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Another tragic NFL suicide: R.I.P, Junior Seau. A cow gets lost and ends up at McDonald’s. And

We don’t know all the details yet.
So we shouldn’t rush to judgement. But yet another horrific tragedy occurred to a former NFL great on Wednesday, and yet another man has died way too young, from causes that may soon fit into a terrible pattern that has emerged.

Junior Seau, 43 years old, died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at his California home Wednesday. He played for 19 years in the NFL, and is a near-certain Hall of Famer. He just retired three years ago.

As you surely know, there has been a ton of attention given lately to the brain damage suffered by NFL players. Andre Waters and Dave Duerson both were found to have significant brain trauma after they died, Duerson by his own hand.

Seau, in his career, must have taken thousands of hits to the head. Is that what sent him into a depression and made him want to kill himself? I have no idea. But I’ve interviewed doctors and concussion specialists before, and all seemed certain that pro football players are at tremendous risk for impaired brain function.

Junior Seau was one of the greatest linebackers of all time. He is yet another NFL player who has died far, far too young. The NFL has a huge issue on its hands, especially if Seau’s autopsy reveals severe brain trauma.

It is time once again for people who love football, and who legislate its rules, to once again ask questions.

Rest in peace, Junior Seau. You were a terror on the football field, a great joy to watch.

But it’s certainly possible that all those years of highlight-film hits led you to an early grave.

**A cow in Colorado named Darcy wandered off the farm and ended up at the drive-thru window of McDonald’s.
Visiting relatives, perhaps (Jonah, is that you on the grill there?)? Seeing where his life will end, perhaps? Who knows.
All I know for sure is that Darcy most certainly did not order a Big Mac.

**Finally, you have to love drunk British tourists who steal things. Well, I love them. Especially when they’re drunk and stealing in Australia.

And what they stole was a penguin from the local zoo.
Yep, this one is too bizarre to make up.  Welshmen Rhys Eric Jones, 21, and his pal Keri Mules, 20, drank 1.5 liters of vodka between them and then decided to break into the Sea World on Queensland’s Gold Coast and stole a penguin named Dirk.
What did Dirk ever do to them, I wonder. According to this story, they took him to their hotel room and put him in the shower, before eventually releasing Dirk into a canal (what, they couldn’t find a nice freezer?).

The pranksters were fined $1,000 Australian. And sentenced to watch “Happy Feet 2” for 24 straight hours.