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The Kansas legislature is bat-shit crazy. Jimmy Fallon takes over “Tonight Show.” And finally, someone in NY who’s enjoying the snow


I continue to be fascinated by the debate over whether gay people in America should get treated as well as straight people.

Fascinated, and horrified that it’s still a debate. It still astounds me that there are millions of Americans who don’t think you should be treated equally and be allowed to marry simply because you love someone of the same sex.

Things are getting better, of course. But for every breakthrough like Michael Sam, there are still homophobic bigots like the scumbags in the Kansas state legislature.

Maybe you missed this story, in all the noise over the past week about the Olympics and the snowstorms and all that. But here’s what happened: The House of Representatives in Kansas legalized discrimination of gay people, in all ways.

According to this article in Slate, “A catch-all clause allows businesses and bureaucrats to discriminate against gay people so long as this discrimination is somehow “related to, or related to the celebration of, any marriage, domestic partnership, civil union or similar arrangement.” (Emphases mine.) In other words, in theory, simply being in a gay relationship with any kind of official status could lose you your job or get you kicked out of a restaurant. And if you sued over this and lost, you’d be stuck with the other side’s attorney’s fees.”

So to recap: This bill would basically strip rights from gay people to do basically, anything in Kansas, and would criminalize any act whatsoever in public.

And this balled overwhelmingly passed the Kansas House.
Thankfully, before this Jim Crow-like law could pass, there was outrage across America, and the Kansas Senate Republicans suddenly decided this wasn’t a very good bill at all, and quickly killed it.

Oh, they’re not suddenly FOR equal treatment of gays, or think gay marriage or relationships are kosher. No, they just don’t like to think of what they’d like to do to gay people as “discrimination.”

“A strong majority of my members support laws that define traditional marriage, protect religious institutions and protect individuals from being forced to violate their personal moral values,” said the Senate leader Susan Wagle. “However, my members also don’t condone discrimination.”

Right. Of course they don’t, Susan.

How revolting that a law like this was even considered. As far as we’ve come on gay rights in 2014, we still have a long, long way to go. The fight is nowhere near over.

**So Jimmy Fallon took over the “Tonight Show” Monday night, and he was really good. Funny, self-deprecating, and enjoyable to watch.

So basically, the opposite of Jay Leno, his predecessor. I’ve always liked Fallon as a talk-show host, after not finding him very funny on “Saturday Night Live.” (sorry, but cracking yourself up with your own jokes is a turn-off.)

He’s clearly really talented, singing and dancing and doing great at rehearsed “skits” on his late-night show that used to air after Leno.

I think Fallon will do great as host of “The Tonight Show,” and cut into Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel’s ratings (though Kimmel is really funny, t00).

Frankly, I’m just glad Leno left. Now everyone on at 11 p.m. is funny and interesting.

**Finally today, we here in New York, and I’m sure most of you across America, are pretty damn sick of the snow. But here’s one guy who managed to have a good time on the snowy streets. Check out Casey Neistat as he soars around NYC while snowboarding.

Amazing he didn’t get hit by a car doing this. (start at :50 for the good parts).