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Florida GOP doesn’t want teachers helping kids register to vote. A tribute to the Kobra Kai sensai. And a ridiculous wedding lawsuit

You know what the biggest fear of the Republican party is? No, not a weekend alone with Carson Kressley and Cam from “Modern Family.”

It’s voting. They don’t want people to vote. For a generation now, they’ve tried to make it really, really hard for U.S. citizens to vote. They’re just basically scared of the “wrong people” voting. You know, like African-Americans, Hispanics, and any other minority that doesn’t normally vote Republican.

Oh, they throw around words like “voter fraud” and try to make you think that the whole country is Chicago under Richard Daley, and votes are being stolen left and right.
But really, they’re just scared. And they’re making it harder and harder for honest, decent citizens like Jill Cicciarelli of New Smyrna Beach High School in Florida to get kids excited about voting and politics.

If you haven’t heard, Cicciarelli may owe her state, currently being run into the ground by Governor Rick Scott, thousands of dollars. Cicciarelli broke the law recently. She had the nerve to register students at New Smyrna Beach without first getting a registration license, and then she didn’t turn the ballots in under the brand-new deadline of 48 HOURS after the registrations were filled out.

This is all part of a larger pattern in Florida and other states; reduce early voting days, make it harder and harder for people who have moved to vote, etc.

It’s disgusting and despicable that Cicciarelli and other Fla. teachers have “broken the law” by trying to get young people excited about their future.

Truly pathetic. But not at all surprising.

**On a happier note, I love any video that has to do with “The Karate Kid.” Here’s a tribute to Kobra Kai sensai John Kreese, and the numerous facial expressions he makes during the All Valley Karate Tournament. The man got robbed of an Oscar, I tell you. Sweep the leg!

**Finally a truly ridiculous lawsuit. A man named Todd Remis is suing a New York photography studio for not properly documenting his 2003 wedding. He waited six years to file the suit, he and his wife are now divorced (she lives in Latvia now), but Remis wants the studio to pay $48,000 so he can re-create the wedding and re-shoot the last 15 minutes of the reception, which he says the photographers missed.

I mean, I don’t even know what to say. Except if this is the kind of guy Remis is, I have no trouble believing he’s divorced.