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A glorious night in America, as an African-American gets re-elected President.

Warning: This blog post may be only semi-coherent, as I’m beginning to write it at 3:04 a.m….

Four more years. Four more years of a decent, honorable, well-meaning man of color, continuing to make history and change lives, sitting in the Oval Office.

Four more years of the equal rights of women and gays to do with their own bodies, and love whoever they want to, being respected.

Four more years of science being taken seriously. Four more years of economic recovery, and immigration reform, and maybe even a few new Supreme Court justices who are (gasp) liberal.

Four years where maybe, real progress is made on climate change and the drug war and economic policies that help the neediest.

Most importantly, four years where universal health care becomes a reality.

Barack Obama got it done Tuesday, and in a huge way. 332 Electoral votes (I’m counting Fla.) in this day and age is massive, and absolutely gives him a strong push for a second term that’s historic and revolutionary.

His acceptance speech was beautiful and touching and rousing, the kind of speech Obama gave in 2008. It made me proud to have voted for him.

I’m exhausted but happy and thrilled to be an American tonight.

Some other huge headlines on a election night when liberals like me couldn’t have asked for much more:
The Senate races fell about as great as possible for the Dems. Chris Murphy won in Connecticut (hey Linda McMahon, what did that $77 million get you?). Elizabeth Warren and Heidi Heitkamp won, too.

— Tammy Baldwin, the newest Senator from Wisconsin, deserves her own paragraph. She’s the first openly gay Senator in U.S. history, and what a wonderful pioneer she will be. A great night for women politicians all around.

— A terrific night to see two silly barriers start to come down. First, Maine and Maryland legalized same-sex marriage, the first state voters to approve this enormous change. Washington state may do the same, although full results for that won’t be in for a few days. And a constitutional amendment declaring that marriage is only between a man and a woman was defeated, too. Gay marriage for all in America is now irreversible, don’t you think?

And Colorado and Washington state citizens legalized marijuana, a long-overdue move. I know the federal gov’t won’t allow people in Denver and Seattle to just start smoking up in public, but finally, the people have spoken and acknowledged how silly it is for pot to be criminalized.

— Thank you, Florida Democrats, for refusing to let Rick Scott and his disgusting voter-suppression tactics give Romney a win there.
— Fox News was fascinating after the race was called, with Karl Rove bitching that Fox News’ own analysts shouldn’t have called Ohio for Obama so fast. Bizarre stuff.

— Oh, and just when I thought the night couldn’t get any better, with Dems making gains in the Senate and Obama cruising to re-election, at least 1 and maybe 2 of the most radical, dangerous GOP House members go down to defeat. Allen West of Florida lost by about 2,000 votes to Patrick Murphy, and Michele Bachmann as of this writing is clinging to a 900-vote lead in Minnesota, with 11 percent of the vote still to be counted.

I know, I know, it’s too much to ask for. But if Bachmann could somehow lose, I’d be so, so happy.

— “Hillary 2016” was trending on Twitter tonight. Heaven help us, Dems, do we really want to go back to that? Won’t it be time for some fresh blood? Ah, not gonna let the specter of another Hillary run get me down tonight. I’m in too good a mood.

— The best line in any speech Tuesday night came from Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who will be a serious 2016 Prez candidate if he wants to be. This is what he said about the pot legalization victory:

“Federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug so don’t break out the Cheetos or goldfish just yet.”

— I have no idea where Mitt Romney goes from here. I thought his concession speech was OK. This election was there to be won by a better candidate who actually help positions and consistent beliefs.

— Finally, let’s never take for granted that we get to have peaceful elections in this country. It’s a wonderful thing.


The Texas school board is bat-shit crazy, VP Joey B entertains again, and Rove gets slammed

I make fun of the state of Florida on here a lot  because A, I live here, and 2, because it’s just such a bizarre place.

But as odd as the Sunshine State is, I’ll still venture to say that Texas is a wackier place. By a country mile. (I always liked that expression, even though I never lived in the country.)

You may have heard about this, but if not, I’m here to tell you that the schoolchildren of Texas are in for an awfully rude awakening when they get their new textbooks.

Last week the Texas Board of Education voted to significantly change the school curriculum. Some of the things they are modifying are reducing the scope of teaching Latin history (because hey, only white people’s history is important, right?), a more positive showing of Cold War anticommunism in the 1950s (that Joe McCarthy fellow was right to accuse every American of being a Russki sympathizer! They all just lied to Congress back then!), and my personal favorite, de-emphasizing Thomas Jefferson and his writings.

Let that sink in for a moment. THOMAS JEFFERSON! One of the most important men in the history of the world, guy who wrote that little piece called the Declaration of Independence, is not going to be given prominence in Texas history books.

Why, you ask? Easy. He helped draft that little “separation of church and state” thing that’s still the law of the land. And you see, in Texas, that’s not a real popular position.

