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Trump is up (frighteningly) and Bernie’s down after weekend primaries. And a wrestler proposes marriage to his opponent during the match (and it’s great)


It has gone from an impossibility, to a “probably never going to happen,” to a “it can’t REALLY happen, can it?” to a “dammit, it really could happen,” to now, finally “Holy cow, it’s really going to happen, isn’t it?”

I speak of course, about the chances the biggest egotistical a-hole in America, Mr. Donald J. Trump, could be one of two candidates with a chance to be elected President of these United States.

It’s no longer in the theoretical, it’s no longer “come on, this couldn’t possibly what we’re going to be stuck with,” mode. Donald Trump, a man who I don’t even think wants to be President, has won 2 of the 3 contests held so far, and stands a good chance of winning a bunch more on Super Tuesday (March 1).

I know everyone has already said this, but it’s truly like nothing we’ve ever seen before. No matter what Trump says, or does, his poll numbers and popularity stays the same, or rises.
He insults the Pope? No problem. Muslims, women, handicapped people, his opponents? All good, Donald! We’re still with you, Donald!

I thought Mitt Romney, and John McCain, and W. were frightening, but it was really just their beliefs and values that scared me. With this idiot, I really have no idea whatsoever what he would do or say as President. Him in power would be worse than anything we’ve ever seen in American politics.

Now, I know there’s still time, and with Jeb Bush dropping out of the GOP race maybe Marco Rubio or John Kasich gets a bump.

But goddamn, this Trump phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down. I can’t possibly believe he’d ever win a general election, because he’s a madman. But I don’t want to take that chance. Somebody, somehow, someway in the Republican Party is going to find a way to stop this man.

Right? Right?

A few more thoughts from Saturday’s primaries:

— Looking a little bleak for my man Bernie Sanders. He lost Saturday by 6 points in Nevada, lost most key demographics, and Hillary will probably clean his clock in South Carolina. My heart tells me that lots of voters are still getting to know Bernie, and he’ll do better in some of the more liberal Super Tuesday states like Minnesota and Massachusetts. But my head says Hillary may have taken his best punch and survived, and now she’s home free.

— Here’s the kind of stuff that would be totally approved of in a Trump Presidency: From Vox.com: “An Oklahoma gun range wouldn’t let Army reservist shoot there because he’s Muslim.”

— So disappointed we won’t have a 3rd Bush Presidency (sarcasm font). Whoever would’ve thought W. would be so much better as a politician than Jeb? Or maybe Jeb is just running for President at a time where the old rules no longer apply? I think the mainstream media is still kind of shocked Jeb did so poorly.

— Finally, John Kasich is hardly a moderate, but in this field he appears to be the only candidate who doesn’t make insane statements and lies frequently. He also seems to have a heart, as evidenced by this great clip at one of his town meetings last week. A really sweet, emotional moment.

**OK, next up, something you just don’t see every day: A pro wrestler proposing marriage to his opponent in the middle of a match.

Minor league wrestler Joey Ryan was in an intergender match against his girlfriend, Laura James, when the referee got “knocked out,” (as so often happens in pro wrestling, those poor refs get so much abuse).

With a pause in the match, Ryan walked over to his corner, pulled something out of a bag, and suddenly got on his knees in front of his opponent and asked her to marry him. (the good part starts at about the :30 mark)

She was shocked, and it was awesome! And then, of course, because it’s wrestling, the match continued and he pinned her.

Nothing says love like proposing in tights on a mat.


A political revolution gets a major win: Bernie Sanders takes New Hamshire (Trump does too). James Corden and Cindy Crawford hilariously re-create her Super Bowl ad. And the craziest story, maybe ever, from Australia

CONCORD, NH - FEBRUARY 09:  Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane O'Meara (R) greets supporters after winning the New Hampshire Democratic Primary February 9, 2016 in Concord, New Hampshire.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Six years ago, my mother told me Bernie Sanders should run for President, and that he would win.

I love my mother more than anything. She’s a wonderful, huge-hearted woman who is as bleeding-heart liberal as they come, and she truly doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t feel the same way she does about things.

So, given that she gave me life and everything, I gently patted her on the head, laughed pretty hard, and sweetly and patronizingly said “Mom, that’s completely nuts. Never could happen. Only in your wildest dreams.”

Well now … I’ve decided, six years later, that my mother might be the female Jewish Karl Rove, or at least, the James Carville of the Whole Foods crowd.

She saw what no one else did, or at least, what no one else would admit publicly.

A 74-year-old Jewish man from Brooklyn (L’chaim!) won a resounding 22-point point victory over Hillary Clinton Tuesday night in the New Hampshire primary. And even though it’s looked for weeks like Bernie would win, and win big, this is still yuuuge news. (Here’s his victory speech from Tuesday night.)

