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After Paris attack, fear and helplessness. A lively Democratic debate exposes Bernie, and Hillary makes a bizarre 9/11 reference. And a hilarious ticket option if you love your in-laws (or don’t).


I don’t know what to say about yet another terrorist attack on the people of a free nation, by those who want to destroy freedom and democracy.

Friday night’s devastation in Paris, killing 129 people and injuring more than 200 more, struck me with lots of feelings. Fear, that ISIS and other terrorist groups are getting stronger, not weaker, and that this “war on terror” will probably go on forever.

I felt helplessness, knowing that this is only one attack of many, that there are still millions of people around the world who hate Western democracies like the U.S. and France, and that once again, just like on 9/11, people who are evil were one step ahead, intelligence-gathering wise, than those who are trying to stop them.

I felt anger, and I felt rage, and I felt sympathy for the people in Paris who seem to be more of a target for terrorism than other places.

But what I didn’t feel is hopeless. I’m by all means an optimist always trying to believe that the good will overcome the bad. And of course I can’t tell you that there won’t be more tragedy, that there won’t be tears and bloodshed.

But I know that there is still way more good than bad in the world, and that no amount of suicide bombers or automatic weapons will change that.

I refuse to live my life in fear of terrorism, even though I live in one of the biggest target cities in the whole world.


Maybe I’m naive, maybe I’m being Pollyanna, maybe the world really will be brought to its knees by terror.
But I refuse to believe that. Look at the faces in that photo above, taken on the streets of Paris after the attack.

None of them believe it either.


**OK, time for a palate-cleanser. I’ve seen a whole lot of creative marketing ideas by college and pro teams trying to attract fans, but this one might be one of my favorites, ever. Georgetown University is offering spectators a chance to bring their in-laws to their game with Bryant on Nov. 28.

But the kicker is this: When you buy the tickets, you can choose the promo code “sit with” if you want your in-laws next to you, or “sitwout” and they’ll get seated across the arena from your own seats.

Hey, I love my in-laws dearly, but I think this could be a VERY successful promotion!

**And finally, Saturday night’s Democratic presidential debate was pretty entertaining and lively, I thought, but sadly nothing happened that will likely shake the narrative of the race: That Hillary Clinton is firmly in control, and Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley have only a slim chance of beating her.

Some thoughts from my liberal-loving brain on the 2-hour Iowa debate:

— By far the strangest and worst moment of the debate was when Clinton, finally really being pressed by Bernie about her long history of being cozy with Wall Street money, came up with the bizarre invocation of 9/11 and how close she was with New Yorkers down at the World Trade Center as a defense of her chumminess with Wall Street (the clip is above). It was a page out of Rudy Giuliani, throwing 9/11 into a conversation when it had no business being there. It was a bit offensive and made no sense.

— Bernie was strong thru much of the debate, but he didn’t fully press Hillary on her many position shifts to the left in the last several months (TPP anyone)?, and he was again weak on his previous support of gun rights. I don’t think he understands just how huge of an issue gun control is on the left; he’s gotta come up with better answers on this.

— I thought O’Malley was terrific again, especially with his “boots on the ground” comment, that a Mom in Iowa told him politicians should stop using that phrase, that her son is more than just a pair of boots. I think in most other elections, O’Malley would have a real strong shot at the nomination. This year, though, against two forces of nature like Bernie and Hillary, he’s getting demolished.

— I’m fairly certain these two people have never been in the same sentence, but Hillary has some Floyd Mayweather in her: She never gets hit head-on, always manages to dodge and weave and escape major damage. It’s really quite the remarkable talent, just as is her talent for avoiding direct questions.

— I thought John Dickerson, the moderator, did a hell of a job, trying to press the three of them on past statements and voting records, and seeing if they’d make their criticisms of each other face-to-face that they’d made elsewhere.

— Time’s running short on Bernie. He must win Iowa and New Hampshire to hae a shot at this huge upset. He needs a Hail Mary or a Clinton implosion, either of which is possible.