What’s really scary is that Texas’ textbooks often filter over to other states with shortages, so it’s not just the loons of the Loon Star State whose kids will be affected by this.

De-emphasizing Thomas Jefferson. Un-by-god-believable.

Psst, hey Mexico, got a second? Want to get a rematch in that whole 19th century war thing with those guys?

**I’ve been wondering for a while who, exactly, Joe Biden is in this administration, and yep, it turns out he’s Fredo Corleone. He’s the lovable guy who can’t help screwing up, and yet he never curbs his behavior or stops being the guy he always is.

And we can’t help loving him. Tuesday’ ole’ Joe was at it again, saying the F word with a thousand microphones around at President Obama’s health care reform press conference. Ah, Joe.

**Finally, Karl Rove is a desperate man. Desperate to be paid attention to. Desperate for people not to notice that all he and his party stand for now is obstructionism, and extreme point of views not shared by intelligent Americans.

Watch as David Plouffe, Obama’s adviser (and a Delaware graduate like me!) calmly points out how out of touch and out of step Rove and his GOP buddies are. I was delighted by this clip:

The kerfuffle over Marcus Jordan’s shoes, no love for A.C. Slater, and Karl Rove cracks me up


So the University of Central Florida basketball team pretty much exists in a vacuum. Local media barely care, national media, ha! The Knights have rarely gotten any attention.

Until now. A few months ago UCF, located in Orlando, signed a guard from Chicago named Marcus Jordan. Seems his dad was kind of an OK basketball player for the Bulls back in the day. Michael something, I think. Anyway, at the time Jordan signed, he asked UCF if it was OK if he continued to honor his father by wearing Air Jordan Nike sneakers. See, UCF has a contract with adidas that states all of its players will wear their sneakers, and in return for that the school will get a few million dollars.

UCF said it was OK. adidas, apparently said it was OK, too, at that time. Only now, not so much. Marcus Jordan wore Nikes during the Knights’ first game the other day, and presto! adidas has cancelled its $3 million contract with UCF.

This is one of those “Only in America” stories, I think. It reminds me of the great Olympic controversy of a few years back, when Shaq and other Reebok endorsers didn’t want to wear Nike warmups at the Olympics.

This may be even more ludicrous. How incredibly tone-deaf is adidas, not realizing how stupid and petty this makes them look? The kid is the son of the greatest player of all time! Who cares if he wants to honor his father?

Some people, including the excellent writer Ann Killion, have taken shots at Marcus, for putting himself before the team.

Me? I’m willing to chalk it up to the kid simply learning from his Dad, and not knowing any better. What Nike ought to do, as several others have pointed out, is come in as the knight in shining armor, and give UCF a Nike contract worth at least as much as what adidas was playing. They have a chance to look like the good guys in all this.

What a strange, strange story. Only in America.

***So maybe only people between the ages of 25-35 will get this, but here goes. I’m reading the celebrity blurbs in my newspaper this morning (the very fine Daytona Beach News-Journal, where yours truly has a big story today about a high school swimmer who’s gone through some serious health issue, not that I’m trying to plug my own work or anything), and I come across something about Mario Lopez.

And the blurb, taken from the AP wire, referred to Lopez as the “Extra” host and as a former “Dancing With The Stars” contestant.

And I’m going: Excuse me? No mention of “Saved By The Bell?” No mention of A.C. Slater, the man who stole Kelly Kapowski’s heart, and then Jesse Spano’s? No mention of the character who turned himself in during a very special Driver’s Ed episode, and helped the Bayside High football and wrestling teams to important victories?

Sigh. It’s a sad, sad day when Mario Lopez and “Saved by the Bell” aren’t even in the same sentence anymore. Ah, A.C.

***And finally today, nothing like a little Karl Rove to brighten my day. I wish I could chalk this article he wrote in the Wall Street Journal up to amnesia, but I don’t think that’s it.

Get this: The man who directed a President to spend more money, and waste more money, than anyone else in history, the man who sent us spiraling into some of the worst debt ever, now says we have to curb the runaway spending of the Obama administration.

My favorite line in this piece, which may break the record for Unintentional Comedy: “Tuesday’s results were the first sign that voters are revolting against runaway spending and government expansion.”

Rove warning against runaway spending is kinda like Jesse James telling those railroad conductors back in the day to watch out for thieves. Unbelievable, the chutzpah on this guy.

Songs that just keep coming back, I call Obama’s peeps out, and life as a Jets fan


Lot of stuff between the ears today, so let’s rock and roll:

** So two things made me think of the ultimate Journey song ‘Don’t Stop Believin'” this week: one, Journey singer Steve Perry, a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan, is apparently mad that the L.A. Dodgers are using his anthem as a psych-up song during their games.

And then it came up again while I watched the series premiere of “Glee” that Fox aired last spring, that featured a kick-ass performance by the glee club of the song in the final scene.