He’s now tied one state and won another, an incredible underdog suddenly scaring the bejeezus out of the Clinton machine. I just kept smiling during his victory speech Tuesday, because of what the great Rachel Maddow verbalized right after Sanders finished: We liberals have NEVER had a serious Presidential candidate say these things on a national stage, and it’s glorious to behold.

I know, I know. It still seems kinda impossible that Bernie can beat Hillary, and then win a general. But then you see, seconds after Bernie finished his victory speech, a complete sexist, racist gasbag who has no bleeping idea what he’s saying get up on stage after his yuuge primary win, and you think: If it’s Bernie vs. Trump, really, Bernie couldn’t win that?

Dare to dream, folks. Dare to dream. Tuesday night was a wonderful night.

Couple other thoughts from Tuesday night…

— Hillary Clinton’s concession speech was fabulous. She sounded like a true firebrand liberal. And if Bernie has done nothing else over the past six months, he’s forced her far to the left, which is a good, good thing for America. Since she’ll probably be our next President.

— I can’t wait to see some new South Carolina polling numbers following tonight’s win. Methinks it’ll be pretty damn close.

— Congrats, John Kasich, on coming in 2nd! Sadly I think this is the last we’ll hear from him. He’s way too reasonable to win.

— So much for that “Marco-mentum, huh?” Chris Christie really destroyed Rubio in the debate last Saturday, and Marco may never recover.

— There is not one genuine bone in Trump’s body. Not one. I listened to his victory speech and it was just so obnoxious.  I will never, ever understand how this man could be so worshipped by so many. He makes Dick Cheney look uncertain.

**Next up, as I wrote on Monday, this year’s Super Bowl commercials were pretty lame. Very few memorable ones.

Not like the magical Cindy Crawford Pepsi ad from 1992, which was pretty huge for 16-year-old me at the time, since I, like millions of other red-blooded American males, positively worshipped the ground Cindy walked on (I had several Cindy posters in my room, as did most of my friends).

Well, James Corden and the still insansely-pretty Cindy did a great “update” spoof of the commercial recently, and it’s hilarious.



**Finally today, this might be the craziest story I ever heard (except, you know, Donald Trump maybe being President.). An Australian woman confronted her husband at her own funeral.

He’d paid men to kidnap and kill her, they took his money, but decided not to murder her. They told him they’d done it, he planned a funeral, than in the parking lot on the way out, she scared the hell out of him.

He eventually confessed, and just got sentenced to nine years in prison.

I’m nowhere near close to doing this story justice, though. Read it, and then go hug your spouse and be very, very glad they’re not as crazy as this guy.

“Steve Jobs” a rip-roaring, crackling good time at the movies. Another disgraceful police brutality incident at a school in S.C. And GOP Debate III, the insanity continues!


(That World Series game last night, oh my God how fantastic was that! Too exhausted to write about it after it ended, but wow was that great.)

Sometimes, it’s like movies are made exactly for me.

Aaron Sorkin, my favorite Hollywood writer, pens a flick about Steve Jobs, one of the craziest and most brilliant thinkers of the 20th century? And it stars Kate Winslet, Michael Fassbender, Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels?

Yeah, there was a 99 percent chance I was going to love this picture. The wife and I saw “Steve Jobs” Saturday night, and it was spectacular.

Honestly, I had so much fun at this film, and not just because it was a rare date night without the little guy for us.
Sorkin’s script was so sharp and funny and witty, it was like he’d totally forgotten how badly he’d screwed up “The Newsroom” and was channeling the best of his “The West Wing” writing.
The acting, led by Fassbender’s brilliant, frenetic turn as Jobs, was uniformly terrific, with Rogen surprising the hell out of me with the depth of his performance as Steve Wozniak, Jobs’ co-creator of Apple who got shunned to the side as Jobs’ star rose.

The movie shows Jobs as a complicated, often cruel, often whimsical guy, who had a knack for knowing what the customer wanted most times, but stubbornly refusing to yield to basic common consumer sense at others.

I came away from the movie not feeling sympathy for Jobs, but rather, being amazed he was able to accomplish what he did, with so many crippling flaws.

It’s a truly fantastic movie, with great insights into a man few understood. Go see it.

**Next up, you may have seen this video Tuesday, yet another despicable act by a law enforcement officer. This one thankfully didn’t result in a murder, but is distasteful for other reasons. Monday at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S.C., a female student was assaulted and manhandled by Richland County sheriff’s deputy Ben Fields, one of the two officers who works at the school.

