, drubbed him. Made me sad to see Fed so not like himself. Get better soon, Fed.

Meanwhile, watching 5 minutes of Jerry Seinfeld doing stand-up from Wednesday night cheered me up a little. The man’s still got it.

Billy Joel may not be what he used to be; his voice isn’t the same, his reputation has been ruptured by his several drunk driving incidents (hey, when “Saturday Night Live” parodies you multiple times, that’s not good), and he hasn’t made any new music in quite a while.

But for people like me who great up in the 1980s with his music, he’ll always be a legend. So it was nice to see a kid who was born WAY after “Piano Man” and “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” came out feel the same way about Billy as millions of us do.

At a college student lecture/concert recently at Vanderbilt University, Billy was asked a question by 20-year-old Michael Pollack, a Vandy student and aspiring songwriter who asked if he could come up and play “New York State of Mind” with Joel.

Billy said “Sure,” and the above video ensued. Just beautiful. I’ve talked about this with my friend Pearlman a bunch, as both of us have been around celebrities a lot and have seen how big of a jerk they can be to fans.

It takes so little for a superstar to make the day of a fan, so little to give someone a lasting memory. I don’t know why more celebrities don’t just take the five seconds to be nice.

Anyway, the Vandy kid does a hell of a job here, don’t you think? Here’s a little background on how he got to play with Billy.

**And now, the most excited Corgi in the world, playing goalie with a ball tossed by his owner.

The anticipation of the dog is my favorite part; he just cannot wait for that ball to be thrown.

**Finally today, saying something is “the coolest Bar Mitzvah invitation ever” isn’t exactly clearing a high bar, I know. But this kid Jorel totally nailed this video invite, with an assist from the music of Queen;

I wish I could go, I bet it’ll be a killer party.

R.I.P. Sally Ride, a true American pioneer. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, just hanging out, hilariously. And a big day for the Rangers: Rick Nash is coming to NYC

The thing that surprised me most when I read that the first American woman in space, Sally Ride had died Monday night? Her age.
For a person who accomplished as much as Ride did, and to be only 61 when she passed away due to cancer, was eye-opening.
This was a woman who was a true pioneer, becoming the first woman accepted at NASA as an astronaut in 1978, and who then flew two missions.

As discriminatory barrier after barrier falls away as society becomes more enlightened and less beholden to the past, you sometimes forget how big a deal it was when certain blockades fell. In the middle of the feminism wave of the 1970s, Ride literally proved women could go anywhere men could go, all the way to outer space.

She was a wonderful role model for girls who loved science, and a terrific representative for all who had the imagination to go where few had gone before.

Hers was a life cut short too soon, and she will be missed. But as long as the tales of traveling in orbit are told, Sally Ride will be remembered.

**Jerry Seinfeld, whose post-“Seinfeld” career hasn’t been all that, you know, funny, may finally have something worth watching again. He’s got a new Web-only show on Crackle.com called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” Which is exactly what it is.

For episode one he had his old partner Larry David on, and it was fantastic. These two are just so clearly, perfectly in tune, that it’s like watching jazz, seeing them riff off each other. A definite good use of 13 minutes of your time; watch the clip above (and enjoy the real spit-take around the 8-minute mark).

**Finally, on a day when the New York Yankees acquired the great outfielder Ichiro (who may or may not be washed up, we’ll see), I was much more excited by another trade one of my favorite teams made Monday.
After months of negotiating, and trade talks stalling, the deal was finally cinched: Star goal-scorer Rick Nash is coming to the Rangers. My Blueshirts had to give up a few good players, but nobody anywhere close the quality of Nash, who scored 30 goals every year on a terrible team in Columbus. Imagine what he’ll do playing with Ryan Callahan and Brad Richards every night!

This trade makes the Rangers a lot better. If there’s a hockey season this fall (and that’s a big if, with an owners’ lockout looming), I’m very pumped for the Rangers’ chances.
Rick Nash, welcome to Broadway. Now don’t screw up.

Stewart and Seinfeld kill on “The Daily Show.” “Rescue Me” is back for one more fire. And the cheesiest yet most awesome city promo video ever.

I was practically in tears laughing while watching this on “The Daily Show” Wednesday night.

Jon Stewart had just finished a piece mocking Marcus Bachmann, husband of Michele Bachmann, and a complete lunatic who compares gay people to barbarians and wants to “cure” them. Stewart and his special guest Jerry Seinfeld underwent some “comedy repression therapy” and it’s just too damn funny:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**I’m an enormous fan of the Denis Leary show “Rescue Me,” which I’ve written about a few times on here. If you have never watched it, man, you are missing some seriously awesome TV.
Its final season started Wednesday night, and of course it was awesome. The firemen of Ladder 62 in New York have one final chance to fight fires, save lives, and be incredibly, outrageously, inappropriately funny as well.

Can’t wait to see how this show ends. I have no idea if Tommy Gavin (Leary’s character) is going to die, if Lou will ever find true love, and whether Sheila will finally go completely nutso and blow away every man in her life.
But I know it’s going to be a fabulous ride. Seriously, I implore you, watch this show once and you’ll be hooked. Wednesday nights, 10 p.m. on FX.

**Man, I had totally forgotten all about this next clip until I saw it on grantland.com Wednesday night. And I gotta admit, it totally made me laugh and smile.
In the early 1990s, NBC made this incredibly detailed “I Love New York” style promo video for the city. It was cheesy, hilarious in its “over the top”-ness, but also all kinds of awesome.
If you’re a New Yorker, or were back then, you’ll probably appreciate this the most…

Vodpod videos no longer available.