And it got me to thinking: Why is it that some songs just keep coming back into our pop culture sphere? I’m not talking about songs like “Y.M.C.A” or “Celebration,” by Kool and his merry Gang. I’m talking about songs that are huge when they come out, go away for a while, and then come back. Then they go away, come back, and well, you get the idea.

“Don’t Stop Believin'” is suddenly huge again. “Sweet Caroline,” by the great Neil Diamond, went away for a while, then the Red Sox brought it back a few years ago and it became big to a whole new group of people. Same for “I Love Rock and Roll,” by the great Joan Jett, which is now basically the theme for “Sunday Night Football” on NBC.

What is it about certain songs that allow them to have three or four lives? I truly don’t know. If you do, please let me know.

In the meantime, bringing up Journey means I get to share with you perhaps the greatest and most unintentionally hilarous music video of all time: Journey’s “Separate Ways.” I believe it was ESPN’s Bill Simmons who once said that if you were to take someone from the future and show them the 1980s in four minutes, this is what they should experience: Truly, truly awesome in its awfulness. YouTube won’t let me embed it but trust me, these are four minutes that will have you laughing out loud.

**OK, lest you think that all I do is cheerlead for Obama and our current administration, I have to slap them down for something. When W. was in office myself and other Democrats were pissed every time he and Karl Rove and Co. intervened in state and federal elections, trying to sway them and push candidates who only believe in their agenda.

Well, Obama and Rahm Emanuel are basically doing the same thing now, trying to get New York governor by default (hey, who knew Eliot Spitzer liked hookers, right?) David Paterson to step aside in next year’s race.  It was wrong for the last eight years, and it’s wrong now. What, the Obama administration doesn’t have enough to do.?

**One of my major pet peeves with the national news media is this bullshit “false equivalency” thing newspapers and TV stations do, where no matter how bogus the claim is from one side of the political aisle, it is presented as fact, all in the name of “fairness to all.” It’s complete crap, it was complete crap during the election when the Republicans made stuff about out of whole cloth, it’s complete crap when Democrats do it, too.

Well, here’s the brilliant Glenn Greenwald with yet another example of the media totally printing fabrications, just because one side says so.

**What’s it like being a Jets fan when times are good? My man Pearlman hits it on the head with this column. This is a fictional conversation, but he and I have had many very similar chats over the years.

**And finally, a little health-care humor to help you through a Wednesday…

Who’s more evil: Cheney, or Rove?



So I was reading today the wholly un-shocking news that Karl Rove was behind the firing of one of the U.S. attorneys in New Mexico, the scandal that just sort of faded away a few years ago.

Stunning. Who even knew Karl Rove could be capable of such a thing? Hang on, my tongue has gotten permanently lodged in my cheek.

Anyway, reading that story got me to thinking: Who’s more evil: Dick Cheney or Karl Rove?

Both of them have truly outstanding resumes of evil. Let’s review a few of their career accomplishments, shall we?

Karl Rove:

  •  Completely made up stories about John McCain fathering an illegitimate black baby before the 2000 South Carolina primary.
  • Basically rescued the George W. Bush candidacy in 2000, and ran the most vicious negative and false campaign in Presidential history in 2004, setting the stage for Cheney to do what he does.
  • Helped leak the name of an undercover CIA agent because he was mad her husband criticized the administration in a NY Times op-ed
  • Obstructed a grand jury investigation and refused to testify before Congress.
  • Played on every single racist, homophobic fear of white Americans to win votes.

And in the red corner …

Dick Cheney:

  •  Ran the most divisive, intolerant, arrogant administration of all time.
  • Did his best to destroy the environment, helping set back the fight against global warming 1o years.
  • Also helped leak the name of the CIA undercover agent.
  • Ordered and approved of the torturing of people who had not been convicted or tried on any crime.
  • Repeatedly lied to the media and to the American people about Saddam Hussein being tied in with 9/11, about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and well, most everything.
  • Orchestrated the stealing of the 2000 election in Florida.

As you can see, this is a pretty damn close vote.  If I had to choose one or the other, I’d say Cheney, just for his volume of work and his ability to do SO much damage in so many areas in eight years.

But again, without Rove, there is no Cheney for the last eight years.

So I say Cheney, but I want to hear your thoughts, too. On this one, I’m willing to be convinced I’m wrong

P.S. This Rick Pitino thing … I mean, my head explodes thinking of all the jokes to make about it. What a sleazebag. And what’s worse, it doesn’t look like the University of Louisville is going to do a damn thing about it. Unless you live there, I’m told, you have no idea how crazy people are for basketball in Kentucky.

My favorite part of the story (although there are so many good parts), is that when Pitino arranged a meeting to discuss the woman’s pregnancy, it was at the house of the guy the woman eventually married. Talk about meeting under some special circumstances…