The girl was allegedly not obeying the teacher’s orders, and was asked to leave. Fields then ordered the girl to get up, before he yanked her wrist, wraped his arm around her neck, and FLIPS her (and her desk) onto the ground. Fields then drags her out of the overturned desk, throws her across the room, and jumps on top of her while instructing her to put her hands behind her back. At no point does the girl appear to put up a physical fight.

To say this was an incredible overreaction and a wanton abuse of power is an understatement. Incredibly, I saw some people on Facebook defending Mr. Fields Tuesday.

As my friend and e-migo, Dr. Rebecca M. said to me as we discussed this: “People are arguing that security needed to be called for a student not participating, so that learning could happen. If you think learning is going to happen after students witnessed THAT, congrats you have passed the sociopath test.”


**Finally today, great night for obssessive channel-switchers like me: We’ve got World Series Game 2 (last night was a hell of a game in what ought to be a fabulous Series, I’m picking Royals in 7) and we’ve got Episode 3 of the long-running series “Which 2016 Republican presidential candidate can say the most crazy shit and still get the nomination?”

Yes friends, we’ve got the third GOP debate tonight on CNBC at 8 p.m, starring new front-runner Dr. Ben Carson, who likes to use Nazi Germany references when talking about U.S. legislation; The Man Called Trump, as the great Charlie Pierce calls him, Marco Rubio, who is the only candidate who actually scares me in a general, but can’t seem to get any traction; and W.’s brother, who is running the worst campaign this side of Lincoln Chafee.

One of these days I’ve got to live-blog or live-Tweet these GOP debates, because they’re so batshit crazy, filled with so many far-right ideas and racist, homophobic and xenophobic comments that my head spins.

Couple things to look for tonight: This is the first debate since Carson has surged into the lead, so look for Trump and others to attack him; also, look for Rubio and Bush to really take on Trump some more, now that there’s finally been some denting in his armor.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Kasich continue his theme of “sanity,” in a desperate appeal to seem different from the rest. This debate is supposed to focus on the economy, I’ve read, so with the U.S. economy humming along and the Affordable Care Act a big success in every way, can’t wait to see how they blame Obama.

Get your popcorn, this one ought to be a whole lotta fun.

Mississippi turns back anti-choice zealots. RIP, Joe Frazier. And a news anchor whose hand was, eh, somewhere else

Cramming in a bunch of things today on a Wednesday in November, when the temp here in NYC is still in the 60s, amazingly…

Pretty slow and uneventful Election Night this year, as it usually is during off-year elections.
But two results made this liberal extremely happy. Most importantly, in Mississippi, Initiative 26 was soundly defeated, 58 percent to 42 percent, as of this writing (86 percent of precincts reporting). This was the “Personhood” initiative that I railed about last month, a law that anti-choice zealots in Mississippi tried to pass declaring abortion to be murder, punishable by prison time.

Even in Mississippi, as right-wing a state as you will find in the South, this was deplorable, and was rightly defeated.
Also in Ohio, unions kept their rights to collectively bargain, as Gov. John Kasich was dealt a resounding defeat.
One thing you can always say about my friends the Republicans in politics: You can always count on them to overreach.

**This was pretty damn hilarious. A Russian news anchor is watching a report on female strippers and, well, just watch happens at the 10-second mark. Where was that hand, comrade?

**Speaking of funny, this has nothing to do with anything but it cracked me up. We’ve all gotten those emails telling us to “forward this” or else suffer dire consequences.

**Finally, I meant to write about the great boxing champion Smokin’ Joe Frazier yesterday but simply ran out of time. Frazier, of course, is most remembered for two things: His three epic battles with Muhammad Ali, culminating in the “Thrilla in Manila,” and his knockdown at the hands of George Foreman, resulting in the classic Howard Cosell call “Down goes Frazier!” “Down goes Frazier!”

Frazier had every right to be bitter in his later years; Ali insulted him deeply during the run-up to their troika of battles, and even though Ali was just trying to sell tickets, he wounded Frazier with his “Uncle Tom” remarks and what-not. Frazier was a hell of a fighter in his own right, and I heard the great boxing writer Bert Sugar on the radio Tuesday call him “one of the 10 best heavyweights who ever lived.”
My favorite Frazier remark came during the Thrilla in Manila. Late in the fight Ali whispered to his great foe, “They told me you was washed up.” Frazier’s retort: “They lied, pretty boy.”

Two excellent pieces to point you two if you want to remember Frazier: One, this remembrance by the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Dave Anderson, and then one of the finest pieces of sportswriting in history, Mark Kram’s story about the Thrilla in Manila, from Sports Illustrated.